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Are there any good reproductions of TS3 Sims on the gallery for TS4?

LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 15,150 Member
I managed to find Vladimir Schlick on the gallery, he was a vampire who lived in Bridgeport. I thought the creator done a fairly good job in what they did with him. I have tweaked him here and there a bit. This is Vladimir, now living in San Myshuno in one of the nice penthouses.


He met and fell in love with his "partner in crime".

This is him in Sims 3, and quite the evil vampire, that's not his baby (the baby belonged to Beau Merrick)
At that time his wife, and the reason he's holding the baby. (Yes she killed the mother, and Beau is already dead, she killed him as well.)
She's telling her husband, OH NO YOU DON'T!!! I've always wanted a little girl. Meanwhile he's thinking about the pile of cash coming his way.
After it was all over, and they were back home.

Do you know of any sims on the gallery that are pretty good reproductions of the TS3 sims for TS4?


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