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Wcif: Haberny by [email protected] Institute

KatyFernlilyKatyFernlily Posts: 162 Member
I'm wondering if anyone has a link to this download? I know it's old but perhaps someone still has a copy of this world, or maybe even a screenshot. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


  • pop_culpop_cul Posts: 6 New Member
    Hey,im not able to open a new thread so i write here.i have a city nearly finished.but sims cant walk over the suspension bridge they re stuck stuck stuck.please helpppp.i need begging you.what i did is vain.never came in handy.please im so desperated;((what i dowrong...g
  • KatyFernlilyKatyFernlily Posts: 162 Member
    Stuck is usually when the bridge is not connected at both ends with roads.
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