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Sims 4 Seasons - Glitches so far

slydarslydar Posts: 26 Member
Well, like every major update, we're all finding a few glitches with our Sim friends. I know that EA and the SimGurus have publicly mentioned a few that they are aware of, like plants duplicating themselves, but there are many others.

These are the one's I've seen in my game so far, with rotational play of four households totaling about twelve sims and several animals.
  • "Very Playful" mood buff on Sims in Spring(?) from "Warm Clothes" from the Dryer, seems to override other buffs and makes getting Sims in the right mood for work almost impossible.
  • "Disturb Bees" interaction being selected by Playful Sims far too often. The interaction doesn't seem to appear in the Sim's action queue until they actually get to the Bee Box, making it almost impossible to cancel - the only way I can tell what my Sims is up to is he's heading down the garden towards the Bee Box with nothing showing up in his action queue. Also, it seems at odds with traits like "Good" - would a Good sim suddenly decide to disturb the bees for no reason? It's more suited to an Evil interaction.
  • The Umbrella Dance. Going out in the rain, put the umbrella up. Take two steps, put the umbrella down. Two steps, umbrella up, two steps, umbrella down... Seems to be random, but if the Sim is walking a long distance it seems to happen more, perhaps related to them trying to jog?
  • Sims suddenly farting - really EA, is this supposed to be funny? Sims that never farted before the Seasons patch now seem to be breaking wind at every opportunity.
  • Leaf Piles hanging around in all seasons, rotting. Even in summer, piles of rotting leaves.
  • Also, the sheer number of fallen leaves in Autumn seems excessive. My Sims are planning to cut down all the trees on their lot!
  • "Rake Leaves" action seems to be bugged, or just very persistent. It seems to come back into the action queue even after it's been cancelled or the Sim instructed to do something else. As an example, a Sims is instructed to Rake Leaves and then told to use the toilet. After using the toilet, they will immediately return to the Rake Leaves action.
  • "Light Fire" autonomous action fails on fireplaces with the "Autolight" upgrade and can cause the Sim to hunt through the house for a fire to light. As an example, the Sim comes into Room A with "Light Fire" queued, but the fireplace autolights. The Sim's queued action fails, but immediately queues for the fireplace in Room B. As the Sim leaves Room A, the fireplace goes out, and the fireplace in Room B lights as they enter so the queued action fails again. The action queues up again, targeting the original fireplace in Room A and the whole sequence repeats, leaving the Sim going between rooms trying to find a fireplace they can light.
  • Exercise doesn't mitigate low temperature - jogging sims can freeze in winter when the exercise should be keeping them warm. Maybe Sims that are doing activities to build Fitness skill should be immune to cold, whatever outfit they are wearing? So Jogging, using exercise equipment, swimming, etc should help to keep the Sim warm and not turn into a Popsicle.
  • Joggers are freezing to death - a lot. There are piles of corpses in the streets...
  • "Chain Reaction" deaths - a Sim freezes to death and everybody runs outside to "See What's Happening" in their PJ's and then someone else freezes, and... More piles of frozen corpses. Somebody get Grimm an assistant, he's gonna need one! My body count of NPC's on Winterfest was 6, if anyone cares.
  • Swimwear is not counted as "Hot Weather" clothing?! I had a Sim nearly die of heat stroke wearing a skimpy pair of Speedos. As soon as he put on jeans and a t-shirt, his temperature came right down. Swimwear should be the ultimate hot weather gear.
  • Sims not changing outfits when the go outside in the cold or heat. This seems to be random, sometimes they change into cold/hot weather outfits and sometimes they don't. Who knows why Sims do what they do - or don't? If this was fixed so Sims always changed outfits for the cold, it would stop the Chain Reaction Deaths bug as well.
  • And on the same topic, Sims not changing out of cold weather gear when they come in to the nice warm house. I have Sims eating dinner in their bobble hats and mittens!
  • Sims seem to route-fail more often than before, and I've seen several instances when Sims teleport from one object to another or animations play out of sequence. In one example, the Sim is clearing the table. He teleports to the far side of the kitchen, while the dishwasher, on the other side of the room, opens and closes as if it's being loaded. The Sim then walks to the dishwasher and performs his part of the loading animation, then teleports back to the table where he started. The table is cleared and the dishwasher running, but the animation and routing is wrong. Another example was a Sim stroking his cat. He was one onside of the room doing the stroking animation while the cat was at least 3 tiles away but doing her "being stroked" animation - it was quite strange.
That's my experience of problems in Seasons, based on my gameplay so far. I'm sure other people have found other... oddities while playing. Hopefully Maxis is taking note of all these reports and we can expect a big Season bug-bash patch soon.

