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Sim The Music Challenge

Sim The Music Challenge

This is a challenge I thought of yesterday, I don't think I've seen any challenges like it, but it sounds fun
to me so I thought I'd post it to see if anyone else wants to give it a try.

1. You have to make 8 different Sims,their gender or occult choice does not matter, but the following rules
MUST be followed. You are allowed to have one pet Sim, choose it wisely.

2. You must select a song from 8 different decades, each song being from a different song genre. (Please do
not choose a song with profanity, let's try and keep it PG. Innuendo is ok, just no strong language.) You can't
repeat a genre or decade once it is used.

3. Each song must have a Sim custom made around your interpretation of what the song is telling you when you listen to it.
How it makes you feel, a special memory of someone, whatever the music tells you. It's about how you interpret the songs,
there's no wrong answer, just enjoy the music while you think about what you want that Sim to look like.

4. When you are finished with your music Sims, be sure to list your songs and which Sim is with which song in the description.
Add the hashtags #sims4 #simthemusic #challenge #thenubalicious #bobsquad . Add your gallery ID as a hashtag also. You can add any
other hashtags you like, but these need to be included with your Sims. Name your gallery entry Music Sims A
(You will see why in a minute).

5. No custom content is allowed in this challenge. All game packs, stuff packs and expansion packs can be used.

Ok, you have you 8 Sims now based off of different songs spanning the decades. Now for the fun part!

Now you must build a house for your 8 Sims! Any lot is acceptable, let your imagination go wild BUT...

A few things have to be implemented into the house.

1. No custom content can be used, but all packs can be used. Debug and other locked items can be used also.

2. No more than 2 Sims to a bedroom when creating the bedrooms.

3. Each Sim's song genre must be represented in the house. Meaning each Sim must have a recognizable area
in the house that can be related back to the Sim and their song or song type.

4. The house must flow and not be disjointed, decoration is key to getting your Sim's genre or song across
in the house. If you have 2 Sims share a bedroom, make sure either the room is neutral and they are represented somewhere
else in the house, or make sure to equally share the room and designate their sleeping areas to represent their songs while
flowing with their roommate's song also.

5. There's no budget, see what you can do - go crazy! When you finish your home, list your songs again as you did when you made your
8 Sims in the description.

6. When you are finished add the hashtags #sims4 #simthemusic #challenge #thenubalicious #bobsquad . Add your gallery ID as a hashtag also.
You can add any other hashtags you like, but these need to be included with your house. Name your gallery
entry Music Sims B. Now if someone downloads your 8 Sims labeled Music Sims A they will know to look on your
profile for their house labeled Music Sims B.

The challenge in this challenge will be finding a different genre song for so many different decades, then making a home for them
all that is cohesive and joins the different genres and decades together in one happy home.

I hope you have fun with this challenge, I created it to help spread music awareness of all different kinds of
music to different generations, and for people to give music a try that they have never really listened to before.
You never know, you may find something new you love.

If you can't do all 8 Sims, make as many as you can, and make your house accordingly. Just remember to have fun,
and feel the music! Can't wait to see any submissions, thank you for trying my challenge!


  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,903 Member
    Certainly an interesting challenge, I don't have the time to jump into it right now, but I like it.
  • Muddy_RainbootsMuddy_Rainboots Posts: 44 Member
    Sounds fun, I'll test it out.

    It was an accident! I swear!
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,727 Member
    Definitely sounds cool.
  • LyraTrishaLyraTrisha Posts: 122 Member
    Love CAS and Music, so hope i can find 8 no dedcade/genre same songs that I can use for this. will totally look into my favorite songs list and figure that out.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,774 Member
    Interesting... I don't know enough about music to do it, but is it okay if I create a different version of this for something different? I was thinking like, Disney Movies or something.
  • LyraTrishaLyraTrisha Posts: 122 Member

    Does music from videogames, movies, tv, and anime count for this at all?

    If they do is it one for each counts; you will count videogames as a genre, movies/tv as a genre, and anime as a genre; you will count videogames as a genre, movies as a genre, and anime/tv as a genre; only one from any of them counts but then you can't use a song from the other three.

    P.S. for some reason I consider tv and cartoons the same category, but if you want to count them as separate and give me an option base on that, feel free. your challenge.
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