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Sims Mobile Feedback - Suggestions for Improvements


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    niteshadowniteshadow Posts: 2 New Member
    So for hobbies, why isn't gardening an option? We already have the items in game to use, wouldn't that be an easy new hobby to introduce? On the note of new hobbies, what about one for painting and one for drawing? I feel like those are some basic Sims skills that I really wish were incorporated into the mobile game.

    For careers, could we get a plumber? The career could send you around town fixing sinks, sort of how the secret agent career moves you around a bit. I know it's not as "dreamy" as the other careers, but it's a semi-easy add and it's a very important and often overlooked career path.
    I kind of hope they open another part of town, but in it they have career options like police officer, teacher, etc. Once they did rocket scientist and secret agent I was at a loss for how many other extravagant careers they could come up with and then it made me think about how much I appreciated the barista career, it was a humble beginning.

    All that aside, I am really loving that they changed the inventory! Back in March I had posted about my dream of a set up with categories, when I logged in and saw that my dream came true I was thrilled! Now, if they could just add one more tab so that all the special items that get used for events/fill up can be found there, that would be great. It took me a bit to remember it was a vase I needed to get out for the luxury event.

    Let's talk relationships. You seriously can't tell who is related to who by interactions. They treat each other equally, which I find weird. Shouldn't couples be flirty when left on their own? Or, shouldn't they be interacting with their kids freely? Often when I log in, the kids are banished to a corner somewhere and the adults are conversing.
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    Snowdrop18Snowdrop18 Posts: 36 Member
    LlamaZoom is still awful. Quests should not require LlamaZoom. I refuse any that do.
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    Sweet_Arrionna_01Sweet_Arrionna_01 Posts: 1 New Member
    I wish the children could do things in the city. Also that “Item Limit” thing!!!!!! Ugggh..... 🙄 why offer all this neat stuff we can’t place in our house???? Isn’t that a large part of the game?
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    GodivaDayGodivaDay Posts: 10 New Member
    [quote="Genzza;c-16528465"][b]I love the sims mobile game.Reading the forums i agree we should be able to purchase the hot tub. I would love to have that.It also give people who are just joining the game to have it also Aims mobile needs some more female hairstyles and up to date clothng. Club wear,casual,better office attire.I hate the boots with the suit for the female lawyer...really plum.[/b][/quote]
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    J2900000J2900000 Posts: 2 New Member
    It’s been mentioned a lot but surely if we could place unlimited items around our homes and gardens there would be more incentive to win items in quests and purchase items from the catalogue/ expand etc? I love my house as it is and I don’t want to have to reduce the amount of items when I get new things- I just want to add to it! Dreading having to decide what to put into inventory when I decorate for Halloween and Christmas :( it just doesn’t make sense to have a limit!
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    BaglamukhiBaglamukhi Posts: 38 Member
    And until improvements are made, me and alot of others will not play.
    I just uninstalled. I'm done with the plum of this money hungry, time waster game.

    sis snapped
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    OribaOriba Posts: 41 Member
    edited September 2019
    Prices are way too high! Some suggestions for improvements:

    First of all I want to say that I really love Sims Mobile!

    But the prices are way too expensive! And there are no good ways to earn Sim Cash!

    I have already spend over 50 €, which is more then game The Sims 4 would cost. And this is just a Handy-Game! However this is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are so many other items and game content that can only be bought with Sim Cash. And Sim Cash means Real Money. But all the items and Sim Cash are just way too expensive.

    Therefore I think this game really must be more player-friendly. We should be able to play all the content, and to earn all, or at least most items without the need of paying (that much) Real Money!

    Therefore I suggest:

    - Jobs and Hobbies and Game Content
    It should be possible to receive all Jobs and Hobbies and Game Content without the need of spending Sim Cash!

    - Reduce the cost
    Drastically reduce the cost for rooms, items such as Hot Tube, and so on.
    Furthermore drastically reduce the cost for Sim Cash.

    - There should be more and better special offers for Sim Cash in the Shop.
    Give us offers where we can get 2 or 3 times as much Sim Cash, for the regualr price.

    - All or at least most Items that cost Sim Cash should also be available for Simoleons and / or Llama Zoom Tickets.

    - Daily changing offers
    Several (5 – 10) daily changing offers for items, rooms, and so on, where we can save up to 80%.
    For these special offers, there should be a new area at the Furniture Collection.

