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Thirty Grandchildren Badge Attempt - ongoing so it now has its own playlist

KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
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An attempt to get the badge where a sim has 30 grandchildren.

This one starts out with screen shots as I didn't get the 'brilliant idea' to make videos of them until this morning.

But there is moving video for most of the time. You get to meet the mother, the father and all the kids. But only briefly. I didn't actually introduce them all. You just see them doing stuff and being sim children.

I hope you enjoy it.

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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    This is Part 2 of the 30 Grandchildren badge. It's quite short. 13 minutes 28 seconds according to YouTube.

    You see the basement I built under the house they live in. I didn't want to destroy the look of their house as it's such a pretty building.

    They have basic living quarters in the basement with 8 bunk beds and I set up some easels and a few other skill objects for their use until they age up to teens. I'll be aging them up as soon as each one gets on the honor roll.

    Same thing when they become teens.

    There are no set skills they have to learn as teens so I'll just keep them learning stuff and as soon as they get onto the honor roll I'll age them up to YA and they can start having the grandchildren.

    Here's the link to the video of Part 2 of my attempt to get this elusive badge.

    In the video you will see the basement and some of the ground floor living area plus a makeover of Gerri, their mother, who is a 2009 Base Game sim. I thought she needed a little makeover and you get to see her getting it if you'd like to watch.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    I got the 30 Grandchildren Attempt Part 3 video loaded to YouTube.

    Here's the link.

    The children are playing together and going to school as well as fishing.

    They won't all be children for much longer. They'll age up to Teens as soon as each one gets an A in school.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    The attempt at getting the 30 Grandchildren badge (part 4) is now on YouTube.

    Some of the children age up to teen. They all go to school and a few play tag in the rain.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    I loaded Part 5 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge attempt to YouTube. It is quite short, almost 7 minutes. Here's the link.

    Megan ages up and becomes a handy sim who fixes broken stuff and upgrades things around the house before school.

    Javon achieves his lifetime wish.

    Most of the teens decide it's great fun to rake leaves.

    Gerry discovers how to make some potions at the chemistry table.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    30 Grandchildren Part 6 is now available on YouTube

    Update on the teens and they get up to a few interesting activities.
  • pisceschick75pisceschick75 Posts: 510 Member
    Love these impossible wants! I am currently attempting to have one sim complete all six degrees from University! Keep going!!! I want to see your progress!
    Is there a support group for Simming Addiction? I think I need it... :p
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    edited October 2018
    Love these impossible wants! I am currently attempting to have one sim complete all six degrees from University! Keep going!!! I want to see your progress!

    Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it. My Caroline and Friends series has now completed all 5 of the badges I didn't already have for Island Paradise EP and now they are starting on the University Life EP badges plus others. I've not done much with UL and it seems at least one of them will be attempting that badge to get all six degrees at some stage. Good luck with your attempt. I'll just keep on going. I try to rotate my videos with a few series going at the same time. I'm currently working on the next chapter of The McFluff Story.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    edited December 2018
    I had something interesting happen to me in my 30 Grandchildren game. I'm currently working on the next video in this series.

    I haven't done an update for that video series since late September so decided to do one before getting back to Oscar's Childhood. I'm expecting problems playing and recording for Oscar's arrival at the boarding school due to having too many sims in the lot. And I noticed a lot of people are watching 30 Grandchildren so decided to do an episode of it before getting back to Oscar.

    I'm doing short videos for 30 Grandchildren - trying to go for 15 minutes or less.

    Well, the 15 children are now all teens.

    In order to make the videos a little interesting I'm trying to get each of them to get to A Grade at school and to complete their Lifetime Wish.

    I'm trying to take full advantage of anything fun or unusual that happens in the game.

    Some of the teens can't do their LTW yet and will have to wait to age up to start due to the nature of some of the Lifetime Wishes. A couple of them still haven't got a lifetime wish.

