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Sims Mobile Feedback - Suggestions for Improvements



  • AnaisNinAnaisNin Posts: 1 New Member
    I’ve been playing Sims Mobile for a while now - I’d taken a break from it for about 6 months because I found there were a lot of difficulties playing the game when it came to earning simoleons, gaining energy for tasks and getting sim cash to buy stuff so I returned to PC version of Sims 3 but I decided to come back to Sims Mobile and much to my dismay, found that things hadn’t improved much. I really think the creators should consider a few things such as;

    - making it easier to gain energy to complete tasks: maybe if there was a way to gain it from making your sim(s) eat? I find that the items that need to be bought to gain more energy (bath, showers etc.) all cost too much simcash and if you can’t afford to play the game with real cash it’s almost impossible to get these items!

    - land extensions and room builds are just way too expensive! I had to save 6,500 simoleons (which can take hours of playing) plus had to get 7 (!) llama zoom tokens just to build another room and that’s after saving near enough the same amount for a land expansion beforehand. Even if it was possible to just save the simoleons and not the llama tokens that would make it a whole lot easier

    - the sweet treat challenges can be fun but it’s so annoying when you save up 400 of those tokens just to get a new colour for an item you’ve already got! It’s hardly worth opening the boxes sometimes - I’d much rather get a cool rare item than a new colour

    - in the other sims games you can sell your objects to make way for new items in turn giving you more simoleons to play with - why is this not a option on the mobile version?! I’d love to sell some of my old stuff that’s lying about in my inventory, even if you could do a swap with other players for something they have that would be great!
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 430 Member
    Can sims have needs? just to add some challenge instead of doing always the same thing. It gets boring! Specially when you finished all the stories.
  • Angla31Angla31 Posts: 2 New Member
    [quote="vintagedoll;c-16484851"]It would be great if they added events like prom, graduation, and afterschool events for teenagerrs and kids. It would also be cool if they added a High school and a primary school.[/quote]

    The Sims should also be able to leave their toddlers in the bed sleep and leave without having to stand their the whole time until the parents want them to wake up.
  • Angla31Angla31 Posts: 2 New Member
    How do you start the sibling rivalry story??
  • Genevieve1808xGenevieve1808x Posts: 1 New Member
    Some things I would love to see -

    -Needs, I think it would add more depth to the game and create more of a challenge compared to my sims just walking around doing nothing.
    -More ways to fill energy, I understand it is a free mobile game so they depend on players making purchases like cupcakes but I think it would bring some players back.
    -Two story housing. The sims free-play had it and I think it would just improve the housing aspect.
    -Less of the time events. I played Sims mobile back when it was a lot more.. carefree. My sims built up relationships and got married and started a family quickly. I left when they added all these timed events because it just added stress if I didn’t get it done in time. I left the game on and off for 2 - 3 years and I’m back but the amount of cupcakes I’ve spent because I don’t want to be up at 3am making sure my sims can complete every event!!
  • Niche0126Niche0126 Posts: 1 New Member
    Would it be possible to have portraits of a retired Sim? So that we could have a Family Hall or something. It would be cool to have Family Generations Gallery Hall. 😊
  • Jennboo74Jennboo74 Posts: 2 New Member
    I didn't get an update to allow me to build a 2nd and 3rd floor. My friends who have iPhones did. Whats up?
  • LissaLissa14LissaLissa14 Posts: 1 New Member
    I love my sims mobile especially the new updates but I would like to know if we can see a few things Like:

    1)sell items we bought but no longer want

    2) babies able to come out of crib and be held or put in a stroller

    3) babies in walkers and walk around the house

    4) schools for sims kids to attend - graduations to celebrate

    5) bathrooms at other facilities (like jobs or restaurants)

    6)adding new sims in each home - it’s kind of weird to add sims in new homes to start a relationship when they are related

    7) New items to buy for homes like washing machines, dryers, ironing board, - I know that you can win these items on the challenges but those are hard to win - make it that we can buy them

