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Perfect Genetics Challenge

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My new video series - Perfect Genetics Challenge - is now available for viewing on YouTube.

This video is a little over 16 minutes. It is an introduction to my founder, Olivia. We first meet her in Create a Household. We see her first home and job. She meets her man and they start getting to know each other.

This challenge ought to be colourful. Not only does Olivia have blue, purple, pink and yellow hair but she has a very pale blue skin and pinkish purple eyes. The challenge requires her to produce an heir, male or female, who has the exact same hair and eye colour.

Once the heir is confirmed, the mother will concentrate on living her life until the heir is old enough to take on the challenge.

There is no upper limit to the number of babies she might have to produce before the heir arrives. Consequently I've set the age spans to be reasonably long but will use cake to age the family up as required.

I plan to stop the mother from having more babies once it is confirmed the heir has been born.

The heir will age up from toddler to child when they have done all of their toddler skills.

And from Child to Teen after completing all of the child skills and getting onto the honour roll at school.

The teen will age up to young adult after they have been to a prom and have learned fishing and cooking skills and read all of the fishing and recipe books. This means they'll need to get to level 7 in fishing and level 10 in cooking before I will let them age up to Young Adult. They may learn other skills along the way and need to be at least A Grade students.

If they haven't learned the required skills and done the required reading within 105 days they'll age up automatically.

When the heir is about the age up to Young Adult, hopefully the day before the teen is ready to age up to young adult, I'll age the parents up to Adult.

The Adult life stage is also quite long just in case the mother automatically ages up to adult before she has produced the heir.

The Elder life stage is also long. Babies will need grandparents around for a while.

I may reduce the length of the Elder life stage at some point if the elders are accumulating.

Moonlit Falls is full of supernaturals and I won't worry about when that population ages up.

I'll be using EA Story Progression so if the town population ages up very slowly maybe there will still be sims around town by the time my founder's descendants start moving into the general townie population.

All babies born to the founder and her heirs will have randomised traits with the one exception that each heir must have the dislikes children trait.

There are no restrictions on how the main household earns their income. They can go out collecting, or gardening or whatever they choose. I will be getting them the no bills ever lifetime reward asap because I have a bad habit of forgetting about the bills and have difficulty working out what the repo man has taken.

Due to the lack of restrictions on how they earn/come by their money the game will have many and varied activities in it throughout this challenge. One of the first wishes my founder got is to travel to Egypt to buy a recipe book. I do plan to grant that wish soon. Perhaps she can go there on her honeymoon.

She has already met her man. I made him specially for her. She's blue with purple and blue hair, he's green with green hair and eyes. But their skin colouring is subtle.

I think that about covers it. I hope you decide to watch. I'm keeping the length of these episodes to around 10 to 15 minutes each.

Please consider subscribing if you are going to watch the videos as that way you'll know whenever a new episode is posted.


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    My Perfect Genetics Challenge - Generation 1 - Episode 2 is now on YouTube.

    Olivia goes to work, gets to know Don better, earns some extra cash with the Claw Machine. Finally gets an actual roof over her bed so she won't have to sleep in the rain again. It runs for just under 14 minutes.
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Episode 3 is now on YouTube

    This episode runs for just under 10 minutes and includes a huge variety of activities. Olivea has been busy.

    I noticed I actually spelled her name Olivea, although I think of her as Olivia. I suspect the spelling I chose originally was caused by me initially wanting to name her Olive. Maybe I should have stuck with Olive as she's crazy about an olive coloured man.

    In this video they start exchanging love letters. She plants a garden that is immediately attacked by zombies. She goes dumpster diving and makes progress with her work and her cooking and gardening skills. I also add a bit to the house as she managed to collect a few things that I sold to help her with her housing situation.
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    Episode 4 of my Perfect Genetics Challenge - Generation 1 Episode 4 is now on YouTube

    Olivia and Don finally have some time together and she wastes none of it.

    Olivia does some cooking, working and gardening when she's not romancing Don.

    Progress is being made.
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    I lost some of my game play due to an issue with my recording software waiting for me to close a message that I wasn't aware was up. So I had to replay some of it. Fortunately I SaveAs with a new name regularly.