    I've got at least one who had already completed their LTW and a few others who are well on the way. For example, by the end of this video one of them has to catch 2 more minor pets in the wild to achieve her LTW. And some still need to get to level 10 in one or two more skills and are almost there. Of these at least two did get to level 10 in a skill in this current episode I'm working on.

    One of them wants a Perfect Private Aquarium as a Lifetime Wish. She has a long way to go before she gets all 13 different types of perfect fish. I'm keeping the fish in her inventory in the meantime - they die too fast in those fish bowls.

    I started giving each of the teens their own bedroom. This is an expensive exercise. They are currently all sharing a single bedroom - with 8 bunk beds and many piles of smelly, dirty laundry.

    I'd like to get each of them to level 7 in fishing skill - because then they'll be able to read all of the fishing books and this is one goal I always set for my boarding schools. Another goal for my boarding school children is getting to level 7 in gardening because they can then plant any seed they might find.

    The household in this game hasn't started their garden yet so none of them have any gardening skill. They all have some fishing skill. We've seen them fishing a few times in earlier episodes.

    I'm also doing opportunities. As a result, I need to send some of them to France. I counted how many and wrote their names down - there are 10 of them who have to go traveling and the longer it takes to get that trip organised the more need to go on it. A few of this group need to visit France to fulfill an opportunity specifically set in France, but mostly they just need to find specific metals, gems and/or insects. I've found the world they live in doesn't spawn much. At least, it has spawned almost nothing so far in this game. They've found a few things but it's been very slim pickings.

    At this point, Javon is the only one who has completed his Lifetime Wish and he still has a way to go to get to Grade A at school so he can't age up just yet. In the episode I'm currently working on he's been concentrating on doing laundry. If you've been watching the videos you'll know their dirty laundry situation is dire. He made some progress and reduced the number of piles of stinking laundry in their one shared bedroom, but he still has a long way to go. I was tempted to buy extra washing machines and dryers but there is a shortage of Simoleans. I did buy two clothes lines and he used them as well as the electric clothes dryer.

    I was looking through inventories to see what could be sold. Of course, looking through inventories regularly (and selling or otherwise removing items from the inventories) is necessary housekeeping in this game if you want to avoid lag.

    There are 16 personal inventories to look through.

    While looking through the inventories, apart from looking for things to sell, I was looking for extra perfect fish to help Demetria who needs perfect fish for her Perfect Private Aquarium wish.

    I managed to build, and partly furnish, six new bedrooms and three new bathrooms before running out of Simoleans.

    They need nine more bedrooms to be built and furnished if everyone is to get their own room.

    Meanwhile they continue to share one single bedroom with the eight bunk beds and lots of smelly dirty laundry piles. And there is that trip to France to be funded. I have to send 10 of them to France. It'll be expensive.

    I moved Perfect fish from some of the inventories to Demetria, she needs them, but that didn't achieve much as she doesn't need multiples of perfect fish. She just needs one of 13 different types of fish. She already had multiples of several perfect fish and the others combined didn't seem to have any new varieties for her. Not to worry. I sold lots of fish from inventories and made a few useful Simoleans. They really need a garden to make money somewhat faster. Or maybe I'll buy them some sculpting stations as sculpting is a very lucrative occupation.

    Now, Gerry, their mother, had a Normal Deathfish in her inventory so I kept it just in case she has a pressing need for Ambrosia at some point. So far no one has died. They don't have death flowers though so Grimm could make an appearance and take one or more of them at any time.

    I noticed a few of them had seeds in their inventories. They've been collecting things occasionally but this world doesn't seem to be spawning much. That's one of the reasons so many have to travel. They need to collect things to complete opportunities. Some of those opportunities are left over from childhood and I'm not sure they can be fulfilled as teens. I'll find out eventually - after they've been to France and collected the stuff they need to find.

    Some of them need to get to level 10 on 2 or 3 skills. I noticed two of the ones needing to get to level 10 in multiple skills were close to level 10 in fishing skill. I sent the three needing to fish, for whatever reason, fishing in the ocean as the ponds were all frozen. By the end of the day, Sunday, they caught a few different types of fish but only one extra Perfect fish.

