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Sims Mobile Feedback - Suggestions for Improvements



  • blockhart93blockhart93 Posts: 14 New Member
    I STILL wish we had the option to CUSTOMIZE our sims looks when our kids grow up to be adults AND when we marry a npc and they move into our household (even if they arent made playable at that time).
    i HATE how the kids look when they grow up and move in! My son now has blond hair on his head and a big bushy black beard.. his clothes are ugly, not modern.

    And as for NPC they walk around w/ ugly hairstyles, clown makeup and ugly old fashioned outfits as well. I hate that everyone that's playable in my house is well put together and their son looks ridiculous..
  • VyellerVyeller Posts: 2 New Member
    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but they need to make the characters disappear when you’re rearranging your home. They get in the way ALL of the time. It seems whenever I want to move something somewhere, it won’t let me because a sim is in the way. SO frustrating!
  • Kelly32873Kelly32873 Posts: 4 New Member
    I wish there was an option to delete a contact that a your sims have like the way you can delete a friend on your friends list. I have multiple ones I dnt use. The only way is to retire your sim. I dnt what to do that.
  • Kelly32873Kelly32873 Posts: 4 New Member
    Oh forgot to mention this b4. I would to be able to go to more than 2 parties a day. I think it should be a party per sim I have. 4 sims 4 parties one at each. Thanks
  • rafaeljonasrafaeljonas Posts: 220 Member
    the story system is good but not very functional when it comes to gameplay outside the events. It would be cool if there were mega stories that would change course according to sims traits and lifelong choices. It's kind of boring to repeat the same story every time.
  • blockhart93blockhart93 Posts: 14 New Member
    Thanks for the the awesome furniture for a Christmas Gift EA!
  • Shelleyc118Shelleyc118 Posts: 15 New Member
    Can we PLEASE have more land available! Another row or 2 would be perfect. There's quite a few Simmers who would love to have more space for their house/yard 🙂
  • Shelleyc118Shelleyc118 Posts: 15 New Member
    * if there has to be an item limit in your home, could it please be raised. It's really difficult to customise your sims house with the item limit as it is now.

    * And pets (dog/cat) would be a great addition to the game. They could possibly create new hobbies/careers/relationships for our sims.

    * inventories/storage....PLEASE, PLEASE do something with it. We need it to be more organised than it is at the moment. It takes so long to find the item you want and is totally frustrating having to go through every item one by one just to find it.
    I would be happy to do it myself if you give us categories to put them in like there is in the home catalogue 🙂

    Thanks EA 🙂
  • ajonesuk91ajonesuk91 Posts: 2 New Member
    i playing this game it not as same like freeplay sims so what we need a better game more fun.wedding is so hard to done spent me all night to done it.this game need make it better more fun
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