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Sims changing into clothes I did not set for them

A few days ago I started noticing something odd, sims are wearing outfits which I havent set for them (they don't wear them when I am activly playing them), I first saw this when I went to the arts center, some of my other sims showed up and were wearing the painter outfit (don't know the officiall name right now) which I definately did not set for them (one of my male sims was even wearing high healed women shoes with it and he is not set to wear female stuff) I went to the romance festival and again some of my other sims showed up, the man were all wearing white and one woman was wearing a skirt&shirt combo in yellow (very ugly looking), none of those are in their set outfits.

When I switch households to play with those before unusually dressed sims, they're wearing their set outfits again (thankfully).

Does this happen to you too? Is it intentional?
I don't think this ever happend before, I only started seeing it lately (after kids room and parenthood have been installed).

I hate it!
...Take The Bunny And Run...


  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 398 Member
    Okay, okay, the cloth changing in certain locations and festivals is normal, but I don't think the women shoes are normal on a male sim...
    ...Take The Bunny And Run...
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