    Demetria has a long way to go to get enough different perfect fish to get her Perfect Private Aquarium Lifetime Wish.

    Those who are trying to get to level 10 in various skills achieved more towards their personal goals during the day. One got to level 10 in handiness.

    Anyway, I haven't got to the interesting bit yet. But it is related.

    I was looking through inventories.

    I had started moving sims from the one huge bedroom with eight bunk beds so each will have their own room.

    As I said, I made, and furnished, six new bedrooms. I placed double beds in each room. I ran out of Simoleans to finish decorating the bedrooms and still have to make, and furnish and decorate, nine more. This led me to start selling all fish except for at least one perfect fish of each type. Still getting to the interesting bit. Sorry.

    Well, I'd noticed something a bit odd in one of the inventories.

    I don't know when this odd thing first appeared but it's been there for a while. Probably a few episodes.

    Since they were all going on field trips and participating in after school activities I assumed it was some weird thing he had picked up on a field trip. Or something. But when it came to selling the stuff they had in their inventories I just had to take a peek at this odd thing and got a shock.

    This is the interesting bit.

    I do recall in the dim distant past, long before Sims 4 was released and I started adding mods to my game and therefore my games were buggy and often got corrupted I had a game with a child who found a genie lamp. I had no idea where that lamp came from. But the game got corrupt and I couldn't keep playing it so never got the chance to use it. I never did anything with that lamp.

    Ever since that time I've never gotten another genie lamp.

    Most of my games are populated with many different occults including genies - but ALL of those genies were made in Create A Household. I've never played with a genie from a lamp.

    I know you can get one with Lifetime Happiness Points, but I never bothered. I always had other more mundane things to buy with those precious lifetime happiness points. Besides, I wanted to find one in the wild rather than buy one.

    Being unfamiliar with the genie lamp I didn't recognise one in an inventory until I looked closely. Yep, this weird object I didn't recognise is a genie lamp.

    I double and triple checked to make sure I wasn't dreaming. But it was still a genie lamp.

    I can only assume Robbie picked it up from the mausoleum when they went on a school field trip some time back while they were all still children.

    If you've been watching the videos you may remember when they all went on a trip to the mausoleum as children in a much earlier episode.

    I don't have screen shots to show as I was making a video.

    I avoid getting screen shots while making a video for several reasons.

    Firstly, I'm concentrating on getting the best possible shot for my video
    Secondly, when I take a screen shot there is a flash on the screen.

    I need to edit the flashes from screen shots out of my videos. This leads to two problems.
    1. Lots of screen shots lead to lots of cutting out of disconcerting bright flashes.
    2. This cutting out of the flashes often leads to cutting out all evidence of interesting things that happen and I want those interesting things in my videos.

    Back to the point of this post - I've never played with a genie that came from a lamp before. In this video, the genie appears but the school bus arrives to take the teens to school so Robbie put the genie back into the lamp.

    It looks like I've got until I record more video for the next episode before I get to decide what to do with this wonderful new thing. The current video already has more than enough recorded to do a 15 minute video. I still have to narrate it, and I'll have a busy day tomorrow and be out of the house for most of the day but I'll get it narrated and loaded to YouTube asap.

    If anyone has any suggestions of fun things to do with a genie from the lamp, please let me know and I'll use at least some of those suggestions in the next episode. If I can.

    Currently the genie is still in the lamp and no wishes have been asked for. All he did was run upstairs and get wet trying to find a lucky coin in the wishing well. He had no success. Just kept getting dunked in the wishing well. That's going to be in the current video - at the end.

    The other thing you might be able to help me with are those missing lifetime wishes.

