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Summer Backyard Barbeque Event - Guide for free players!



  • ayyitsmellayyitsmell Posts: 434 Member
    30 min left, opened my last two boxes that I can afford and I got ...... Home tickets!!! and a repeat lantern :blush::blush::blush:
    No grill, no fourth dining chair, no men's shirt :(
    Hoping to finish one more event to see if I can earn more lemons for another box. But I doubt I'll make it on time.
    The app already crashed on me once so let's see how it goes :weary:
    Ayy It's Mell ♥

  • YourRoyalHighenessYourRoyalHigheness Posts: 8 New Member
    Finished the event, and no grill. My last round of chests were all repeats. I'm disappointed, but eager to get into the next event. Whatever that may be.
  • FaeFae Posts: 37 Member
    No grill for me either. Purchased 2x $4.99 picnic pacs hoping for one but all I got were duplicates of rare items.
  • catsuncatsun Posts: 11 New Member
    Did anyone receive the bbq. Way to many duplicates. I wasn’t impressed.
  • Doxiedog6Doxiedog6 Posts: 47 Member
    I received the bbq. Too many duplicates also, the only item I did not get was the hot dog costume.Probably never would have used but wanted..
  • DistlersDistlers Posts: 6 New Member
    Anyone notice the Mystery benefactor career in the career stories? How do we access it?
  • AugureyAugurey Posts: 2 New Member
    Didn't receive the BBQ either. I stayed on top of the special event events pretty well. I didn't really have much luck getting lemons from hobby or career events. I think only once from the normal special events.

    I received so many duplicates. I was only allowed the 4.99 x 1. I got baskets with sim cash and seriously but duplicates.

    Multiples are fine to an extent, but once your maxed out on an item, you should be able to get the other items, not a consulation prize.

    It takes the fun out of it if the odds of the getting the big "prize" is that rare. At least in other games the big prize is at least the end goal is possible.

    In an event, it should be realistic to get (not saying that you shouldn't have to work for it, but make it realistic).
  • nolurknolurk Posts: 249 Member
    I wasn't able to finish the event unfortunately as I ran out of time (only one step left), nor got the BBQ. :(

    I agree with Augurey on the subject of duplicates. As I mentioned in a thread about the last event, I also wish that once you max out on an item, you should be able to receive something else instead. :/
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