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Hey everyone!

Once again I'm back with a challenge, a Selection Challenge! Some of you might know my "Batman needs love, too" Selection Challenge where I twisted the rules a bit. This time I will try my best to follow the rules. Again, this will be the Die-Hard version and I will accept up to 18 women.


You can find the ALL the rules via the link above but here are the ones that I think are most important:
  • Contestants will be eliminated immediatelly if they fight (physically) with another contestant.
  • Contestants will be eliminated immediatelly if they are mean or rude to the prince.
  • Contestants will be eliminated immediatelly if they turn down a date request from the prince.

These are the rules that I will try to follow this time. Of course there are other rules, too.


As I said above, this challenge holds 18 women. Please fill out this form and post it on the thread. One or more pictures of your sim would be great! :)

Your Gallery ID: [So I can find your sim(s)]
Age: [in numbers/only young adults!]
Town: [one from the Sims 4]
Occupation: [the sim is NOT allowed to have a job in game but for the story you can give them a job, also ones that are not available in the game]
Traits: [I highly recommend to spare Loner and Jealous except you want drama ;) ]
Biography: [what has happened in your sim's life so far?/family/pets(don't include them in the household]/why do you apply here?/etc.]
CC List: [ONLY Maxis Match and only hair and clothes because I don't like skins and stuff xD DO NOT FORGET TO ADD A LINK!]

Some important things to add:
  • Everyday: try to make your sim(s) look classy. It's a royal challenge.
  • Formal: full length gowns are preferred :)
  • Party 1st outfit: again, try to make it look classy (maybe add a hat and use decent colors)
  • Party 2n outfit: a costume (from the halloween pack) [if you don't know how to give your sim a second outfit in a category feel free to ask me :) ]

You can use all packs because I'm addicted to TS4 and have everything.

Also, if you want your sim(s) to have a secret the readers shouldn't know about until it's revealed, just PM me and I'll add it to my notes :)

I will add the Meteor Eyes to all the sims. They look like this: (just so you know)


This is Logan F. Darlington!

Aspiration: Soulmate
Traits: Romantic, Loves the Outdoors, Outgoing

Notes: I'm not sure yet if I will write the challenge in a story like I usually do. With 18 girls it's A LOT to write! My bachelorette challenge is still not finished (7 chapters left) so this challenge will definitely NOT start before the other one is over. You have plenty of time to submit a sim or more.

Last but not least: When you submit a sim please try to follow the challenge as their might be ocassions where I will involve you :)

I'm looking forward to see your beautiful sims! <3


1) Maribel Pagan @DeKay
2) Jess Monroe @Kamio
3) Arabella Thorne @Brei714
4) Madeline (Maddie) Stone @SoulGal7
5) Phaedra Nasri @Munterbacon
6) Teagan Baker @kittymeow
7) Olivia Nevraski @ilibbygwenwilliams
8) Anika Gao @ilibbygwenwilliams
9) Siri Narir @LegacySims2017
10) Thora Shinigami @VanPelt81
11) Elodi Gibbs @Tezzie7645
12) Madison-Rose Drake @Toolio18
13) Genevieve Leone @Kvelvet
14) Valhalla Rushing @Irishsong
15) Mira Prinz @MINEZ
16) my creation
17) my creation
18) my creation
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  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 44,039 Member
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    Your Gallery ID: DeKaythePUNK
    Name: Maribel Pagan
    Age: 25
    Town: San Myshuno
    Occupation: Veterinarian
    Aspiration: Knowledge
    Traits: Art lover, Cat Lover, Music Lover
    Biography: Maribel loves art and poetry and is always hungry for knowledge. Maribel grew up with her parents but her father left the family when she was 14. Ever since then, Maribel's mother has been her role model and Maribel aspires to be strong and determined just like her mom. Maribel studied hard to get a scholarship for college so she did not have to burden her mother with the fees. She managed to go to college and had just graduated with a Literature degree. She is also a budding musician but to make ends meet, she has to be a veterinarian for the time being.