    Sims needing a lifetime wish:
    Coby - Artistic, Animal Lover, Green Thumb, Clumsy (maybe Perfect Garden LTW?)
    Wilfred - Savvy Sculptor, Family Oriented, Good, Friendly
    Sharonda - Animal Lover, Clumsy, Eco-Friendly, Friendly

    I don't want any lifetime wishes that'll take a long time to do as I want them to have a chance to actually achieve them. Do you have any suggestions. I think I'll give Coby the Perfect Garden LTW though as I want them to have a garden and I discovered I've already set up a large area in a basement for a big garden.

    Lifetime Wishes already in the game. I'd like to avoid all of these if possible as they are already in play: Renaissance Sim (3); Visionary (1); Illustrious Author (1); Zoologist (3); Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium (1); The Perfect Garden (1); Become a Creature Robot Cross Breeder (2); Master of the Arts (1).

    Some of the listed lifetime wishes are already in play with 2 or more sims - see the numbers in brackets for how many of them already have that LTW.

    That's it for now. I hope you enjoy the videos.

    Happy Simming.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,482 Member
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    @Karritz It sounds like you have some nice goals for your 30 grandkids. ...So funny about all the dirty laundry! ...Cool that the inventories provided enough money to help build bedrooms and baths. ...You sure were raising the anticipation level for the "interesting bit!" :D

    ...A genie lamp! Awesome. While the genie is still enslaved in the lamp, a sim can do most activities with him while he's summoned, including befriending or even romancing him.

    ...And here's a list of wishes your sim can make (and other genie info). Genie Wishes and Info

    "Fortune" might be a good wish for this household so you can get those bedrooms built. ;) Make 2 wishes, then use the 3rd wish to free the genie. I hope there isn't a problem with that if you have a full household. You may have to add him with NRaas after he's freed. ??

    Some quick suggestions for Lifetime Wishes based on traits:
    Descendant of Da Vinci (Max Painting, Sculpting, and Inventing): Savvy Sculptor
    Bottomless Nectar Cellar (50 bottles in your nectar cellar totaling §50,000): Green Thumb
    One Sim Band (Max the Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano): Artistic
    The Animal Rescuer (Adopt 6 Stays or Shelter Pets): Animal Lover
    Super Popular (20 Friends): Friendly
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
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    @lanlyn thank you for that awesome info. I think I like the Bottomless Nectar Cellar for Coby. Hadn't thought of that one. I've done it before and know it is doable. They'll need to get some extra money before the trip to France so he can afford a nectar making machine as well as pay for all their travel expenses and buy some books.

    Hadn't thought of Descendant of da Vinci either. I do plan to get Wilfred working on sculpting for the next episode. I've discovered how lucrative sculpting is once the initial learning phase is over. They might get the simoleans they need for their trip to France and purchase of the nectar making machine from sculpting.

    I've not yet been able to achieve the Super Popular LTW with any sim as far as I recall. Sharonda might have a chance though as she has so many siblings. If they count. I'll have to think about it. There are not many other sims in the world. I'll need to add some as future spouses for them eventually. I already did that but I see they are pairing up with each other and having babies already so another lot will need to be added.
    This might add enough for her to make 20 friends. But - another one I've never tried is The Animal Rescuer and that one might suit her too.

    Thanks for the ideas on the Genie too. I had memories of my first encounter with a SimBot when I finally got a sim to make one. It took such a long time to do and the household already had 8 or more sims in it. The SimBot jumped down off the inventing bench and ran outside, jumped into a taxi and vanished never to be seen again. With this genie, as soon as he wafted out of the lamp he ran upstairs and I was sure I'd lost him for good - but he just wanted to try to steal coins from the wishing well. He failed. But got very wet after several attempts. I think he'll make a very brief appearance at the end of the video I'm currently working on. He's very colourful.

    I'll do some research on the genie before I play the next episode.

    I think I got a bit lost in the middle of my very long post above - but I ran out of time and had to just post it as it was. I was having some fun with it. :) I didn't achieve much with sims or videos today - I had too many distractions and was out of the house for several hours early in the day. It's after 11 pm here now and I was trying to work on the video - but I think I'm too tired. I might just call it a night and start fresh in the morning.

