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Tabatha's Legacy - Part 2 up!

MemoriiValentineMemoriiValentine Posts: 1,835 Member
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Tabatha McAllister was raised by a single mother until she was seven years old. at that time, her mother married a rich old man. but both her mother and her new step father ignored Tabatha as much as possible. They were terrible towards her and never let her get any sleep. they often made her do chores so that they didn't have to hire anyone.They were always cheap like that. when Tabatha turned eighteen she gathered what little money she saved to move as far away as possible.

she got a small plot of land with her money. She only had a tent at the moment but it was something. plus she loved the water and to fish so it wasn't so bad. but she knew it would be rough for a while.

She made her way to the library so that she might touch up on some of her skills,apply for a job,and a dating profile wouldn't hurt.

Her first night in her tent she was hoping to finally get some good sleep. she was for a while. but, a wild burglar appeared and stole her tent right out from over her ! She just couldn't catch a break.

she fished after that till morning before deciding to explore nature. on her hike over hills , she found two moonstones,two soulpeaces,and a supernovium. she was surprised of course. she knew a bit about their worth from a book. but she had to have money to send it off to smelt and cut. if she was lucky she would be able to keep half the money after taxes.

(That is all I have for now ! I hope you enjoy it :D I hope to update regularly. this sim is different for me so far. from her story to her looks ,they are new spins on what I usually do. she cannot get new clothing untill she has a proper house with all the nessesities. she cannot have makeup untill such time as well. she will have to actually pay for this stuff as well)
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Happy Simming!♥


  • jillbgjillbg Posts: 4,127 Member
    Nice beginning! Let her struggle! >:)
  • cianeciane Posts: 15,464 Member
    I always like starting out poor and working towards things like housing and furniture.
  • MemoriiValentineMemoriiValentine Posts: 1,835 Member
    Tabatha's Legacy - Part 2

    It has been three months since Tabatha settled onto the small island with nothing. She worked at the science facility since the start and she was given a promotion by her boss Johnathan Gilbert. He had taken an interest in her from the day she started. They had talked a bit over the months till he asked her out on a date and soon after they took time off work together for a vacation. he took her to a casino resort that was on a houseboat. They had so much fun together there. food she had thought she would never get to eat. like tri-tip steak,lobster,ect. it was amazing to say the least. he learned of her living situation and when they became an item officially, he invited her to stay with him. it was a nice little apartment with a kitten. he gave her 500 simoleons for new clothes. Her luck and her life was getting better. she has a wonderful boyfriend,an actual home,and a kitten.

    she bought some simple clothes,got a new haircut,and she only has on a bit of blush and lipgloss. she likes wearing lipgloss to keep her lip moisterized.

    Happy Simming!♥
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