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Anyone Know...….

Foxlylox29Foxlylox29 Posts: 514 Member
where I can find braided hairs for males, or long hairs for males. im working on a native family and im having trouble finding good hair, so right now all the men basically have the same hairstyle lol ive only found one long braid on the sims resource, I feel like there is not enough stuff for men on there


  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 2,947 Member
    A long braid? Might have to resort to finding a CC female braid and just turning off the gender restriction so you can put it on your male sim.
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  • ZaraZara Posts: 115 Member
    I agree, there aren't that many good CC for males :( But I found some hairs that could possibly fit what you're looking for.
    Braid Ponytail
    Long Hair
    Braided Manbun
    Short braids
    Electric Dreads
    Man Braids
    Long pony

    I tried my best, lol.

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