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Sims should interact with their pets at parks

I've noticed that whenever I visit a park with other sims who visit with their pets, the other sims for the most part ignore their pets. The following pictures represent perfectly the activity that occurs at the parks I visit.
Dog owners who visit parks with their pets don't interact with their pets at all, they don't pet them, socialise with them, use the obstacle course equipment or pet toys if they're available, don't play fetch, don't train them, the most that happens every so often is a simple interaction that I'm pretty sure the dog initiates, but what you see in the picture is normally what happens, everyone is either playing chess, or watching other sims play chess.

This isn't just a problem with the pets, even if there were no pets around this is pretty much what happens at the park. Why don't sims walk around the park, or do some activties that are available at the park, or socialise with each other? They seem so magnitised to chess. Can this please be changed? Perhaps this is a bug of some sorts? Either way it's such a shame that a whole environment dynamic is being wasted because everyone wants to play chess.


  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 2,582 Member
    They will use the grill or the foodstall if they get hungry enough, and I've managed to get some to interact with kids. I like putting the toddler play structure in the park, and at least once had a random NPC decide to play pretend with a toddler. But yes, I've noticed the same thing you have with the chess game and pet owners ignoring their dogs.
  • Lady_BalloraLady_Ballora Posts: 404 Member
    EA needs to fix this. I've even stopped going to the parks because it's so boring watching people ignore eachother or their pets.
    Why do you hide inside these walls?
  • Simsfan99111Simsfan99111 Posts: 1,260 Member
    I've never noticed this myself, i always interact with pets and the objects in the park/world myself so that's probably why. Maybe bring this up in the ideas section of the forums or even the feedback section.
  • filipomelfilipomel Posts: 1,240 Member
    Does anyone know who to tag so I can ask to move this thread into a different section? I’m not sure why it’s in the Console Feedback section, I don’t remember making it here. :D

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