    Here's a picture from the lost part of the game. It's one of the only pictures I got and it's of Don.


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    Episode 5 of the Perfect Genetics Challenge is now on YouTube

    Olivia and Don go on a date. She goes shopping for furniture and sends another love letter to Don.

    Other significant happenings is the arrival of 3 magic gnomes, including one gnome of the darned which results in ghosts haunting the home. At least she's no longer living there all on her own.
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    Perfect Genetics Challenge Episode 6 is now on YouTube

    Perfect Genetics Challenge Episode 7 is on YouTube

    There are ghosts inhabiting Olivia's house now - and she decides to have a bachelorette party at the Toadstool on the night of the full moon.

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    Episode 8 of my Perfect Genetics Challenge is now available to view on YouTube

    This episode is about the wedding of Olivia and Dan

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    My Perfect Genetics Challenge for Generation 1 - Episode 9 is now available on YouTube.

    Here's the link

    This is the honeymoon episode.

    Happy Simming
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    The Perfect Genetics Challents, Generation 1 Episode 10 is now available on YouTube

    The first baby is born - do we have an heir?
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    Perfect Genetics Challenge - Generation 1 Episode 11 is now available on YouTube.

    In this episode we all start working out how to manage with a toddler in the house. He isn't the heir but he needs to learn his skills.

    Olivia is pregnant again - hoping for an heir this time. The baby is due but the video was already 13 minutes and I'm trying to keep them to between 10 and 15 minutes - so the next video will start with a visit to the hospital and a new baby.

    I hope you find time to watch it and enjoy it.

    Happy Simming
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    I seem to have missed giving you a link to Episode 12 of the Perfect Genetics Challenge.

    Gary is a toddler and is learning some skills. There are ghostly visitations and a baby is born.

    I loaded Episode 13 of the Perfect Genetics Challenge and it is now available for viewing. I think I tried to cram a bit too much into the beginning. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it. It runs for 13 minutes.

    In this episode you'll see toddler training and the third baby is born. They also do some gardening and there are more ghosts visiting. The house has expanded slightly too as they have a quickly growing family.
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    Today I finalised Episode 14 of the Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1.

    It is now on YouTube.

    The toddlers are working on their toddler skills and reading skill books.

    It's Winter and the world is covered in snow.

    Olivia is trying to make a Forbidden Fruit seed as she has a wish to grow a Forbidden Fruit.

    When Olivia becomes pregnant she eats a lot of watermelon - after having 3 baby boys in a row she'd really like to have a girl next.

    Don is gardening and taking care of toddlers.

    Ghosts continue to visit the household and Olivia manages to pick a fight with one of them. Then she builds a snowman and makes a snow angel and an igloo.
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge - Generation 1 - Episode 15 is now available to watch on YouTube

    Olivia and Don finally have a daughter. The boys continue to work on their toddler skills. Olivia plants a forbidden fruit seed.
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    Episode 16 of Generation 1 of the Perfect Genetics Challenge is now available on YouTube

    Here are a few pictures of the family so far

    Olivia - the founder


    Olivia has pale blue skin and multi coloured hair and pink/purple eyes

    Don - Olivia's spouse


    Don has pale olive green skin and hair - to introduce a bit of fun in the colouring of their babies

    Olivia and Don dancing at their wedding - Don wasn't controlled by me until after he was married to Olivia


    Basic rules of the challenge

    The founder has to have unusual hair and eye colour
    The founder and all heirs must have the Dislikes Children trait
    The founder and all heirs must have babies until they have one that has inherited their founder or heir parent's hair and eye colour (in this challenge it is pinkish purple. Olivia's hair has other colours as well she has blue roots and pale yellow tips)
    The challenge must run for 10 generations - this challenge is up to generation 1 and our founder is still the sim having the babies trying to find an heir

    So far Olivia and Don have had four babies together. The first 3 are boys and none of them have Olivia's hair and eye colour.


    Gary has inherited his father's green skin and has multi coloured hair but it is predominantly greenish.


    James has his mother's blue skin but has dark hair and eyes


    Owen has his father's green skin and multi coloured hair with quite a lot of pink in it but it is a different pink from his mother's hair

    In Episode 15 they had their first girl and she does have Olivia's hair and eye colour and she is the heir.


