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Talulah Assisted Living (WIP)

Fireheart2010Fireheart2010 Posts: 148 Member
I am an employee at a nursing home (housekeeping) and, I wanted to build a nursing home in my sims game but, it's more of an assisted living home.

4 units (Unit A, B, C, and D)
3 units are residential units that each have 2 resident rooms. There are 6 resident rooms total, 2 are private. The units also have a tub room (bathroom), laundry room, family suite, lounge, and dining area.
The 4th unit is for the live-in staff which has 2 bedrooms a bathroom, kitchen, and private outdoor courtyard.
There is also a playroom and outdoor park for children who are visiting with family and need something to occupy their time.
When you walk in there you will be a lounge, dining area, and 4 public bathrooms. This way if residents and family wish to get off the unit they may.
Lastly, there is a large parking lot and an outdoor courtyard for residents and/or family and friends to enjoy.





Here is a picture of Unit A dining room and also a picture of Unit A lounge



The lounges and dining rooms on each unit will be the same color scheme/design. They may have different forms of decor but, for the most part as a real nursing home would be set up with matching colors/furnishings so is mine.

Here is a picture of Unit A resident room and Unit A family suite




I'm not entirely sure when this will be ready. It's going to be quite some time before it's done (at least a couple more days) I may start a few mini homes for side projects and some community lots. I am going to be starting a blog on wordpress to host my builds/sim creations so if you are interested a link will be posted to that blog later on.


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