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Help Me Fix My Mess of a House

puertoricanthangpuertoricanthang Posts: 81 Member
Hey lovelies!

So a while ago while doing the Amazon Challenge I decided to take a shot at building a "palace" for my Amazon Queen to accommodate the challenge and everyone who would live there. I recently revisited the save after re-downloading The Sims 3 and to put it lightly what I built was a mess. I tried to go for this Fairy-tale Medieval-esque, palatial "castle" look exterior with a Rococo and Victorian inspired interior.


Here it is, it's not the best but it is definitely a step up from a box with a door. What do you guys think? XD
I'm gonna post the floor plans in a spoiler and if you have any critiques and suggestions please leave them below. I'll upload it on the exchange if anyone would like to make over the house themselves. I'd really appreciate that. <3
2zqasr4_th.jpg Top View4gisdv_th.jpgSecond Floorxgd5sg_th.jpgFirst Floor


  • puertoricanthangpuertoricanthang Posts: 81 Member
    I just realized that these pictures are WAYYYYY to small. I'll re-upload the floor plan soon. ^^
  • puertoricanthangpuertoricanthang Posts: 81 Member
    1st Floor


    2nd Floor


  • puertoricanthangpuertoricanthang Posts: 81 Member
    The Kitchen


    The Queen's Bedroom


    Just some pictures of the interior. I know that it's not the best but oh well. :P

  • PineapplePhonePineapplePhone Posts: 21 Member
    When it comes to interior in the sims, it's all about filling space. Add chairs and sofas, bookcases, statues, random clutter items, room dividers, potted plants, anything to make it look like the space is used. Also, large buildings have lots of rooms. Like, useless rooms. Do you have a library? A sitting room (without a tv or computer)? A courtyard? A gym/training room? Does the training room include an indoor pool, or is there one in the courtyard? You might want to consider shrinking some of your rooms to fit rooms like this if you think it might help fill space.

    Exterior is a bit trickier. Try doing multiple levels at different parts of the house. For example, making tower-esque things, or making another level that isn't the same size as the previous two. A lot of castles would have a top layer in the center that is smaller than the rest of the levels. Also, try not to make everything square. I see that you have the column things in the front and back, but consider making shapes like this \__/ that jut out from the outer walls, and put windows on them. a diagonal wall, two or more straight walls and another diagonal wall (or however many you want). I loved making those because you can put furniture there, or easels, telescopes, chess tables, whatever, and it sort of divided the space and made it more interesting. Honestly, the diagonal wall tool is a lifesaver. Add balconies. Also, the roof should almost NEVER be all one piece, especially on a large building. Divide it into sections. Look at images of sims 3 castles and mansions on google images to help you get a better idea of what to do.

    He that helped :smile:
  • puertoricanthangpuertoricanthang Posts: 81 Member
    @PineapplePhone Thanks love! This will definitely help me with my new builds. ^^
  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 584 Member
    I like it!!! The only thing I would change is the roof. It's taller than the two floors! And it's all in one piece and makes the house look top heavy. Break it up by adding towers of different heights. Top the towers with either the conical/hexagonal roof tops or one of the thick concrete fences.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 16,597 Member
    I agree, I love the style, but I think a different roof would help bring out the elegance.
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