    Cindy has her mother's hair and eye colour but has her father's green skin. However, she only has to inherit the hair and eye colour from her mother so she is the heir.

    During Episode 15 Olivia had planted a forbidden fruit seed. She picks a baby plant sim girl in Episode 16.


    Petal has now joined the family in Episode 16

    I have saved Petal, as a toddler, to my library and placed her in to the mermaid household from the Cake Island Mermaids so we will see lots more of Petal. In the Perfect Genetics challenge she is just a sibling to the first heir and I probably won't have time to do much with her. But in Cake Island Mermaids she lives in the mermaid household and I've added all plant sims I've ever had in any game to Cake Island. They are in their own households. There are boys and girls and their ages range from toddler to teen. I plan to play more with Plant Sims in that game and hope to have a few plant sim marriages with other plant sims because I haven't played with plant sims other than as babies or toddlers mostly. I've never had one that is older than teen.

    Happy Simming
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    I'm sorry I've not uploaded a new video in this story for a while. I will get onto it soon. I have the video recorded for the next episode but have to put it together into a video soon.

    I've been sick and then got diverted into setting up a huge group of worlds with over 600 sims in them to continue the Story of Oscar and Louise and also the McFluff Story. I'm going to try to tell both of those stories with the single game. It has numerous worlds - I haven't counted them all but will be adding a few more before I start recording video in it. Until then the videos will continue on as usual.
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    Here's the link to The Perfect Genetics Challenge - Generation 1 - Episode 17

    Gary ages up

    Toddlers continue toddler training

    Both parents head off to work at one point requiring a babysitter to be called.

    Gary gets a new bedroom built for him.

    Snowmen and school too.

    Happy Simming
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge, Generation 1, Episode 18 is now available on YouTube.

    In this episode one of the toddlers ages up to become a child and the final baby is born. Otherwise life goes on with a little toddler training happening.

    Happy Simming
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    I thought I'd give a little extra info on how the Perfect Genetics Challenge is going - the videos.

    I just posted Episode 18 to YouTube and decided to continue on with Episode 19 before moving onto the next episode of Oscar's Childhood. That next episode of Oscar's Childhood is going to take a while as I think I'm going to have a go at adding lots of interesting fog emitters and I still have to look for the codes I'll want to use. Since there are thousands of them available that could take a while.

    So, in the meantime here are a few pics of where Perfect Genetics is up to - some of the pics refer to what you'll see in Episode 19 which hasn't been begun yet - I'm just playing the game and recording video for it now.

    This is Percy. He's the final child for this generation. He wasn't necessary as they already have the heir. However Don wanted another child and Olivia was persuaded to have one for just for him even though she dislikes children.

    Don has since had another wish for another child. He got 2,500 lifetime happiness points for Percy's birth. Now if he gets yet one more child it is worth 3,000 lifetime happiness points. I cancelled his wish. Poor Don.

    Meanwhile, I found Olivia downstairs in their tiny basement throwing darts at the dart board. I was impressed with her aim.

    Olivia ran off to work. Don is at home teaching Percy to walk and potty. He's already taught him to talk. I didn't want Percy to learn to talk from the mirror in the playpen so learn to talk comes first for this little family due to parents plonking toddlers in playpens at any time and I just find them there later - sometimes much later.

    Percy learned to potty quite quickly, but the learn to walk was interrupted by Don deciding to go and play on the computer instead. I found out about this when he put Percy into the playpen and vanished. Found him playing at the computer.

    I checked their household funds and found they have enough to buy a car. Then, since there are so many children and toddlers in the household - and it's only going to get worse since this will go for 10 generations, I added some playground equipment to the lot as well.

    As each toddler ages up I add an extra bedroom. I might have to start going up to the next level soon - although it is a 64x64 lot. Don't really want to cover it all with rooms though. I might put the playground area under cover at some stage due to the constant rain in the game. I'll see how it goes.

    Don will be going back to work in 2 days so it'll be babysitters for a while for the toddlers. I thought of getting him to quit his job but decided not to because of his lifetime wish to be a Celebrated Five-Star Chef and I want them to get that fridge. I haven't had a sim get that fridge for several real life years now and it used to be my number one priority with just about every household before I stopped bothering with it. I do have the CC version of that fridge but I don't like how it is in game so don't want to use it again.

