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Sims Mobile Feedback - Suggestions for Improvements



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    Bianc51Bianc51 Posts: 19 Member
    @ayyitsmell What’s funny to me is that these visitors are still in my house!? It’s 2022!!!!! Lol I figured out a trick - If you move an object under the build/buy mode they will disappear or start walking out the house. I noticed they are in my house after I build or buy objects, so they are spy’s at this point.
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    Gamer_34567544Gamer_34567544 Posts: 1,300 Member
    Some things I would love to see -

    -Needs, I think it would add more depth to the game and create more of a challenge compared to my sims just walking around doing nothing.
    -More ways to fill energy, I understand it is a free mobile game so they depend on players making purchases like cupcakes but I think it would bring some players back.
    -Two story housing. The sims free-play had it and I think it would just improve the housing aspect.
    -Less of the time events. I played Sims mobile back when it was a lot more.. carefree. My sims built up relationships and got married and started a family quickly. I left when they added all these timed events because it just added stress if I didn’t get it done in time. I left the game on and off for 2 - 3 years and I’m back but the amount of cupcakes I’ve spent because I don’t want to be up at 3am making sure my sims can complete every event!!

    I second all of this. I also get they want money, but I will watch more ads if I knew it meant more energy. Needs would be great as well! I wish skills were not just hobbies as well- I mean, does everyone who own a stove actually enjoy cooking? They use it because they have to.

    Along with all this, I wish we had more options at the start- ie, instead of a pre-defined home at the start, let us pick- do we want a house or a lot? Then let us make the first home if desired. Also the amount of jobs you can have from the start is incredibly limiting.

    I get it's a mobile game, but at least keep it from becoming too same-old, same-old. Lastly, if you want people to play the game for fun, at least add more energy or completely eliminate the energy system. The lots are already so expensive when you have to pay for them with real money, do you really need the extra from energy? Or make all lots purchasable with Simoleons.
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