    Thanks. Happy Simming - or else just continue having fun. :)

    EDIT: By the way, I now have a strategy that works for me when making a simbot in an overstuffed household. I watch that simbot making process carefully and as soon as it is made I pause and use NRAAS Master Controller to add it to the household. Haven't lost any since I started doing that.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,482 Member
    Karritz wrote: »
    EDIT: By the way, I now have a strategy that works for me when making a simbot in an overstuffed household. I watch that simbot making process carefully and as soon as it is made I pause and use NRAAS Master Controller to add it to the household. Haven't lost any since I started doing that.
    @Karritz That's exactly what I do in similar situations with stuffed households: quickly pause the game and use NRaas to add the sim. I've done that with pets, resurrected ghosts, and even with an alien baby. :# Good thinking about using NRaas for a simbot too. It's been quite a while since I've created one. To go to all that trouble and then have it run out the door!. Yikes!

    Glad the LT Wish suggestions were helpful. I was trying to find wishes you didn't already have and that could also be accomplished before YA. I use that list on the Carl's Sims website a lot when looking for Wish choices. I did a page search using the traits you listed to check possible Wish matches. :)
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,482 Member
    @Karritz I just realized that the Lifetime Wish list on Carl's Sims website doesn't include ITF. Oops!

    Here's a complete list.
    Sims Wiki List of LT Wishes
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,482 Member
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    @Karritz One more thought about lifetime wishes. You might have an issue trying to adopt pets if your household is full. The Fairy Tale Finder LTW, which ultimately adds a unicorn to the household, could also pose a problem. But for an Animal Lover, there is also The Cat Herder and The Canine Companion wishes. Both require befriending 15 animals (cats or dogs, respectively). I don't know how easy that would be though! :o
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    lanlyn wrote: »
    @Karritz I just realized that the Lifetime Wish list on Carl's Sims website doesn't include ITF. Oops!

    Here's a complete list.
    Sims Wiki List of LT Wishes

    Thanks for that. The SimsWiki looks excellent and has all the info. The only one I thought might be useful for this little group is the bot builder LTW. I hadn't considered going into the future or to uni yet though. I suppose it will depend on which way this series of videos takes me in the future.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    lanlyn wrote: »
    @Karritz One more thought about lifetime wishes. You might have an issue trying to adopt pets if your household is full. The Fairy Tale Finder LTW, which ultimately adds a unicorn to the household, could also pose a problem. But for an Animal Lover, there is also The Cat Herder and The Canine Companion wishes. Both require befriending 15 animals (cats or dogs, respectively). I don't know how easy that would be though! :o

    I was wondering if there might be a problem with adopting animals. I've done the befriending 15 animals in the McFluff story (not in the video yet though). It would take a whole episode as they have to actually have 15 animal friends at the same time and the friendship fades. I had to get Gertie working on her cats so she had them all as her friends at the same time for the wish to be satisfied. I'm not sure if my computer could handle 15 cats plus 16 sims in the one household tho. I might have to let her complete her LTW after the requirements for the badge have been satisfied and I can play her in a household of her own without risking doing something that could prevent the badge from triggering.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 7 is now available on YouTube.


    In this episode we work towards solving the problem of overwhelming amounts of dirty laundry. New bedrooms are built for some of the teens before the money runs out. Teens work towards completing their lifetime wishes. Robbie finds a magic lamp and tries to clean it. A genie appears. Robbie is stunned and has to race after the genie to get it back into the lamp before he is late for school.

    Happy Simming
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,482 Member
    @Karritz RE: 30 Grandchildren, video 7. ...That is quite a task, getting all the laundry done. ...Do you have the faster leaf raking mod installed? Of course, your goals may be different than mine, but I love how quickly the leaves get done with this tweak (15 times faster). Rake Leaves Faster by Shimrod ...I like the clothes lines. I've used those in a couple of my worlds. ...Cute present-designed house. ...Fun that you allowed the game to name the kids. Sometimes the game comes up with some nice choices.