    That's it for now -

    Happy Simming
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    @Karritz I'll be watching your video in just a few minutes, but first here are a few comments about your extra info post. ...Can't wait to see what fog emitter effects you come up with. I've looked over all those codes and have been curious about them. But there are so many, it's daunting! ...Percy is a cutie. Love his unusual hair color. ...Olivia is a real eagle-eye when it comes to darts! ...The kids will love all the playground equipment. ...None of my sims have ever gotten that 5-Star Chef fridge!
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    @Karritz I like how you filmed Olivia and the baby through the round archway. And showing the children "cutouts" overlaid on top of the video scenes. ...Love the name Petal for a plantsim. ...Sounds like the kids are gaining their skills quickly. ...LOL at Don bicycling up to the hospital but never making it inside. And the guy fainting on the sidewalk. I guess if you have to faint, being in front of a hospital is the place to do it. ...OMG! Lots of things happening in front of that building! Werewolf transformations, a ghost going in and out the door, fainting sims, rain and umbrellas, and Don hitting the werewolf over the head with a newspaper. Too funny! ...Welcome to the world, Percy! ...I've noticed that about hairstyles before too. Some look darker than others even though the shade of color hasn't technically changed. ...Olivia does pretty well with the babies and toddlers even though she Dislikes Children. But she wasn't too friendly with her child-aged son there for a while. ...Happy Birthday, James! A Grumpy, Neurotic Bookworm. What a combo of traits. ...And Happy Birthday, Percy! He looks like his dad.
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    @lanlyn thank you for the feedback. I am so relieved whenever one of the babies ages up and I find they have not inherited their mother's eyes. I don't know what I was thinking giving her those eyes. I wanted her to look different - but they look terrifying on some of them when they age up to children.

    I saw what happened to little Petal when I put a copy of her into the Cake Island Mermaids game. She has her mother's eyes (actually I think she's a clone of her mother) and when she became a child in that game I had to take her into CAS and give her some 'surgery'. But with this Perfect Genetics game I think I'll leave her as she is because I don't think Olivia looks that bad. Hopefully the child stage will pass quickly and I won't have to notice the ones who inherit those eyes.

    I just finished recording all I'll need for Episode 19. I'll start putting it together tomorrow.

    In the meantime I'll start looking for a few fog emitter codes.
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    @Karritz I thought everyone's eyes looked fine. It makes sense that you wouldn't want to do "surgery" in a genetics challenge even though it's more about coloring than shape.
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    lanlyn wrote: »
    @Karritz I thought everyone's eyes looked fine. It makes sense that you wouldn't want to do "surgery" in a genetics challenge even though it's more about coloring than shape.

    They wait for Petal to age up. As a child her eyes don't like fine. But she is an individual. And she's a plant Sim sonisnt strictly part of the challenge. But I'll leave her alone and see what happens as she grows up.
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    @Karritz Sometimes sims do look better at different ages than others. It'll be interesting to see what Petal looks like as she grows.
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    lanlyn wrote: »
    @Karritz Sometimes sims do look better at different ages than others. It'll be interesting to see what Petal looks like as she grows.

    I am hoping she looks good - and I'm not sad she'll look different from her counterpart in the Big Game (previously Cake Island Mermaids).

    I've just given up on Episode 19 of Perfect Genetics. I have spent a week on it and can't get it below 34 minutes without spending a few more days on it - so I've cut it into two episodes. Will post Episode 19 as soon as it's saved and then I'll post Episode 20. Both should go up to YouTube today - my time. It's morning at my place so I have plenty of time.

    I hope you enjoy them. I've been playing a tiny bit and making major changes to the lot they live on while doing these two episodes. You won't see all of the changes in either of the episodes I'm posting today but I like how the whole thing is progressing. But my major focus is getting all of the toddlers and children trained and aged up to the next level. Having said that, lots of fun and interesting things are happening. It's definitely more interesting after toddlers age up to children and they are able to do more things autonomously. I always have free will on and with the mix of traits and the new objects I'm adding to their lot unexpected things happen. Fun.
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