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Regarding Custom Music (For Menus)

SimlishPopstarSimlishPopstar Posts: 197 Member
edited June 2018 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
Will there ever be an option to alter the music that a menu plays? E.g. CAS, Main Menu, Build & Buy?
I understand currently there is not but its just with Seasons coming out soon it would make sense to have the player constantly personalising what they're hearing in the game. Might not be the case but I'm just wondering, Build mode and CAS can be so much more fun when the game is cycling through your select tracks.

I tend to add massive amounts of tracks to my game so its a bit of a nuisance I don't get to hear extra variety in other parts of the game which could make it feel more fresh, probably more so if you add large amounts of tracks. Just wondering if this will come or is planned possibly?

Even if others would like such a feature coming to TS4, its much more pleasant than having to go tab out of the game and in constantly if you're picking select tracks and such.

Anyway that's all, hoping this will be coming eventually.
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