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Game launch unable to uninstall an item

SummerskydreamerSummerskydreamer Posts: 1,644 Member
edited July 11 in Bugs & Issues
Hello i am having a prob with something that came up on my launcher installed content i was getting the EQUUS no shine tail fixes an now i have hacking out lot 7 that i can not get rid of how do i do get rid of this? It says it can not be uninstalled because of dependence.


  • igazorigazor Posts: 15,932 Member
    edited July 11
    A dependence means that the content you are finding is included in or includes something else that was also installed and is required to be there unless or until the other object is removed. Sims3packs can be examined one by one using a tool called Custard to look inside and see what you are getting in each pack in case that's any help. Once items are installed and read by the Launcher as such, they are blended together in dbc files in the DCCache folder so it's not really possible to isolate individual items from that. One can, of course, get rid of the dbcs but that will remove all of your sims3pack installed CC.
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  • SummerskydreamerSummerskydreamer Posts: 1,644 Member
    thank you will look into this custard to find out what item is with that other an thanks again.
  • EmiliaPEmiliaP Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi guys, sorry but im from Italy so im not sure my english would be very good... Im having some kind of troubles trying to log in from my account into my Facebook account (because i wish i could share some memories from my game to my FB page) but im like stucked... When i try to log in from my desk on the game it doesnt allowe me to do it... Does anyone know if is just something EA erased from the game or im actually having troubles??? Sorry, i know its not the right topic where to ask this thing but this is my first time on a Sims Forum and i didnt knew how to start a proper discussion!!! Thank u all cheers
  • SemaviLadySemaviLady Posts: 487 Member
    edited July 14
    Hello @EmiliaP - I see you're a new member of the forum. Welcome. Your English is way better than my Italian, so you're good. :smiley:
    New members have limited use of the forum until they meet requirements. I do understand why you could not create a new post.

    Anyway as for your question. I don't use the share setting but I did find information.

    You wrote:
    EmiliaP wrote:
    .. When i try to log in from my desk on the game it doesnt allowe me to do it... Does anyone know if is just something EA erased from the game or im actually having troubles???

    Short answer: No, apparently it doesn't work any more.

    More information-
    I went to the FAQ to find more information about it and this is what it says:
    • Can I autopost to Facebook and Twitter?
    • You can set your wall posts to automatically be posted on Facebook or Twitter as well. Just go to your My Account Page (from the top nav drop down) and then to Account and Privacy Settings. Under “Share Settings” you’ll see a list of the posts that can be shared to Facebook and Twitter automatically. Just click on Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll be prompted for your login information for those accounts to authorize posts. After that, your posts will be sent to your other accounts as well.

    So I went to that part of the account to edit my settings, but doesn't work.
    See image below -- everything under Facebook and Twitter all grayed out.


    On the Facebook line is java code, and when I click... it complains that some application has not been configured and my guess is that it appears to be an issue at EA's end. You should normally be able to use OAuth to enter your password and allow EA and Facebook to talk together until you disable it again (probably on Facebook which I think keeps track of apps you gave permission to communicate or not).

    On Twitter which is also java coded, I get an error page from EA (Liam's 404 which indicates a broken link). So my opinion is that the whole OAuth thing is disabled or left misconfigured by EA. (this would be disabled at a twitter account if it used to work and you want to disable it now)

    If anyone used to use it before, it probably no longer works. But I'm assuming that til we know better.

    Information about OAuth is here. It is what usually allows you to connect your different accounts together until you disable them again, but if the OAuth configuration from EA is broken or disabled, the only think I can think of is that you have to write a script using Microsoft Azure (or something). I don't know how that is done but third party groups have done different tricks with password authorization (this is sometimes risky) with other games and/or user forums.

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