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    My origin ID: DeKaythePUNK
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    Ooooooh! I have the perfect girl for this!!! So keen :smile:
    Simming since 2001!! Origin ID: KamioMax

  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 10,999 Member
    @DeKay Maribel is gorgeous! :love:

    @Kamio Can't wait to see her :)
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,056 Member
    I know what yoy mean when you say playing by the rules looks more fun. I'm such a push ovee for my sims' wishes, I've probably broken every rule.
  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 10,999 Member
    Irishsong wrote: »
    I know what yoy mean when you say playing by the rules looks more fun. I'm such a push ovee for my sims' wishes, I've probably broken every rule.

    I didn't change the rules to the wishes that much but I mainly used the bachelor rules ^^ The first Selection Challenge was more of a large Bachelor Challenge :D
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    @Sonschi - With the 1st Party outfit are you after a short or long dress? Are we thinking like a high tea outfit or ball gown?
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    Double post??? Weird!!
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  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,085 Member
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    Jess Monroe ~ "I believe in love... always."


    Your Gallery ID: KamioMax
    Name: Jess Monroe
    Age: 21
    Town: Windenberg
    Occupation: Student
    Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
    Traits: Creative, Cheerful, Family Oriented
    Biography: Jess is a twin and she has never done ANYTHING without her sister Georgie at her side. She is so excited for this experience. It was her mother that encourage her to apply. Jess has lived a very happy, carefree life and though she likes to pretend that she had a rather typical upbringing she is ignorant to the cruel side of life and struggles with very common ideas and concepts - like a 9-5 job. Her mother was a lady who lunched and her dad - when he was called away on business was gone from early in the morning and didn't return until very late in the evening. Having an idilic upbringing Jess was free to pursue more creative leanings and is a skilled piano player, violinist and orator... though her true passion lies in her paints. Jess longs for the loving, kind and tender marriage she saw modeled by her parents and would love to have a big family of her own one day.
    CC List: There is none! Though she may still appear until CC coz I have a fair bit in my own game.
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  • Brei714Brei714 Posts: 133 Member
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    I think will make a sim for this if that's okay?

    And I think Maribel and Jess look great by the way!

    EDIT: Here is my sim.


    Your Gallery ID: Brei714
    Name: Arabella Thorne
    Age: 22
    Town: Willow Creek
    Occupation: Party Planner
    Aspiration: Party Animal
    Traits: Perfectionist, Outgoing, Cheerful
    Biography: Arabella is the daughter of a Scientist and a Chef, her father on a constant quest for aliens while her mother preferred to seek out the recipe for the perfect pie through trial and error. She was the oldest of several children and often took it upon herself to help her mother in the kitchen or the garden. As she grew she developed a love of parties, throwing rather fancy events for her siblings birthdays while still keeping within the family budget. One of her mothers friends heard about her talent and had her plan a wedding, this led to her career as a party planner. Despite loving a good party Arabella is far from frivolous, instead she enjoys working with what she has and making the most of it. Her cheerful and friendly nature makes her rather easy to get along with for most people, she finds it easy to make friends and is always happy to help them out if need be. However she also practices the art of saying no from time to time as she is a perfectionist who knows her limits, if she cannot give her best on a project then she often will direct people to someone who can instead.
    CC List: None
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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,321 Member
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    Your Gallery ID: SoulGal7
    Name: Madeline (Maddie) Stone
    Age: 21
    Town: Oasis Springs
    Occupation: Works in the gift shop at the museum
    Aspiration: Friend of the World
    Traits: Goofball, Foodie, Dance Machine
    Madeline Stone - Maddie - is an only child. Maddie's mother died when she was just a baby, and her father, Reginald Stone, tried to raise her as best he could. Of course, as a famed archaeologist, he took Maddie on digs all around the world. But as she was getting older, it seemed that Maddie was more interested in following her father on dig sites than going on dates. She was a bit of a tomboy. So, being the good father that he was, and only wanting the best for Maddie, her father signed her up for the Selection Challenge, and a chance to meet and possibly marry a prince! Imagine that! And it seemed only natural that this might happen, as Maddie's favorite color was purple. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, which is so much like the personality of Maddie. And isn't purple the color of royalty?
    No cc.
    Link to Gallery: Maddie Stone


