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Help I can't move around in EIG.

NaphtaliNaphtali Posts: 39 Member
edited June 2018 in World Builders
I started making my own world now and so far everything looks really good. I have some basic editing to do on the landscape and nee to place lots and spawners. Here is my problem, in edit in game of create a world I can't edge scroll. I can just rotate and go up and down. This is really annoying as my map is built lower than the central point of the map. Can anyone please help me with how to move the screen on the map of EIG CAW?


  • KhemKat19KhemKat19 Posts: 99 Member
    Have you tried right-clicking (hold the right click) and dragging? To go faster, you can hold shift while right-click-dragging.
  • KhemKat19KhemKat19 Posts: 99 Member
    At least that's how I usually do it on a PC (not sure if Mac would have different controls.) Also, you should create a showcase thread for your world so we can see it! :)
  • NaphtaliNaphtali Posts: 39 Member
    @KhemKat19 I figured it out...It fixed itself and I am feeling really stupid now for asking :smiley: I am just so overwheled by all these new tools and tricks on CAW. I never knew building a neighbourhood was this hard. But at least I am having fun learning.
  • KhemKat19KhemKat19 Posts: 99 Member
    I'm so glad to hear that! :)
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