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My name is & 5 facts about you.



  • jamie_pauly9682jamie_pauly9682 Posts: 118 Member
    My name is Jamie
    1. I am a substitute teacher
    2. My goal is to get my teaching license for my own classroom
    3. I want a hedgehog for a pet again
    4. I love Surge (soda)
    5. I want to learn how to write and speak Japanese so I can visit Japan some day
  • KottonKrownKottonKrown Posts: 251 Member
    My name is Cassandra

    1. I play the bass guitar
    2. (Og) Charmed is my favourite TV show of all time and Prue is my favourite sister
    3. I drink black coffee on a near daily basis
    4. My favourite band is Sonic Youth
    5. I'm obsessed with astrology; my sun sign is Aquarius, my moon sign is Aries and my rising sign is Leo
    Bring back the Paranormal career already.
  • LukeNathalieLukeNathalie Posts: 32 Member
    My name is Natalia
    1. I study architecture, i am in second year in college
    2. I play sims since i was 6 i think
    3. I like seafood
    4. I love to travel
    5. I love dogs
  • PastelMermaidPastelMermaid Posts: 1,225 Member
    My name is Ellie
    1) I can’t stand romance
    2) I’m very smart
    3) I live in the USA
    4) I was born in Tennessee (Nashville) and always wished I never moved
    5) I am part Polish, German, British, and Irish!

    Whereabouts did you move to? I would love to see Tennessee - I proper dig the "country" vibes as a not so guilty pleasure of mine.
    That's a great mix! - I'm part Scottish but you couldn't tell unless you happen to know my last name

    "if you can't love yourself, how you gon love somebody else?" - mama ru
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