    ...Interesting that the sims only sleep in that one huge bedroom. Who knows why sims do what they do! ...LOL at the zombie texting on his phone. Kind of creepy thinking online messages from a zombie! ...I'm glad that teens can work with genie lamps. How strange that the genie changed out of his everyday genie clothes. But he did obey Robbie's command though, so I guess that's all right. Good luck your new genie. Very cool that you found that lamp!
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    @lanlyn thank you again. The leaf raking is done autonomously. I tend to ignore the leaves so I don't have the mod. They were all out there raking leaves and the zombies were there too and I just wanted to see if a zombie might turn one of the teens into a zombie but it didn't happen.

    I made 5 instant babies at a time to get the 15 children of Gerry - I was in a hurry - so no time to think up names for them. Some of the born in game sims in my Big Game have names given by the game too. Such as Deangelo Fields. He's gorgeous to look at but it took me a while to get used to his name. I think I like it now.

    I tried sending Gerri up to the upstairs bedroom a few times but eventually gave up. The only thing I can imagine is the bunk beds might be slightly higher in one or more of the properties - comfort etc. I'll try replacing the beds in the upper floor of the house to higher scoring beds and remove more of the bunk beds. Then assign beds to sims. I'll put a laundry hamper in each bedroom.

    I'm hoping the genie went back into the lamp. I didn't check. I'll find out later when I start work on the next episode. I plan to get as many simoleans from him as possible.

    I'm working on the next Oscar video now. But have to go out to buy food - we keep needing to eat and it interrupts my creativity. But I need to get out and about occasionally.

    Happy Simming and thank you for the interest and feedback.
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    @Karritz My husband and I did a huge grocery shopping trip yesterday. I'm so glad that's over! The store was crowded, but everyone was friendly, so that part was ok. But the noise and hyperactivity around me wears me out! Anyway, we got it done, and my son helped bring everything in and put stuff away. Whew! :#

    ...I enjoy seeing the different variety of video stories you do. Lots of fun. ...I really like the name Deangelo. Pronounced "DeAngelo?" :)
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    lanlyn wrote: »
    @Karritz My husband and I did a huge grocery shopping trip yesterday. I'm so glad that's over! The store was crowded, but everyone was friendly, so that part was ok. But the noise and hyperactivity around me wears me out! Anyway, we got it done, and my son helped bring everything in and put stuff away. Whew! :#

    ...I enjoy seeing the different variety of video stories you do. Lots of fun. ...I really like the name Deangelo. Pronounced "DeAngelo?" :)

    I get my son to write the grocery list and carry most of it inside for me.

    I have never seen the name Deangelo before and never heard is spoken so I assume it is pronounced as you suggest with De said before Angelo.
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 8

    It's been a while, but I finally did it - this episode is now available to watch on YouTube. I'll start on Part 9 in the morning. It won't take too long I hope as I have the video recorded, I just have to put it together and do the narration.

    In this episode we meet the father of the 15 teens in the household. He lives in a house nearby with several sims and we meet all of them plus get an update of the current situation with the teens. There is a tiny tutorial at the end of the video as well - you see me set an old gnome back to toddler stage. Actually, he was just getting a bit grey, hadn't reached the elder stage yet but he's a toddler again now.

    Here's the link.

    I hope you enjoy the video. Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    I'm pleased to announce that my latest video - 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 9 is now live on YouTube for anyone who would like to watch it.

    This one runs for about 16 minutes. Eleven of them are in France. We see them arrive and leave so nothing else is in it other than what they get up to in France. You won't see them completing any tombs in France, I'll leave that to The Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    I did do a bit of sleuthing and discovered the distant city is not visible to this household. That'll be why I hadn't noticed it before. I think it might be visible only to sims living in that mansion the Isla Paradiso Bunch are living in when they are in France. They get the Beautiful Vista moodlet when in that house.

