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Very Bazaar Quest Help

jamiehoodjamiehood Posts: 116 Member
I just posted this question in the EA Answers HQ as well, because it's getting me a little worried. So, I'm doing the quest Very Bazaar in my Sims Medieval game. I chose the approach Out Trade the Traders, and I'm using my merchant. The decisions I made were Offer, Captain, and Plead Innocence. After the last decision, the Royal Advisor sentenced my Sim to the stocks, but nothing happened, and now the next quest goal isn't appearing. Do I start the quest over? How can I fix this?


  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,141 Member
    If the stocks are full, it may take time for the Constable to appear. In fact, it may take a while for this to tick over. Just play your hero, with responsibilities, skill improvement, etc. until he appears.
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