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Friday Highlight July 6th - A week on The Sims forums

EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
Sul sul Simmers,

Your friendly neighborhood Mage is back from vacation and here again with the next set of Forum Friday Highlights for your browsing pleasure!

(Here is a little snap of Mage on vacation :smiley: )

Let's jump right in as lots and lots has happened! And last but not least - a big BIG THANK YOU to @EA_David for the last two week of Friday highlights :smiley:

Have a lovely weekend all!

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  • TheLibrarySimTheLibrarySim Posts: 964 Member
    Welcome back, @EA_Mage ! Hope you had a swell vacation, and thanks for the Friday Highlights!
  • hunniboo1hunniboo1 Posts: 1,510 Member
    Welcome back! Thank you for the mention :)
    The Best of Hunni's Builds
    Feel free to follow my builds!!!!!!:)
  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,950 Member
    Nice pic :)
    Proud black simmer 🖤

  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 3,446 Member
    Vacation over? ;o Welcome back and thank you very much for the mention!
  • JayTheGingerHamsterJayTheGingerHamster Posts: 33 Member
    Welcome back!
  • hadklaxhadklax Posts: 461 Member
    Thank you so much for the nod again. This is the second time I've been in the highlights and the mention is very much appreciated.
  • theoctanepumpkintheoctanepumpkin Posts: 6 New Member
    hi. New here
  • chardonn1223chardonn1223 Posts: 4 New Member
    my favorite season to play is def summer bc i feel like u can do the most in that season and its my favorite season irl lmao
  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,467 Member
    Welcome back @EA_Mage! how was your holiday? I hope it was relaxing and lots of fun.

    I am still waiting for all the bugs and issues to be resolved before I buy Season.

    PBR (Playtest Before Release), it's not just for 40K anymore, lol!

    Playtesting - not just tabletop games and card games any more. Really that should have been playtested in Beta and not [img]just with accounting and marketing but actual players.[/img]
  • HIstoricgalHIstoricgal Posts: 567 Member
    Welcome back, Love Seasons, but having problems with gardening, My Sim won't plant anything except for a couple things no matter what season it is
  • February11February11 Posts: 12,029 Member
    Hope you had a great holiday EA-Mage. I'm overseas at the moment and won't be getting seasons untill I get back and also hope any bugs etc are sorted. Looking foreward to getting it.

  • Freeindeed53_Freeindeed53_ Posts: 2 New Member
    How do I go on vacation to granit falls
  • simsostrangesimsostrange Posts: 11 New Member
    @Freeindeed53_ click on your sim's phone and choice 'vacation' you can pick the location you would like to travel to and who you would like to bring. You can also choose how long you stay for as well but it does cost to stay at the location daily.
  • Daninaplayssims4Daninaplayssims4 Posts: 1 New Member
    Just joined the forums and love it here! Welcome back!
  • Tan80Tan80 Posts: 71 Member
    Hi is anyone having issues when the time speeds up when sims go to sleep or at work.
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