OK, so adding on to this list, problems that other people have mentioned (I'm not listing any that @SimGuruNick has already acknowledged in his Twitter posts as the team are already working on those, like cheats not working)
  • Pets seems to have become very needy - multiple pet interactions pushing to the top of the Sims action queue and blocking other actions
  • Toddlers can cancel out of the "Build Snowpal" action in public spaces.
  • Seed Packets not unlocking for Sims with level 10 Gardening before the patch
  • Sun Spot Awning both collects snow and lets it fall through - is it shelter or not?
  • Guests invited for New Years Eve parties will not stay for the countdown
  • Guests not changing into Party clothes
  • Winter clothes being worn inside
  • Lots of notifications about the deaths of random Sims
  • Confetti poppers and party horns seem very loud
  • Objects seem break a lot more often than before
  • Phone calls for dates and parties in the very early morning (3am)
  • Thermostats not working when placed on community lots
  • Actions disappear for the queue and the Sims suddenly does something different
  • "Play in Puddle" animation not working - Sims seem to freeze
  • Sims randomly freezing and needing to be reset with the debug cheat - much more common with Seasons installed than it was before

  • Gnomes not showing up for holidays - maybe they got an invite to a better party?
  • Objects just seem to stop working - cat litter tray, storage is empty but cat won't use it or a pet won't eat from a full bowl that they've used before. Items have to be deleted in Buy mode and replaced.
  • Moving rooms doesn't move all the objects/windows/doors in the room
  • Spiced plants no longer say what plants they have spliced into them

  • Sims remaining in their work uniforms when they should change. For example, a cop comes back from work and is offered a massage by her husband. After the massage is over, she spins back into her work clothes, not a casual outfit as they did before.
  • This can even happen where a Sim gets out of bed and immediately changes into a work outfit, ie cop. It's almost as if the game has chosen the work uniform as "default" clothes
  • Sims are using the umbrella in the house!! That is so much bad luck
  • Male gardeners in the Botanist career branch (Stem Researcher level) seem to have decided to accessorise their uniform with some really killer silver kitten-heeled sandals. Bang on-trend for this year but hard on the feet for an eight-hour shift.
  • Sims are bed-hopping. They can't seem to remember which bed in the house is theirs and just choose one at random.
  • Lights or decorations missing from sections of the roof eaves
  • The "Lilacs & Lanterns" oak tree has no animations for wind - it doesn't sway in the wind like the normal Oak tree. It also doesn't loose it's leaves in the Fall, staying green all year round.
  • Wind Chimes don't. Chime. In the wind, that is. They just play their normal animation loop no matter how hard the wind is blowing.
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  • hmae123hmae123 Posts: 1,900 Member
    edited June 2018

    Thank you for posting these!!

    The gardening career seems to possibly be bugged as well.

    You only get 10 if you work from home. (Not sure if this is by design though)

    Also there are no npc gardeners so your sim has no coworkers. (Job security I guess? Lol)
  • Leahmiller2006Leahmiller2006 Posts: 212 Member
    Also when they are jogging in winter, why do they go jogging in winter? They should jog in warmer clothes or something because when it snows irl no one actually goes jogging :joy: (talking about unplayed households).
    Also when a toddler and adult build a snowman in public my toddler always stops and a random stranger starts helping!
    This isn't season related but when i place a public lot no sims go there? Even when it is a bar lot or something.
    Also i placed a bakery in my world (from GTW) and no sims would serve there when i visited (i don't own the shop).

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  • slydarslydar Posts: 26 Member
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    Haven't got to the top of the Gardening career yet, so if it's is bugged I'm not far enough along to have encountered it yet. I think being unable to hire the NPC Gardener is a known bug that's on SimGuruNick's list.

    However, thinking about Gardening has made me remember another bug:
    • The seed packets available in Build Buy mode do not unlock correctly for Sims that already have Gardening skill above their unlock threshold. If your Sim starts at level 1 Gardening and works up, the seed packets will unlock at the correct levels (4, 5, 7 and 10). If your Sim's Gardening skill was already at level 10, the packets remain locked and unavailable.
    • The Sun Spot Awning (from Get Together) doesn't function as shelter for plants (or anything else) - snow settles on top of the glass roof and also on the ground underneath it. Laws of Physics, who needs 'em?
    • Cats don't leave paw-prints in the snow. Not sure about dogs, none of my Sims are dog people.