  • MunterbaconMunterbacon Posts: 4,892 Member
    Your Gallery ID: Munter_Bacon or here's the link.
    Name: Phaedra Nasri
    Age: 24
    Town: Selvadorada
    Occupation: Extremely bad Bartender
    Aspiration: Archaeology Scholar
    Traits: Self-Assured | Art Lover | Loves Outdoors

    Biography: Originally from Al Simhara, Phaedra left the comfort of her luxurious life, as the daughter of an oil baron in order to become a Master Archaeologist and Explorer. Unfortunately, this was forbidden to her by her father, so she must accomplish this goal without the aid of her family wealth - Study at Oxford (or Sims-related equivalent) is out of the question, perhaps she could get an apprenticeship from the famous Fox Fever? Maybe if she had the money to go on one of his expeditions and impress him, but as it stands, not a chance.

    So what's the next, next, next best option? Make drinks at the bar and live vicariously through all the travellers and local myths. One of them recently talked about some kind of Selection Challenge, to win the heart of some Prince, could this be the answer to all her problems?

    Origin ID: Munter_Bacon
    Ironbound (end of season break) | STRIKE! (currently updating) | The Colours of my Heart (on hiatus)
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    I'll add a girl! :)
    Click the picture to go to Jetset!
  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 6,361 Member
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    Your Gallery ID: Sophaloaf123
    Name: Teagan Baker
    Age: 23
    Town: Willow Creek
    Occupation: Wedding Planner
    Aspiration: Big Happy Family
    Traits: Romantic, Cat Lover, Family Orientated
    Biography: Teagan is a kind-hearted and loving girl, she cares a lot for others. She grew up in a loving family in Willow Creek which is where she still lives, near her parents house. Teagan's looks up to her parents, she has always admired seeing how in love and how strong their relationship is, which is the main reason she decided to become a wedding planner, there's nothing better than witnessing a person's love for another.
    Her dream is to meet her true love and have a big happy family, there is nothing more that she could want. Being an only child she felt there was something missing in her life, she longed to have a sibling which us why she would like a few kids so they have eachother.

    Being a huge cat lover, Teagan of course has her own kitty called Mitten's, who she loves dearly. She only hopes that if she and the Prince hit it off that he likes cats or there might be a problem...

    CC List: Hair , Dress

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  • ilibbygwenwilliamsilibbygwenwilliams Posts: 40 Member
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    i'm so excited for this! all the girls look so good!
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  • ilibbygwenwilliamsilibbygwenwilliams Posts: 40 Member
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    Your Gallery ID: libbygwen_xoxo
    Name: Olivia Nevrakis
    Age: 23
    Town: Windenberg
    Occupation: Olivia is the daughter of a world renown surgeon, making her able to live life to the fullest without working a day in it. Fancy how that works!
    Aspiration: Mansion Baron
    Traits: Snob, Romantic, & Jealous
    Biography: It was a dreadful midnight, the rain and thunder cracking like a whip; however, over all of those distractions, an infant's cry could be heard. There she lay in her crib, squealing with fists clenched and a face as red as a ripened tomato. Minutes passed, then hours, when the crying finally ceased. Though the rain still poured, she was wrapped in the arms of not her father, but a blood-related member. Tears other than her own dripped on her clothing, and she was taken away from that house, never to remember the nightmare it held inside.

    Many years later, the strong-willed and stubborn Olivia found her place in a mansion, surrounded by people waiting on her every need and orchids that cost more than the average high-end purse. In Windenberg, her and her family are some of the most influential citizens there. Her father is more liked than her mother, but he is the main doctor for the city and those surrounding it. Olivia and her mother, on the other hand, are the ones people tend to steer clear of- for the exact reasons you might think.

    Now, it's her chance to really take power and expand over her family's enterprise. With the crown, there would be so many advances she could make, but a husband would be nice too? Okay, maybe she isn't so worried about the 'finding a man' portion, but there's definitely more to her than meets the eye.

    CC List: hopefully this works?


