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Worlds by Aaron Rogers

wendyyi1wendyyi1 Posts: 454 Member
More and more wonderful CC created for TS3 is vanishing. :'(
I discovered yesterday that Aaron Rogers Tumblr has disappeared.

The good news is that you can find it in the Internet Archive: [url="*/"]*/[/url]

I didn't check all his downloads but all the worlds are still available. You'll need to copy and paste the links. They're a mix of Dropbox and Mediafire


  • ZeiZei Posts: 40 Member
    I was looking for that tumblr too recently! Very disappointed that it disappeared. :( Thank you for the link btw, I managed to find Bridgewood in that archive website but can't find the most recent Strangetown. If you can find it, can you post a direct link?
  • chojrakchojrak Posts: 73 Member
    edited August 31
    @Zei Most recent is 1.2 to download here:

    Long time ago he uploaded 1.5 but only in massive download named "caw collection" or something like that. This was packed with earlier versions of Bridgewood and Mesa Grande and it had one CC file, so towns could only be installed together. Later he updated Messa Grande and Bridgewood to today form, but never uploaded Strangetown 1.5. I guess it caused problems, when he tried to split it into independent file, but I may be wrong. If anyone has stand-alone 1.5 version of Stangetown and would post link to mediafire, that would be cool. :smile:
  • ZeiZei Posts: 40 Member
    Thanks guys! I'm enjoying Strangetown a lot. :)
  • givemeyournamegivemeyourname Posts: 1 New Member
    Does anyone know something about what happened to Aaron? Does he has another site or just vanished :( ? His worlds are amazing, I play Mesa Grande and Bridgewood for a very long time now.
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