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Family Portrait - Simpler Frame

PegasysPegasys Posts: 1,033 Member
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Hey all,

I love the new family portrait - downloaded from the link @Zeldaboy180 had provided in this thread - but hate the frame.

In fact I was so motivated that I downloaded Blender and redid the mesh (using another Maxis painting as the basis). This is my first time remeshing an object, but I think it turned out decent enough, so I'm making it available for anyone to upload. It will not override the existing family portrait. It includes a handful of swatches.

Here is a picture of it. It is still huge but can easily resized with the downsize cheat.


And here is a picture of it with a different swatch and resized:


Here's the download link:

Updated 8/18/18 - Moved file to simfileshare

If there is a problem please let me know!
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