    I'll work on the next video in this series now and when I've posted it I'll move on to another series. Today I didn't record any new video but I did decorate their bottom basement - which is only the third basement down from the top. This household has no fourth basement so far.

    They had lots of cash left over from the 100,000 simoleans they got from their genie wish. I spent all of it decorating. They had over 50,000 simoleans left when they got home from France. I didn't do much to other levels, but in their garden basement I removed quite a lot of the soil rugs. I used the space to do three main things.
    1. Set up a room for Coby's private museum. He decided he wanted that LTW while in France. This of course means they'll need to do a couple more, at least one, visit to an adventure world to complete his collection of 20,000 simoleans worth of relics.
    2. Begin setting up a room for someone to make nectar.
    3. Set up a space for birthdays.

    The birthday space is what cost the most simoleans to do. There are going to be a few birthdays soon, at least one in the next episode, so I wanted a fairly spectacular place for all the celebrations. I used a half wall to denote the change of use of the huge space. This means the garden, when they have a garden, will form a backdrop to the parties.

    Before they resorted to wishing for wealth from the genie several of them tried their luck with the wishing well. They did get a few lucky wishes but only small gains were made for the most part. Two of them got cars, a sloppy jalopy and a big lemon - sold both of them. Then one of the others got another car which we decided to keep. It belongs to a teen who can't drive but it looks good parked in their driveway.


    I noticed them queuing for quite a while when all 15 of them were below ground and the school bus arrived. So I added a second spiral staircase for them to use. This one emerges in their garage. They garage can't be used for a car anyway so I thought it'd be better there than out in the yard where I'd have to build something to cover it and spoil the look of the area.

    It never ceases to amuse me that this school bus is currently carrying 15 teens plus a driver.

    It is Autumn in the game now and some days the ponds are frozen over. Demetria needs to catch a few more perfect fish for her Lifetime Wish of perfect private aquarium. She's trying out the wishing well that is indoors.

    In part 8 I tried to get all the teens together in one place but it was much harder than herding cats. I literally did get all of Gerties 15 cats to pose for me for about 1 second a few months ago. But for this lot I never managed to get all 15 into one shot. I ended up with about 4 or 5 shots and I'm still not sure I got everyone. I certainly didn't get them all into one shot.

    Here is one of the pictures I got of most of them. They are in the area I think of as the main basement as that's where they currently spend a lot of their time.

    I am enjoying their paintings as they are still producing artworks I've not previously seen in my games. I don't have a mod that gives me extra or paintings different from what is provided by the game.

    I have generally expanded the main basement by just making it bigger but haven't decorated it yet, or decided on how that extra space will be used. I suspect it'll be new bedrooms and possibly some space for activities and skilling objects.

    In the pictures below, this is the area I plan to use for birthday parties. I still have to work out what's going on with the lighting down there. The buydebug lights I've got all over that level don't seem to be providing any light. I'm wondering if I used the daylight lights because they don't even seem to come on while sims are down there gardening. That's why there is no video of gardening activities in the videos yet. I'll sort that out before I record anything more down there.

    Here are the pictures, lit by a few ceiling lights, of the birthday area. The lighting looks nice and moody here, but won't be any good for recording video.

    The big dark square on the floor is a dance floor. I used the bubble bar as I haven't used it for years. As far as I know, I didn't include any 3rd party content in the decoration of this level/room.

    The birthday cake is sitting ready to be used. I hope it doesn't go off before Javon gets home and does his homework. I just realised he's going to need to go to school next day as he's part way through the opportunity to work for a day. Maybe I'll age someone else up instead. Currently they are all the same age. I was just too keen to get the cake on the table.

    You can see the nectar making machine in the next room. The lights are on in there. I still don't know why it's so dark in the birthday and garden room.

    I put a karaoke machine in there for them too. I don't usually do that. I haven't got any celebration balloons or posters though. I might add a bit more bling before we get on with an actual birthday. Not much room for it now though.
    The garden is to the left of this picture - behind a half wall.

    There's another bar and a buffet table as well as hifi equipment if they need music and no one is enjoying karaoke.

