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A group of 10 twins, nicknamed the 'Jetsetters', are going on a cruise/reality game show. On the show, the group of Jetsetters will live in a luxurious setting on the vessel, named the Jetsetter, and participate in Challenges to earn Simoleons to add to their winnings. The twist is: one of the 20 Sims has the role of the "Assassin", that person's task is to prevent the Challenges from succeeding and to send the other Jetsetters home, while trying at all cost to stay undercover from their peers.


All of the real-life players send in a pair of twin Sims of themselves to be among the players going on board of the Jetsetter, going to an unknown destination somewhere in Simnation. Whatever happens to the reallife players will affect what happens to the Sim. They will play Challenges to earn Simoleons and Clues to discover the identity of the Assassin among them. That Assassin will try to sabotage these Challenges. After the Challenge, the Assassin will pick one of the others in the game to Eliminate and send back home. That person will be out of the game. This will continue until just 3 Sims are left in: 2 innocent Jetsetters and the Assassin.


Every Challenge will be some kind of game, puzzle or anything like that, in which the players will have to reach certain goals to earn Clues to the Assassin’s identity and/or to earn more money for their group winnings. Obviously, the Assassin will try to sabotage these Challenges, to prevent these Clues from leaking and the money from being earned. On some occassions the final earnings will be decided by the Assassin's result of the Challenge, leaving the result ambigious until the finale.


Clues, Immunity and Black Nominations can be earned during Challenges. Each has a different effect when being earned by someone.

A Clue can be earned both by the group and individually. A Clue is a cryptical sentence, riddle or maybe a hidden detail in an Episode which refers to the Assassin's identity. A valuable, yet dangerous tool for Jetsetters, because the Assassin will do their best to either prevent them from leaking out or make them misleading if they do get leaked. Group Clues tend to be hidden, while a private Clue will be messaged to the rightful owner.
Immunity can be earned individually. It is exactly what is says on the tin: Immunity from being Nominated by the Assassin during the next Ranking. When you are not Nominated, you neither can be Eliminated. Something to keep your eye out for.
A Black Nomination is the opposite of Immunity: you are Nominated during the next Ranking. Besides that, a Black Nomination also puts you in the pool of potential players to be Eliminated, irregardless of your Ranking score. So watch out for these.


After the Challenge, the Assassin will inform me privately about the players who could be a threat to his or her goal to remain undetected and Nominate them. The reasons can vary, from that person being too close to the Assassin’s identity to players who are doing too well on the Challenges, or any other reason he or she may have. Everybody who’s still in the game can receive a private message, telling them they've been Nominated. The players who are not Nominated are guaranteedly safe, while the others are in risk of getting Eliminated…


When the Nominees are informed, each player will make their Ranking: they'll pick their top 3 suspects. If the actual Assassin is in the top 3 of somebody, that person will earn points: 1 point if the Assassin is on place 3, 2 points if they are on place 2 and 3 points if they are on place 1. The Nominated players who have earned the most points will safe themselves from Elimination. (unless, more than 50% of the Nominees would be saved). The others... well, their luck is depending on the Assassin's mercy. :o
Everybody, Nominated or not, will do their ranking. This is because the points will also decide how much of the won money ever player will take home in the finale.


The Rankings of the Nominated players will be told to the Assassin. They will have to pick their next victim out of the Nominees who weren't able to save themselves with the Ranking. The Eliminated player will be revealed in the Episode and is out of the game...


Once a Jetsetter is Eliminated that doesn't mean they have no more influence on the ending of the Season. During the Finale, which will occur once only 3 Jetsetters are left, all the Sims can cast a vote on who they believe is the Assassin out of the finalists. The person with the most votes against them will lose, after which the Assassin will reveal themselves. Two scenarios can occur here:

- The Assassin is caught: Everything the Assassin earned goes straight back to the Jetsetter's winnings. The money will be divided among the Jetsetters according to the points they've earned by putting the Assassin in the Ranking.

- An innocent Jetsetter is caught: The Assassin keeps their winnings and the caught Jetsetter loses all their Ranking points, going home penniless. The money the Jetsetters have in their winnings will be divided among the remaining Jetsetters according to their point scores.


DRE’s are messages your Sims will say in the Diary Room, directed straight to the people watching the show. These messages can be about anything, from game strategy to small talk, from issues with other Sims on board to random randomness! Please feel free to let your Sims’ personality truly speak here, so I can know more precisely how to let your Sims talk and act et cetera, and how the situation behind the scenes of the actual game goes on! This is also the reason why I would like to see unique Sims; it makes the show more interesting and it is more fun to write, both for me and you – win-win! :D
A few rules:
- Please send in DRE's, even when it's once in a while; we wouldn’t want your Sim to be forgotten, would we? :wink:
- Please don’t give me a huge overload either. A maximum of 2 per episode, maybe 3 if the show reaches it's end.
- If you want to let a DRE actually happen in an episode, please follow these guidelines: split the DRE into two parts: one in which you'll describe the scene happening, and one in which you Sim reacts on it in the Diary Room. I feel most comfortable working like that.
- If I say “no more DRE’s beyond this point”, then I got the episode planned. Please safe your DRE for next episode…


Of course I can’t open this thread without a few rules, to keep things friendly over here.
- Always be nice to others on the thread. Thread other players with respect. Even though your Sims might want to lock other Sims up in a fridgeless little room, remove the pool ladders when they’re swimming or put a lot of carpets in front of their fireplaces, please be nice and respectful to the real life players.
- Play fair. You'd rather lose fairly than win with cheating.
- Don’t post pictures of messages of me only meant for you to see. It’s send only to you for a reason.

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to ask! :smiley:

*the money earned is from the completely fictional Simoleon currency and will not actually be rewarded in real life upon the revelation in the Finale.[/font]
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