    - We should be able to earn some Sim Cash daily.
    This could be given to us as a Daily Login Bonus

    For each day that we log into the game, we will get 5 Sim Cash.
    On day 7 we will get 5 Sim Cash and 5 Common Heirlooms in addition.
    On day 14 we will get 5 Sim Cash and 5 Uncommon Heirlooms in addition.
    On day 21 we will get 5 Sim Cash and 5 Rare Heirlooms in addition.
    On day 28 we will get 5 Sim Cash and 5 Fashion Gems for Izzy’s Shop in addition.

    After day 28 this Login Bonus will reset, so that we will start from day 1 again.
    This Login-Bonus repeats endlessly.

    It is also possible that we would have to watch a commercial video first to obtain the Daily Login Bonus.

    - Level Bonus past Level 50
    After reaching the Max Level 50 we are not able to earn Sim Cash via leveling.
    This should be changed like this:

    After reaching Max Level 50 the Star that shows our Level and the Experience Bar both change color to visualize the new Level Mode.
    The Experience Bar drops to 0%, and we are now able to level from Level 49 to Level 50 again. This goes endlessly. And after each Level Up we receive 10 Sim Cash as reward.
    Nevertheless the Star still symbolizes our Max Level 50. This will not change.

    All in all, this is similar to some MMO Mechanics where you can still receive rewards after hitting Max Level.
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    SelenaSimsMobileSelenaSimsMobile Posts: 11 New Member
    What if instead of Llamazoom tickets, we got a cool item? Like every day, Emily would come and be like "Hey, if you complete this task you get a BBQ" Or a hot tub. But cool stuff. And you know what it is before you start so you can say "Nah, I don't feel like earning an apple cider press. I'll wait until tomorrow so I can see what the cool item is then". Like does anybody care if they get repeats of cool items if they know what it'll be in advance? Or maybe you don't know what you're going to get, but you get 3 items to choose from every time you complete it.
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    AraVindhAraVindh Posts: 2 New Member
    I wanna state my idea, in layman's terms. Since many are frustrated about the probability prospects embedded in the game's code, if there could be a [b]MINI GAME[/b] for the [i]Risk actions[/i], which could enable the tough but fair aspect. It could make the gameplay more and more enjoyable and revolutionise the standard which the SIMS mobile already have. :)
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    XwhirledXwhirled Posts: 2 New Member
    Can someone explain how Izzy’s is used? I’ve created items with him but can’t seem to be able to find it or wear it? Is it because he creates it for another gender and his items cannot be saved to the closet? Thanks!
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    XwhirledXwhirled Posts: 2 New Member
    Actually never mind. I just found it!
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    Simmer889Simmer889 Posts: 23 Member
    An improvement I wish to see is that sims transferred to other players’ household carry over their good upbringing trait.
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    TannerLiteTannerLite Posts: 13 New Member
    If generosity is to be shown anywhere, I feel like when you turn in life tickets for a chest with a new perm, it’s fine to tier them based on rarity per chest, but it takes a lifetime to accrue purple tickets and awhile for blue and this is the third time I have redeemed a pack of 25 purple tickets that gave me a duplicate to sell for 2 blue that is literally the biggest joke ever, not rewarding for the time you took collecting at all !
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    SelenaSimsMobileSelenaSimsMobile Posts: 11 New Member
    Some of the newer updates are ridiculous. We have to buy separate colours, paying for each one. For outfits, we literally have to pay the same amount for each colour of a new outfit. Like the full price. And the Sweet Treat Showdown is so boring and barely gives us any good rewards. I got the new yoga ball and it's literally just a SEAT IN THE SHAPE OF A BALL. I love some of the items with cool actions that we got from the old team in charge of the Sims Mobile, why can't we just have the old team back? The events we used to get were so fun, like the garden one and the old Christmas one and the Halloween one. And there's no way to earn Simcash consistently in-game from normal gameplay. Why can't they just get rid of the llamazoom tickets, make Simcash only for skipping timers, and give us fun (non-repetitive) events that give us cool rewards instead of random stuff?
    I did appreciate them letting us buy more of things we got from Sweet Treat Showdowns , this way we don't have mismatched junk.
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    SimlaSimla Posts: 1 New Member
    > @ForumExplorer said:
    > Heres an idea!
    > Maybe don't scam people by giving them the same item over and over from an event list. I'm done.
    > Oh wait! But everyone is still waiting for the mailbox to be moveable.
    > Hint: the developers don't even listen to your feedback and have no intention of changing for our convenience!
    > WAKE UP true, its time for a reality check.
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    RachelewRachelew Posts: 5 New Member
    It would be nice if each lot you could have different spots for playable sims and be able to switch and controls more of them. Maybe a have the option to have more lots too.
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    godfaeriegodfaerie Posts: 1 New Member
    Expertise in cooking/upgraded kitchen appliances should give energy to the sims consuming the meals, similar to how the items in the bed and bath give more energy as better onesare acquired.

