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Sophisticated Man

Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 8,189 Member
We have had a lot of female and mixed age and gender comps just lately so I thought I'd open a first cycle of a male version of "Sophisticated Style" called "Sophisticated Man". I will launch this in a couple of weeks but you can reserve now if you'd like to be part of this male competition


This competition is all about class and sophistication. To dress classy is all about elegance, sophistication, grace and finesse. Show your inner style by dressing to impress.

** There will be eliminations, depending on how many apply and a final three will result in a total number of accumulated points. Sims 3 and Sims 4 models are welcome. If under 10 then there will be no eliminations, just a final three from accumulated points**

Notes about jewellery and accessories:
* The classier the outfit, the less jewellery you need. Keep this in mind when you use jewellery with your outfits for this competition.
* Watches are also jewellery that can enhance any outfit if used to compliment the style your model wears, especially for males.
* Scarves, hats and jackets are always great additions to your assignments and will award you more points for the extra effort you put in.

**Only use either CC clothes or clothes from in-game. Replication of the examples is not allowed they are only there for inspiration. If the judges after consultation believe that an entry has copied the example too closely, points can be taken off. Not outfits, as you put them together yourselves anyway, as you do with shoes, jewellery, but things such as poses, hairstyles, etc., need to be from your own ideas and searching. We want to see your own remarkable creations.**

There will be 6-7 rounds and a finale. Each round will encompass a particular type of photographic fashion for men, can be formal, casual or both.

When I use the word "OR" in a round brief, that means you don't have to do both, it can be one or the other unless you want to use all.

Backgrounds are left to your own creativity to suit each round unless specified by me for a particular round.

The judging will include the following criterion:

• Wearing the given style of photographic fashion outlined in the brief /10
• Accessories that enhance your outfits plus those specified in the brief /5
• Most classy and sophisticated appeal /10
• Relevant background (this can be in-game or google) /10
• Editing and proportion (this includes lighting and filters) /10

**As an incentive for anyone that gets their entry in by the earliest date on the round brief or even earlier than that, they will be awarded an early submission bonus of 2 points awarded by me.

Giving a total of 45 points for each round, plus the early submission bonus .

The usual rules apply.

*Please support each other and enjoy the competition
*No photoskinning or face plastering
*Drawn hair is acceptable
*Only CC clothing or maxis-made
*If specific accessories can't be found in-game or with CC then google accessories can be added.
*In-game, drawn or google backgrounds are allowed
*Extensions for 48 hours maximum and if you ask at least 24 hours in advance, before the due date, as I realise RL can get in the way at times.
*Each Round will last 5-7 days depending on how quick the round entries are submitted so on each round brief, the due date will have a leeway of two dates available.
*One edit is allowed per round. You may adjust lighting, shade, etc., up until midnight on the due dates, unless stated otherwise as long as it is not a different shot, and you inform me so I can display the most updated version.
*Please check in after judging and seeing the new assignment.
*hairstyles and colour may change but eye colour and other genetics must stay the same unless specified otherwise.

NB: If at any time you need the rounds earlier for one reason or another please let me know and I'll PM them to you so you can get your entry in. Just send it to me via PM and I will put it up for you around the same time as the other contestants as I know RL can get busy at times.
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