Can you mod the supernaturals out of Supernatural?

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I finally did what I said I'd never do. In the middle of the night during a frustrating bout with a beautiful no cc house that was borked due to not having supernatural build/buy items, I bought the Supernatural EP. What I would like to do is have the build/buy items and not have fairies, witches, werewolves, zombies, etc. I think I've seen somewhere you can't turn them off like you can vampires?

So I'm asking for help to turn off all the supernatural life states that come with supernatural. :lol: If this is even possible.
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    Yep it’s possible even without mods.

    Simply go to options and go to demographics. Then check on all the supernaturals and they won’t pop up in your game anymore.

    However, if the game already assigned some sims as supernaturals just enable the testingcheats and shift+click on the mailbox and there should be an option to get rid of all supernaturals lifestates in the town. It doesn’t get rid of any of the sims themselves, just the lifestate.

    To get rid of zombies you need this mod:
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    @Amphora I can't believe it's that easy, should have done this ages ago! Thank you.

    The EP will be here Friday, yippee!
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    I would never have bought SN if I couldn't get rid of the supernatural life states. But I love all the other things it came with, especially the new garden plants and recipes, and the gem cutter. And one of my favorite EA houses is in Moonlight Falls, the Craftsman's Mansion.

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    (Casts a spell on all of your games that will turn all of your sims into Bonehildas in the middle of the night)

    I played with SN in place for ages before I got around to allowing and trying out the occults. Didn't think I would care for them at all in my "real" game, but by starting up a test game in Moonlight Falls off to the side and playing a household consisting of four teens (one of each occult) and a human adult, I did quickly bond with each of the occult types right away much to my surprise. I now play them as misunderstood minorities in my connected worlds.

    They just became one (or rather four) more types of things to manage for me, after a while. The love of my legacy household inheritor sim's life happens to be a fairy. His younger brother has been totally inseparable from his vamipre-fairy(-genie) triple hybrid BF from the day they met. And for those who say this all makes gameplay "unrealistic," I would have to ask how your crop of moneybag trees might be doing this year, or if your sims liked meeting their descendants on their last trip to the future. Or how many of your sims might have enjoyed their alien abductions or about dozens of other things many of us end up tolerating/accepting without admitting that our games have "jumped the shark" along the way. ;)
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    No problem!
    I never liked Supernaturals either when I first bought the EP so I made sure I knew how to get rid of ‘em. Especially the zombies because they are a huge pain, especially if you took the time to make a pretty garden. They will destroy it :s

    That and I have a very strong aversion to zombies and zombie shows/movies so I never allow them in my game :D

    -Edited to add-
    I just remembered, but if you don’t like using mods another way to prevent zombies would be to set the moon rotation to only one lunar phase. I personally like seeing the full moon in my game so I have the mod.
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    igazor wrote: »
    (Casts a spell on all of your games that will turn all of your sims into Bonehildas in the middle of the night)

    @igazor :lol: Now you're scaring me cause I know with NRaas mods you are capable of just about anything!! I'm not worried about realism or I wouldn't have death turned off. :) But them there supernaturals just scare the pee willikin snot out of me!!

    @IreneSwift Oooh, more stuff to look forward to

    @Amphora I love mods, especially the NRaas ones. I was looking at that MTS mod and it's pretty old and doesn't look like it's been updated. Does it work on 1.67?
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    According to the comments attached to the upload pages on MTS, this does work in 1.67 and Amphora is obviously still using it in her game, despite the modder's note that this was only 1.42 compatible.
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    Yep still works in my game and no conflicts or problems.

    You should make a new save devoted to just supernaturals and test them out though. I did that because I was bored in my game one time and now all I play is in my supernatural game. I always get a kick when I see a toadified sim running around the neighborhood because I know my cranky wizard sim was up to his normal people-hating antics and cursed them because he didn’t like them :D
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    I love my Supernaturals! I never thought I would since I'm not a huge fan of vampires. I installed it though reluctantly after my wife talked me into it (the conversation lasted days) and I could never play without the expansion now! Zombies are a pain and I may turn them off someday with that mod that was linked above, but at least my garden is protected since I have also purchased the greenhouse from the store.

    I am in love with the Alchemy Skill. I don't mix much because of the huge effort of finding all of the ingredients, but even that isn't so bad anymore now that my Sim is level 10 in gardening and fishing and has the collection helper. Alchemy is so superior to Chemistry in this game and my Sim has max level in both of those skills!

    I like witchcraft too until my witches start casting fire on other household members! Fairies are grand too, but my favorite is witchcraft. There's just so much to play with! I'm always entertained!
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    aww nothing to be afraid of when it comes to supernaturals :) The full moon effect (if not turned off) can be a little freaky at first. I just find it annoying after all these years.

    I didn't think I would enjoy SN either when it was announced. Two weeks later after it released, I saw a Limited Edition copy sitting on a shelf in Walmart. I took it as a sign that I should try it. Still, to this day, it's one of the expansion packs I look back on most fondly exploring. I started out with a fairy and witch before trying out others because they seemed tame. I'll admit, I still keep my sims indoors when zombies are around even though their only a threat to plants. :p

    edit to add: If you don't already have the rocking chair installed from the store, elders love the rocking chairs! SN adds rocking chairs too.
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    Zombies :love:
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    Thanks everyone!

    @SimplyJen Another reason I wanted it. I only have the rocking chair from the store.

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