    That's the dance floor in front and the nectar machine in the next room.

    Not much of any of this has appeared in a video yet. So it's just a bit of a sneak peek.

    EDIT: Most of the birthday room objects were from Showtime or Supernatural. In the end I had to look in the store and a few other places for some odds and ends. You might notice some of the items have a different appearance from the one offered by the store. This is because when they sold us stuff from the store there were often extra stencils provided but not enabled. I have several, quite a collection actually, of mods that unlock the stencils that originally came with the store content but were not enabled. I also have a mod that unlocks the hidden Showtime objects. So although I don't have any actual 3rd party content I do have unlocked objects and stencils. I believe the Showtime objects are able to be unlocked in game by doing Simports.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 10 is now available on YouTube. It runs for about 16 minutes.

    There is a BIG birthday party at the end.

    I've been expanding and decorating the expansions slowly. And I've been preparing for the grandchildren to begin arriving. There won't be any for a few more episodes though.

    We see them fishing, collecting, attending school, gardening and doing all sorts of skill related activities in this video.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 11 is now ready to view on YouTube

    Javon ages up, lots of gardening happens as does Javon's graduation. We see the Greenhouse and many of them collecting seeds, suns and minor pets at the greenhouse.

    I hope to have the next video loaded in about 3 weeks as I will be out of town and away from my computer for the next 2 weeks.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,213 Member
    Hello all.

    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Part 12 video is now live on YouTube

    It has a lot happening in it. Gardening, Sims Aging up to Young Adult, Sims completing their Lifetime Wish, Sims Painting, fishing, doing laundry and so on.

    There are a couple of amusing glitches featured.

    The first glitch is where Demetria was standing on the beach, quite close to a spot where fish are jumping. (Demetria needs to catch 13 different types of perfect fish for her lifetime wish and she's already got 11 so I'm being a bit particular about where she fishes.) I want her to fish where she has a chance of catching at least one type of fish she doesn't already have. I chose the spot a tiny bit beyond the one her brother, standing beside her, was fishing in. Then she vanished. I couldn't work out what had happened or where she had gone, then I saw a boat rounding the end of the beach. It turns out, she'd run away from the fish I told her to catch, jumped into a boat and was boating to a small sandbar some distance away where she jumped out and proceeded to fish in the fishing spot I'd indicated. When you watch the video you'll be amazed her fishing line was that long.

    The second glitch is something I've seen once before in an old game I was playing just before Island Paradise was released. The thing is, Gerri was doing laundry. Suddenly, while carrying a bag of dirty laundry, she ran out of the house and jumped into her limo. There was a long drive to the beach where she got into a boat while still carrying her laundry. A very long boat ride along the cliffs and then out to sea. Once she arrived about as far out to sea as the boat could get to she jumped out of the boat and was swimming in the ocean still holding her bag of dirty laundry. Then she jumped back into the boat, with the dirty laundry in her hand, and boated back to the beach and jumped into her limo and drove home where she ran to the washing machine and finally added the bag of dirty laundry to the machine and walked off. Naturally I cut out almost all of the travel time or this one glitch would have taken up most of the video.

    The last time this happened to my sim she was in Barnacle Bay. It was just before boats were added to the game. In this case my sim ran to the beach and then ran out to sea (she was running on water). When she'd run for a really long time, she was getting very tired and I was afraid I was going to lose her so I told her to go home. I got a video of that too and it's in my studio.

    Back to this new video - at the end of the video two of the teens age up to Young Adult. They have a big party down in the Party Room. Javon does some cooking to be sure everyone gets something to eat. The buffet table gets food for them too.

    There is a lot going on in this video as I was trying to use up all the recorded video I have not shown yet but I failed. There is enough left over for another video but I decided not to do episode 13 right away. I'm working on Perfect Genetics Challenge videos now.

    It is obvious I need to start moving couples out of the 30 Grandchildren household as I have too many in it now. So it is getting interesting.

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