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Decades Challenge

Just looking to chat about the decades challenge! Interested to know how it's going for others that are trying out this challenge! I'm currently on the second generation and really enjoying it!


  • GeniusSimmerGirlGeniusSimmerGirl Posts: 22 Member
    hello!! I am only on the first generation but currently taking a break. My sims, Charles and Mary Griffin (adults), have 5 kids! Thomas, a teen, Ethel, a teen, Clara, a child, Emma, a toddler, and Anna, a toddler. 4 girls and 1 boy! What about you? Who are your sims?
  • rubahlubarubahluba Posts: 119 Member
    I'm also taking a break because I'm doing the not so berry challenge on my channel. I used the name Clara for my second generation too!! I'm currently in the 1930s with my challenge (the great depression!) which is really fun but challenging. My Sims Edith and Paul have three kids (Gloria, Richard, and Ronald) and right now they are living without power and water because they can't pay their bills. It's part of the challenge for the men to lose their jobs in the 1930s. It's so fun! You can check out my challenge on my Youtube Channel if you're interested!
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