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Making imaginary friends look and walk normal

SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 477 Member
Anyone know how to do this? I like the concept of imaginary friends but the whole creepy costume and stupid walk make them unbearable to me. I tried editing my IF in CAS but every time my kid sleeps it goes into doll form and when she wakes up it returns to the same ugly costume!! Also I have the locomotion changer mod but that only works for active sims, so I cannot fix the IF walk that travels at 0.00001km/hour.


  • KaylaNRKaylaNR Posts: 7 New Member
    The only advice I have is to make them real asap. They become real sims in your household. Otherwise I have no other ideas to make them less annoying or less weird looking. Honestly, I probably won't be playing with them again for a while after finally turning one into a sim. It just wasn't as fun as I thought it would be personally.
  • nickibitswardnickibitsward Posts: 2,988 Member
    edited June 2018
    I'd like to be able to edit their clothing as well. I don't want to make them real. Their walk just reminds me of the walks in the Sims 4, which I loathe but I'll put up with for a doll.
  • SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 477 Member
    I don't want them real because I like how they can only be seen by the child, and bring ice cream etc.

    ): That plum. Though honestly, if only they didn't reset whenever the kid sleeps.
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