    additional hobbies: horticulture, fishing, drumming, painting/sculpture, marksmanship, travel,
    additional jobs: band musician, farmer/fisher, interior design, repairs/construction, militia/law enforcement, travel agent,
    optional relationships: polyamory, gender fluidity/identity, pets
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    GodivaDayGodivaDay Posts: 10 New Member
    For the different careers, it would be nice to dress my Sim in some of the options that are available. Like that boring gray uniform the Sims wear in the cafe, there are different options offered but when you change your sim and send them back to work, it's that same gray. Please make changeble.
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    PhurphatnessPhurphatness Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi all I’m new here. I’ve only been playing for a short while and now the game is getting a bit mundane. I’ve reached the maximum careers that are available and have to wait until an opportunity arises in the store or an event comes along to try something new. I find that connection to network error is quite frequent. I have to quit the app and start it again to avoid the error message (IOS on phone and tablet are up to date).

    It would be cool if the children could have a childlike life, play with other kids, have toys and the like to play with and interaction with other siblings in the household.
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    biggyyilarbiggyyilar Posts: 1 New Member
    I feel like the parties are bugged. I can't invite my friend's Sim to my party. She is added as my friend but I also can't get her party invitation. It'🐸🐸🐸🐸 really frustrating really. If there is a kind soul out here, can you add both EFUR3JG as my sim and VAYHYNM as my friend. Then invite us both to your party. I know I ask for too much but I'm really out of options and my sanity not in a good place because of this situation 🙄 I would be very indebted to you if you do so 😊
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    Kylie113Kylie113 Posts: 2 New Member
    I just wonder how can I place more furnitures. I bought my fifth land and it’s so vast and I want to build a larger house to hold an interesting party. But when I almost finished my new house, it told me I can’t place more furnitures because of the limits. So now I have to stop continuing building my house. Are there any solutions to solve the problem?
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    Bianc51Bianc51 Posts: 19 Member
    I’m really a Sims 4 player (My favorite franchise is Sims 2 :) ) but I started playing sims mobile and left it for a few years. They did add some decent updates, but they are still slacking on some other items. I probably have higher standards due to me playing 10-12 years, so mobile needs to catch up:

    1. Why does the land expansion cost so much? I feel each time you level up you should earn land. It takes forever to complete tasks without using your own money or the alternative is staying up all night turning into a zombie. :'(

    2. Add more flooring and paint options. It’s been the same colors since I’ve been playing.

    3. Update the outfits and shutdown Izzy’s Fashion Shop. He gives you the same tired outfits and his color combinations are last year.

    4. The Lama Truck needs to get a flat tire. We are tired of her stopping by the house and asking us to do her dirty work. Please give us different challenges. I only do it if I have to, and that’s rare.

    5. Increase the party limit. You give us 50 friends but only 2 parties a day? That’s crazy.

    6. Give us pets. The fish and hamster aren’t enough. A dog or cat would be nice or a bird flying around.

    7. More window and door options. There’s no variety in the sizes and the heights don’t match - It would be nice to adjust the height for objects and walls.

    8. The Sweet Baking Showdown Challenges - They don’t bother me, but they could use a facelift. If anything you use more money and if you like the objects, you’ll complete the challenges. I just wish that wasn’t the only time we could win special objects (almost for free).

    Thanks for letting me rant! <3
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    XxMelXxMel Posts: 2 New Member
    I’m not sure how others feel about it, but I would like to see some improvements regarding NPCs. Because in a previous generation I’ve married an NPC from a workplace, now there is no NPC there anymore, making that career almost undoable because the NPC is required for risky actions. So personally, I would like to see this fixed, as well as a turnover of NPCs in the world (to marry for instance). Currently only the NPCs that are there are from the first generation and they are all elderly. Let them dissapear and make space for new, young NPCs, just like in the Sims games ;)
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    FirstandlastloveFirstandlastlove Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi!It would be great if we have more available customizations for our house.Maybe we could have stairs/elevators,able to add more floors to our house and basements!It would also be cool if we can open our own business!We could build it at our lot or at the town!For example:Salon,Convenience Store,Fast food chain,bakery,etc.And more hairstyles,clothes,facial customizatiions for our sims!
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    RachelewRachelew Posts: 5 New Member
    It would be nice if you could send things to other people you are friends with like sims cash, money and furniture
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