    8) I hate when the challenges take your coins to buy a color - if I won the item let me choose the color to buy - this makes me not want to play the challenges

    9) wedding rings for the married sims

    10) other family portraits for wall including - lGraduation & weddings

    Just ideas that I think would be super kool for sims mobile
  • MilabyMilaby Posts: 2 New Member
    I was wondering if anyone knew how to change where we hold parties? We can Havel multiples houses now but can only have a party at our first. How do I fix this? Any help would be appreciated!!
  • KankanKankan Posts: 1 New Member
    This is a great game, I love playing this.
    It would be really nice if we can sell our items, so we can get some coins and empty up our storage.
    And maybe add more ways to gain the sims energy?
    Thanks heaps! :D
  • CalvinCalvin Posts: 2 New Member
    yes it would be nice if can add the sell function, since i bought some guitar in the game which duplicated !!
  • AlienRocAlienRoc Posts: 4 New Member
    I've played The Sims since it first released on PC and Console now on Mobile. With all honesty my biggest love hate would be Sims Mobile. I dont understand not having the same options as PC/Console. My peeve is not being able to sell duplicate inventory too. I dont understand why this isnt an option. Especially with the mini game/challenges. When purchasing/opening boxes to get random prizes is awesome but when you've played the challenge for 3..4days and you spend your earnings to "randomly" get the same item over and over or same item different color..Sims mobile has been available forever now and I dont see why it's an issue to have a Sell/Sell duplicate inventory option.
  • Smurfy_Sim1Smurfy_Sim1 Posts: 7 New Member
    The ability to resell, or gift unused or unwanted inventory items would have aligned perfectly with the eco friendly focus this week in challenges.
    I am level 155 and am getting kind of overwhelmed with my inventory. Even a nice chest to store things in would be good. Reselling unused inventory items would make people’s experiences so much better. Thank you for your time. :)
  • GeysersDeepGeysersDeep Posts: 2 New Member
    Can you add energy improving for more things like eating or watching television?
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 430 Member
    Asking real money for a lot is ridiculous!
  • ltbd78ltbd78 Posts: 2 New Member
    It’s been two years and there still isn’t an option to remove furniture from storage. I have spent $$$ on this game, and I have accumulated tons of furniture I no longer use. Please please PLEASE add the option to remove them from storage (or sell at a discount). Scrolling through the unused items in your storage is a huge inconvenience to your entire player base. I will love this game forever if a dev finally implement this.
  • PrimroseFlamePrimroseFlame Posts: 1 New Member
    Amongst many of these suggestions which I find very relatable, I wish we could change our home lot where we can throw parties. I've built 4 homes now but I can only throw a party at my original home. What is the point on improving and expanding new land grab avenues if we cannot show them off at a party? I'm more fond of my newest home that I spent a lot of time and money to build and I can only throw a party at my first home.
  • SuperT259SuperT259 Posts: 22 Member
    I agree with all of these but also think that you should be able to leave an event once you've started it.
  • Maluma0214Maluma0214 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi I am really addicted to this game. Hopefully you will bring back the Modern Luxe events. I missed the chance of getting this wonderful items epecially Lux rush water feature and the floating fireplace. And hopefully in the future you will added new feature like balcony and New hobbies like painting, sewing and crafting. This will help us Sim players to be more engage to the game. Thank you ❤️🙏🏻
  • CausingNickel0CausingNickel0 Posts: 19 Member
    According to me all the basic interactions with objects like using fridge, dancing to the music or watching movies should be awarded with small amount of XP or simoleons. Even 1 XP would be enough. It would be great because right now using objects has no point, they are all like decorations. The game wouldn’t be so dead. Only things making sense are events currently.
  • Mr_simbot_225Mr_simbot_225 Posts: 47 Member
    Being able to to disable aging and no need for a quest for marrying also I want to keep my kids as kids forever
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