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  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 10,999 Member
    Thank you all for the submissions. They all are beautiful! <3

    I've tried all the CC links and they work so far :)

    @Kamio I'm sorry I wasn't around to answer your question early. It doesn't matter if it's a long or short dress :) Whatever you think is best for your sim for this ocassion is okay :)
  • ilibbygwenwilliamsilibbygwenwilliams Posts: 40 Member
    @Sonschi I'm so glad to see all the CC works! Olivia has a lot on her right now, so I was trying to see what the easiest way to get it to you was. Thank you so much! I'm planning on posting another character here soon if that's okay?
  • NyteRoseNyteRose Posts: 746 Member
    @Sonschi This looks interesting. Are vampires allowed? If not, I can create another Sim but already have one in mind...
  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 10,999 Member
    @Sonschi I'm so glad to see all the CC works! Olivia has a lot on her right now, so I was trying to see what the easiest way to get it to you was. Thank you so much! I'm planning on posting another character here soon if that's okay?

    I haven't downloaded the CC yet and tried it in game but the link to it (the folder) works :) I guess there shouldn't be any problems.
    NyteRose wrote: »
    @Sonschi This looks interesting. Are vampires allowed? If not, I can create another Sim but already have one in mind...

    Vampires are hard to play in such challenges because of the dates and events outside at day time :/ I prefer normal sims but if your vampire can be outside without getting burned to death then it's ok.
  • ilibbygwenwilliamsilibbygwenwilliams Posts: 40 Member
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    Your Gallery ID: libbygwen_xoxo
    Name: Anika Gao
    Age: 22
    Town: San Myshuno
    Occupation: Private Tutor
    Aspiration: Big Happy Family
    Traits: Bookworm, Good, & Gloomy
    Biography: Anika Gao is of Spanish and Asian decent, her father originating from China and her mother from Spain. She's an interesting breed, earning the brown hair and darker skin tone of her mother, with most of the remaining from her father. Both of her parents are professors at the university, so naturally Anika followed in their footsteps, sort of. As much as she wants to be like her parents, the schooling appears a bit too much for her to handle. As of now, she helps a few home schooled children with their studies.

    Anika is a shy, but old-soul. She'll do what she must to be polite and professional, but you might not see her going out of her way much to talk to someone. When she gets comfortable with them, she might comply, but as of now, it might take her a while to make a couple of friends here and there.

    CC List: here you go!

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  • NyteRoseNyteRose Posts: 746 Member
    @Sonschi That's okay. Maybe next time :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 2,741 Member
    Your Gallery ID: LegacySims2017
    Name: Siri Narir ( Tags: #SelectionChallenge #Sonschi #LegacySims2017 )
    Age: 25
    Town: San Myshuno
    Occupation: Musician - plays the piano
    Aspiration: City Native
    Traits: Active, Music Lover, Outgoing
    CC List: No CC used
    Biography: Born and raised in San Myshuno, Siri followed in the footsteps of both her parents as she grew up. Her father was into karate and her mother was a violinist. She took up martial arts as a hobby and music as a profession as she got older. Now she's a well known pianist in San Myshuno. She loves to play at the festivals when hired. Siri wants to have a family as well. She's ready to find that perfect someone and settle down.

    Siri saw at one of the festivals that a Prince is looking for his perfect match and is having a contest. Is royalty something that is meant for Siri? She is about to find out.

    Added Notes: Siri has 5 Everyday Outfits, 5 Formal Outfits, 2 Activewear Outfits, 1 Sleepwear Outfit, 5 Party Outfits (1 is a costume), and 1 Swimwear Outfit (used 2 slots though, second has sunglasses)
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,085 Member
    Wow! I am loving all of the submissions so far!!! Everyone is so imaginative! I can’t wait to see this start!
    Simming since 2001!! Origin ID: KamioMax

  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 10,999 Member
    @NyteRose Alright :)

    @ilibbygwenwilliams @LegacySims2017 Your sims look great! Thanks for the submissions :)

    @Kamio It will take some time to start this challenge. I need to finish my bachelorette first :sweat_smile:
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