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Sims Mobile Feedback - Suggestions for Improvements



  • niteshadowniteshadow Posts: 2 New Member
    So for hobbies, why isn't gardening an option? We already have the items in game to use, wouldn't that be an easy new hobby to introduce? On the note of new hobbies, what about one for painting and one for drawing? I feel like those are some basic Sims skills that I really wish were incorporated into the mobile game.

    For careers, could we get a plumber? The career could send you around town fixing sinks, sort of how the secret agent career moves you around a bit. I know it's not as "dreamy" as the other careers, but it's a semi-easy add and it's a very important and often overlooked career path.
    I kind of hope they open another part of town, but in it they have career options like police officer, teacher, etc. Once they did rocket scientist and secret agent I was at a loss for how many other extravagant careers they could come up with and then it made me think about how much I appreciated the barista career, it was a humble beginning.

    All that aside, I am really loving that they changed the inventory! Back in March I had posted about my dream of a set up with categories, when I logged in and saw that my dream came true I was thrilled! Now, if they could just add one more tab so that all the special items that get used for events/fill up can be found there, that would be great. It took me a bit to remember it was a vase I needed to get out for the luxury event.

    Let's talk relationships. You seriously can't tell who is related to who by interactions. They treat each other equally, which I find weird. Shouldn't couples be flirty when left on their own? Or, shouldn't they be interacting with their kids freely? Often when I log in, the kids are banished to a corner somewhere and the adults are conversing.
  • Snowdrop18Snowdrop18 Posts: 36 Member
    LlamaZoom is still awful. Quests should not require LlamaZoom. I refuse any that do.
  • Sweet_Arrionna_01Sweet_Arrionna_01 Posts: 1 New Member
    I wish the children could do things in the city. Also that “Item Limit” thing!!!!!! Ugggh..... 🙄 why offer all this neat stuff we can’t place in our house???? Isn’t that a large part of the game?
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