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i can't retire one of my sims, i was able to retire her husband

LunarWolfTallyLunarWolfTally Posts: 235 Member
edited March 2018 in The Sims FreePlay
:( i can't retire one of my sims
:( i was able to retire her husband

:( what am i doing wrong
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  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 3,161 Member
    I assume that you asked a question about The Sims Mobile and posted it under The Sims FreePlay Social Corner.
    Don't worry, you can change the category. You should put it under The Sims Mobile Social Corner.

    Somebody else had the same question. Here's how I answered:
    EgonVM wrote: »

    Go through these steps:
    1. Reach level 16.
    2. Earn all 4 traits to your sim by doing the events.
    3. Once all the traits are collected, do the events for the "fifth trait" (aka retirement).
    4. At one moment, your sim will announce that they're ready to retire.
    5. If you click on the button Later, you can do this from the traits panel. (That's why I called it the fifth trait, also because Good Upbringing trait won't show up in the traits panel)

    Retired sims will become elders and unplayable. You can move them out from the family portrait.
    I should add there that after 5 days, the birthday cake icon will appear on them. Click on it and they'll move out.

    So, do events. Send your sim to work, work on your sim hobbies, initiate social or family events (not parties) or go to special events outside your home, such as Music Festival in Market Square. Eventually, your sim will announce they are ready to retire. You can then retire them.
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  • VivaLaNievaVivaLaNieva Posts: 1 New Member
    I cant retire my other sim in the sims mobile as well. I retired the other one but i couldnt find the option in the traits. Please help
  • LunarWolfTallyLunarWolfTally Posts: 235 Member
    finally was able to, her took far longer then her husband
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  • ShahoodAliShahoodAli Posts: 1 New Member
    how can i marry my sim
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