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How did you start your first save?



  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 2,878 Member
    I played the original The Sims title so I wasn't completely in the dark my first time playing The Sims 2. The first thing I did was load into Pleasant View and look to see how many families I would recognize, then I played rotating through the NPC families learning their stories and watching them live their lives. It was a long time before I made my own sims and homes.
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  • AleksandraAleksiaAleksandraAleksia Posts: 20 Member
    I was real young when my mother bought my Sims 2, but I'll never forget my first save.

    This was maybe 2 years before Sims 3, so there were a lot of expansions. My mother only bought me the base game starting out, just to see if I liked it - She didn't want to waste any extra money if I didn't.

    So, I started with the iconic 3 towns. I read all of their neighborhood boards before choosing one. I didn't like Romeo and Juliet, so no Veronaville. Strangetown seemed great for science Sims, but I didn't like aliens. Pleasantview had the most drama in the board, plus it had the Goth family which was my favorite from Sims 1 (Bella Goth forever goth goals), so I chose that one.

    I started playing the Goths, found out Bella was never coming back, and left that family because no Bella, no play. The second family I chose during this was the Pleasant family. They were the perfect American suburbian family. Working woman wife with no love for her family. Husband who was cheating on her with the maid because he was lonely. Their two daughters left to do whatever they wanted, one being Little Miss Perfect, the other being Token Rebel Goth Girl (aka me IRL).

    Playing the Pleasant family was how I realized I loved this suburbian dynamic for my Sims. So much drama! I could choose to help them through it, creating a strong family through it all, or just sit back and watch everything crash and burn, tearing the family apart. I played this family for a long while, then tried switching over to the others, but realized I really didn't like how the game worked for this. I didn't like having to switch back and forth for all the Sims in town to age. Eventually I just accepted this, and made my own Sims for the twins to marry when they aged up, then moved them out and ignored their parents forever. Rinse and repeat for the future gens of the twins, and eventually one of the grandchildren ended up dying before their parents and grandparents. At that time I didn't really care because I was too lazy to play other families.

    My mother soon bought me all the expansions after that, and I remember doing a full reset on Pleasantview a few times to start over.
  • XnexusnyxXXnexusnyxX Posts: 4 New Member
    The first time I played Sims 2, I made my own family to figure out how to play. I learned fast, and also got bored fast. I was a kid with ADHD, so I always had to make new Sim families every few weeks to stay entertained. My families rarely ever became rich, as in had more than 10k, because I would get bored very fast. I did love having families, raising kids, college, ect, but eventually I just got bored and made a new couple to do it all over again with. I didn't last even two generations in my families.

    As an adult, though, I play much differently than I did as a kid. I haven't played in 2 years (but am starting again today!), but I do remember my past few times of playing. I was playing rotationally, which is something I never did as a kid because loading screens existed and I thought they were evil. I was making proper story lines for my Sims, and keeping track of what was going on with them. Although, I still don't really like rotational play, in all honesty. It does feel like a chore, but that's how the Sims 2 works - There's no story progression unless you purposefully progress it. I'm used to it now, so it's easy and still fun!
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 2,767 Member
    edited September 19
    In Sims 1 I played the tutorial, then immediately created my own household, a single mother with a child. I also built them a house and it turned out the floorplan was quite efficient, so I re-used it over and over. New sims were added whenever I needed more friends for my main household.

    In Sims 2 I started with a sim very close to myself in personality, to see how wants and fears worked. But this time I put the sim into a pre-built home that I only furnished. I also added new households quickly afterwards. By then the overall neighborhood story had become more important to me than the individual households and that hasn't changed.

    Nowadays I create my sims on scratch paper first. I write down laws, goals and backstories for ~ four households before I even start my game. Those starter households can be my own or premades or gallery sims. I'm past the phase where I wanted to play with my own creations only.
    I also made template save for Sims 4 that saves me from applying the same changes over and over to world and premades.
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  • JediMuppetJediMuppet Posts: 86 Member
    In Sims 1 remember very clearly.
    My sister and I made 2 Sims. Abby and Raoul.
    We wanted then to get married. But we had no idea how to play so they both got depressed and the sad clown came and we had no idea how to get rid of him. I think they both died.

    Sims 2 I only ever played on PlayStation. Not much either. I don't recall my first save on that one at all.

    Sims 3 I couldn't really get into because I hated the visual asthetic for some reason.

    My first save on Sims 4 I created a Christmas couple as it was around Dec. They were called Merry and Grinch. Grinch died of embarrassment within 10 mins. Instantly my favourite Sims game. Haha
  • Rhiannon58Rhiannon58 Posts: 695 Member
    Seeing this older thread pop back up and reading all the comments reminded me of my VERY first start with TS2 right after it was released. I created my RL daughter, got her married and moved into a house. Then she cooked for the first time (you know where this is going). After she died, I vowed to never again create any Sims that are named after anyone I know. And I have stuck to that rule since.
  • peterskywalkerpeterskywalker Posts: 471 Member
    The first two times I played were pretty hectic in the sims 2.

    The first time I played (2005) I created a single male sim who ended up dying because he was very hungry and very tired so when he treid to cook a TV dinner, he kept falling asleep and then died before he could finish.

    being "Smart" I decided to next play a family (husband and wife) with two toddlers (1 male and 1 female). Luckily no one died, but because I was new at the game I ended up devoting all my time to taking care of them, and didn't get to make friends or interact with the neighbors like I thought I would be able to do.

    Now I have my own game in custom neighborhood with many downloaded lots, custom npcs, and more set in a steampunk Victorian era with bits and bobs from future eras (for example some places have old style or classy tvs.)
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  • WarGreymon77WarGreymon77 Posts: 102 Member
    I started by creating my own custom neighborhood. Back then, I would always create the same self-insert Sim, have my little happy family and repeat. These days I find it more fun to mingle with the townies and neighbors in Pleasantview and Strangetown.
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 701 Member
    Sims 4 was the first PC Sims game I ever played. When I got Sims 2 and 3, I recreated the same sim I had made in 4, David Powers, a redheaded, freckled, gay man, he had the athletic and neat traits, as I remember.
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  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,145 Member
    I actually started with Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, but they were married and had five kids. I named them- seems ironic now since the final book came out a few years later- James, Albus, Remus, Sirius(they were twins) and Lily.

    **Highlighted names are actually what JK Rowling chose. I about died when I read the last book!
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  • squishy_pencilgripsquishy_pencilgrip Posts: 1 New Member
    The first things I did the TS2 were the tutorial (and being sarcastically surprised with the announcement that 'Now The Sims is in 3-D!', and then the my first Sim was named Mackenna Stuart. The most notable things that I remember from that family was that I gave her braids, which was weirdly important to me (idk why), and that her husband was like half her age because he was a townie that I had her be with when I realized that she was getting so old.
  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 8,037 Member
    The very first save I played, I remember I played with the Goth family. Then I made some sims, it was a sim couple and I built them this hideous house and they had a baby. That’s all I can remember. Lol
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