    Anyone got any more to add?
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  • ZiafarZiafar Posts: 172 Member
    I can add to this that people invited for New Years Eve wont stay until the countdown. My Sim had invited many friends to celebrate and she ended alone at midnight. Also the Sims did not change into their festive clothes for the party.
  • CupidCupid Posts: 3,620 Member
    I haven't had that farting issue to be honest...
  • SimskristaSimskrista Posts: 134 Member
    My mirrors are no longer reflecting tables at certain angles. No mods or cc. Not sure if it’s a bug or just my game. The things sitting on my tables show up and if i rotate the camera the table will usually show up eventually
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 5,271 Member
    That umbrella dance is irritating
  • Noree_DoreeNoree_Doree Posts: 1,375 Member
    edited June 2018
    I noticed my sims husband farting before the patch but then again he has the slob trait as well. It's not all the time just ever so often. I also noticed today in my game where I had him pick up a pile of laundry he left on the floor to put in a hamper (in there room) and then wash the clothes in the washing machine (in a different room) and he walked all the way over to the washer then teleported to the hamper in their bedroom dropped the clothes in it then teleported back to the washer to complete that task. I was seriously like What the Heck

    That caused a chain reaction to where after I made my simself and her husband woohoo the couldn't talk to each other and they just stood there even after cancelling the actions
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  • slydarslydar Posts: 26 Member
    And in other news, the "Playful" buff isn't unique to Spring. It seems to be coming from the Dryer from the Laundry Day pack. If the Sims put on clothes from the dryer they get a +1 Playful "Warm Clothing" buff. Why this should be considered more powerful than other buffs I don't know, but the dryer is now out of bounds for my Bee-keeping Sims.
  • lilacfaery06lilacfaery06 Posts: 660 Member
    For me it's these few (not sure if they should happen or not)

    *My sims wear their hats / winter clothes inside a lot
    * My sims are freezing inside the house (not to death but have a cold moodlet). Is that normal?
    * The biggest bug bite is that I keep getting notifications that random sims in the neighbourhood have died and my entire family gets the mourning moodlet :( SO SO IRRITATING - is this seasons or could it be the MCC Command centre?
  • bgkubbgkub Posts: 418 Member
    Also I have noticed that when you want to use a skill cheat they don't work anymore, I think all the other ones work, but the skill cheats don't work at all.
    Just one of THOSE days!
  • sillehbeesillehbee Posts: 699 Member
    edited June 2018
    The mother in my family went to work, and the two kids went to school, and I saved and closed my game. The next day when I reopened the save all three were standing at the curb and none of them had work/school scheduled for like 3 days. It was like 8:57 am in the game.

    I have issues with scheduling holidays on the calendar, too. I'll make a totally random holiday called aldkgjalsdgk with the first 5 traditions on an empty day, and it won't appear on the calendar. I'll try to schedule the same holiday on another day and it'll work. I thought maybe it was because my holiday name was too similar to other holidays or maybe I wasn't allowed to name something with words like "spring" in it, but nope...

    I have issues with commands not cancelling, or it'll cancel but sims will just sit there and continue to do it (like reading a book, the command will cancel but they'll just sit there and continue the reading animation for a long time).

    I'm also noticing the routing issues, sims running around when I try to interact with them, they're all farting a lot and doing push-ups... And the little confetti poppers and blowhorns during holidays are SO FRICKING LOUD. The waitress at restaurants is literally just piling up all the dishes and then sitting them on a table. Overall the game is really irritating me right now.
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  • Elliee1984Elliee1984 Posts: 302 Member
    I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not but stuff in the house (dryer, toilet etc) seems to break much more frequently. Also the sprinklers break a LOT.
  • itsaluminumitsaluminum Posts: 36 Member
    My dishwashers don't recognize dishes as being dirty.
    When my sims leave the lot they return to a dead garden (that was healthy when they left 4 hours ago), and bees at the level of enraged.
    Sometimes when I click actions they disappear.
    The dryer has to be put on dry 5 times to dry clothes.
    And random animations glitching like one sec hes washing a dish the next hes on the couch sitting.
  • SkewedReality04SkewedReality04 Posts: 1,448 Member
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    I keep getting phone calls to go out on dates at around 3am every few nights

    Sims don't change into their indoor clothes from winter wear once they enter the house

    Leaf piles cannot be defeated

    Sims sometimes teleport from one thing to another. One min Mortimer was putting dishes in the dishwasher, the next he's teleporting over to take care of the baby. Also my sims will go up the stairs without walking, they kind of just glide up.

