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My overall ideas

ParagonParagon Posts: 55 New Member
1. The swiming pool could have an option for sims to dive under water while still swimming.

2.With the developing of new expansions,it would be nice if sims could travel to other N'hood whether by driving,flying or a subway and not forget there family members and friends

3.Also driving the car still needs more realism,no one just pops in and out of there car and watch it disappear and re-appear in the garage,would be nice to see the sim get in watch the car backout and turn.

4.I would love for us users to be able to create custom clothing and furniture rather than just building on whats in game.

5. I really would like the Job rabbit holes and others to be opened up,i would love to see exactly what my sims really does at work the suspense is killing me.

6.The ponds should be made swimable,would be hillarious to see the sim get attacked by a fish at a certain pond or at a certain time of day or night.

7.Precious stones should have the option to be set in a ring or earing or necklace.

8.The game needs a dance club

9.would really enjoy it if we got an online EP

10. I find the cas options for for facial manipulation has been dumbed down from sims 2..please please fix it back, the sims all seem to end up looking the same on my part.

Other than that I am content with the overall game.
If i should rate it on a scale of 1-10 bugs included I'd give it a 8 out of 10
Me thinks it's way better than sims 1 and 2(solely my opinion).
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