    Also umbrella dance

    Thermostats don't work on community lots

    Farting, I can assure you my Bella Goth would NEVER fart, yet here we are lol

    This isn't a glitch, but does anyone else feel like gardening has been made too easy? Now it takes so little time for my sim to do anything in her garden that she hardly gains any gardening points.
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  • sillehbeesillehbee Posts: 699 Member
    My dishwashers don't recognize dishes as being dirty.
    When my sims leave the lot they return to a dead garden (that was healthy when they left 4 hours ago), and bees at the level of enraged.
    Sometimes when I click actions they disappear.
    The dryer has to be put on dry 5 times to dry clothes.
    And random animations glitching like one sec hes washing a dish the next hes on the couch sitting.

    I'm also experiencing the actions disappearing when I queue them and sims suddenly reappearing doing something entirely different.
  • kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,520 Member
    sims farting has been in the game since its release, in some form or another. at first it was just the 'noxious cloud' mischief interaction. then we got the franks and beans with outdoor retreat. it really ramped up with the parenthood pack, though. slobs would fart and belch all the time, and kids would start doing it, too. if they didn't get reprimanded, they'd continue, having their manners bar plummet and when aged to adult, would get the 'bad manners' trait...which had them continue with the farting and belching forevermore

    as for it being more common with seasons, i have yet to see any of my sims do it at all, though i've only been playing one household with well-mannered teens so far
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 11,289 Member
    I haven't played much yet, but had two issues so far:

    Playing in puddles does not work - they kind of lift their feet once and then just stand there
    The farting issue

    It would be great if all the issues could be added to the first post, so that people can click in and see the entire list - would this be possible or too much work? @slydar

    Also, would it be useful to know if people are using mods/cc? My game is vanilla.
  • KausawolfKausawolf Posts: 70 Member
    I've noticed I can't plan a party in advance. Whenever I try it gets set for 3-5 days past what I wanted them on. I saw some other people saying they had this problem as well.
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  • Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,881 Member
    My sim glitches up the stairs, CL festivals are overlapping despite it being the first time they happen (and I stay until everything disappears), calendar events not on the day I specify. NPCs freezing to death (This will be an issue with my rotational play). Various other animation glitches.
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  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 1,620 Member
    I got sims teleporting around from time to time, and I haven't encountered any issues before the patch. Just last night or so, when my sims went out with family members to dinner, all of them sat around, not moving a single inch. The still, blank looks on their faces didn't help one bit, so I took my sims home early.
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  • lilacfaery06lilacfaery06 Posts: 660 Member
    Is anyone else getting the death notices? A phone call to say Hi "my sims name" I thought you would like to know that "sim I have never heard of has died"

    Then all my sims get the sad for 2 days moodlet. I have only the MCC Command centre and I have checked that.
  • a_niles06a_niles06 Posts: 3,017 Member
    Also when they are jogging in winter, why do they go jogging in winter? They should jog in warmer clothes or something because when it snows irl no one actually goes jogging :joy: (talking about unplayed households).

    Not entirely true....where I live we get snow every year and people still jog in it routinely. And they're not always dressed super warm - I think having sims still jog in winter is fine, but the running should help regulate their temp and keep them warm while they jog.


  • SnowWolf58SnowWolf58 Posts: 362 Member
    bgkub wrote: »
    Also I have noticed that when you want to use a skill cheat they don't work anymore, I think all the other ones work, but the skill cheats don't work at all.

    THIS is my biggest pet peeve too since adding Seasons! I ALWAYS give my Sims a lot of Cooking, Logic, Handiness and other important skills before allowing them to navigate in their world. Now, the skills cheat is broken so that I can't play in my routine style. Huge FAIL!
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  • WillamacWillamac Posts: 1 New Member
    In playing with Seasons, no mods of CC - I am having issues with the game telling me that someone is aging up and build mode is grayed out, it stays that way for a bit then will all of a sudden be available again.

    Also have issues with sims freezing and having to reset them.
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