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Favorite hero to play?

I've just started playing TSM and I'm a little obsessed! It's so good! Who is your favorite hero to play? I love playing the Spy and the Bard. They're so different but I really dig their living quarters and their individual traits. But I've gotta say, whenever I have to play the Merchant I get a little annoyed. I don't find that Hero nearly as enjoyable to play.



  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,314 Member
    I love them all and how different they are, also the houses. I simply don't have a favorite. Especially fancy are the castles and the mage's three store tower in my opinion.
  • TrashDeBluncTrashDeBlunc Posts: 49 Member
    I think all the heroes have at least one thing going for them, activity wise. I actually really love the merchant for taking those ship trips to trade for otherwise unavailable products! I suppose I like that sort of enrichment for my kingdoms, rare items are needed by everyone. The Blacksmith is a favorite for this reason as well, make all the fanciest weapons/gear!
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,329 Member
    Tough call! I really had to sit and think it through a bit, because while there are some I enjoy less than most (I am not wild about the Merchant or the Jacoban Priest), choosing which I like best is difficult.

    I think I like the sword-wielding classes, just for that extra bit of action available. Of those three, I probably enjoy my Spy the most. The crafting end of the profession isn't too demanding, and some of the interactions are fun. And, as my kingdom has developed, in any case, my Spy is definitely the power behind the throne - and, conveniently, my King's current Favorite.


    I definitely enjoy the various structures, too, and decorating them in a way that not only serves the needs of the profession, but makes sense in the setting. On the books, I imagine my Spy as a Secretary of State, so the bottom floor of his tower is the Kingdom Archives. I make this room public, and it is where he transacts his official, on-the-record duties.


    His actual living quarters are upstairs. I cleared out all the cages and dungeon-y decor and gave him fine, but slightly shabby, furnishings instead. It's a big enough room to include about everything I could want, and nice enough to receive the king for those... private conferences. :D


    Ask me on a different day, and I may have a different Hero I most enjoy. I certainly enjoy the variety, and like different ones in different moods.
  • Ceres_MeirionaCeres_Meiriona Posts: 4,770 Member
    edited April 11
    Oh man, this is a tough call... but I think I have the most fun on the spy. They're just so outrageous and their daily tasks are so utterly (and gloriously) wrong, that I crack up laughing every time I complete them. The other daily tasks can get a little dull, but the spy never ceases to amuse me.

    After the spy, the blacksmith is definitely my favorite. Something fulfilling about working a forge with a gruff blacksmith... I always give him a sweet wife and he always has TONS of kids that are off at various trade schools. I always end up giving him the wise legendary trait, too.

    Honestly, though, all the heroes are a good bit of fun, and I really enjoy how they are set up.
    P.S. @Sindocat Awesome remodel of the spy rooms! That's a darn fine idea to stick the business end downstairs and use the upstairs for pleasure. I like it!
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,329 Member
    Blacksmith is surprisingly engaging, I agree (provided you don't do the apprentice quest and wind up having him gum up the works and always being in the way. :) I habitually re-use my same blacksmith in each challenge - he's often my third hero placed (first is Monarch, naturally. Second is always my Peteran priest - who I pretend is my blacksmith's long-lost illegitimate dad. :) ).

  • lillibattenberglillibattenberg Posts: 664 Member
    I dunno why, but I personally love the priests. Both kinds. I guess it's as much the contrast between them as anything: on the one hand, you've got your Jacoban priest being all like "I must remove this HERESY from my church!" and goes around consecrating everything and dragging his flock to absolution, and then on the other you've got the (equally devout, mind you) Peteran monk being all "Welcome, dear friends!" and generally being more of a gentle guiding touch. Besides, their quests are the most fun imo.
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,329 Member
    @lillibattenberg - I agree, both priests are fun to play. Personally, I prefer the Peteran take on religion (especially early in my Kingdom's development). But I enjoy and play both. In fact, I liked the Sims I made for the role so well, I re-use them again and again.

    Shepherd Augustin, my Jacoban, looking relatively humble, early in his career (the three tier tiara comes later!):


    And Abbot Jevon, the jovial, if frequently drunk, leader of Kingland's Peteran community:


  • horror_obsessedhorror_obsessed Posts: 21 Member
    Hate to be uber basic, but I'd say my favorite is the monarch. I enjoy their daily tasks a lot. Is it wrong to send every annoying townie to the pit? Nah. Should I spend my money on a candy shop for my people or a statue of myself? (I always love having a stuck up monarch, it makes the royal assassination quest much more satisfying.) I'd say my next three favorites would be the bard, Jacoban priest and knight. The bards daily tasks are fun and best of all doable! I just find the thought of scaring people into your church amazing for the Jacoban priest. Plus for whatever reason I always make the Jacoban priest a dirty little plum, hilarity always ensues. The knight is practically my only stable character in the game, so I naturally have a soft spot for them. Ugh ok, I have to include the spy too. You constantly have to face challenges that can get you thrown into the pit, so yeah it's always hella exciting. Anyways yeah, lot's of good characters.
  • ShadyLady89ShadyLady89 Posts: 495 Member
    Love this thread. Haven't played Medieval in a while, but this makes me want to get back into it.

    I, too, have a soft spot for the spy, knight, and bard. I really enjoy all of them, and depending on how I'm feeling is who I choose to play; also factoring in who's in a relationship with who. I'm also quite fond of the healer and the wizard, because both are usually outdoorsy, and I like going around collecting plants and fishing; cause while I'm out, might as well catch some fish, right? Not a big fan of the merchant, just because of that one daily activity where they have to acquire specific things and use the ship to sail places. The bard is usually a drunk floozy, and that's always fun to play.
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  • aria2345aria2345 Posts: 33 Member
    My favorite hero was always the Physician! Also the monarch too, to a lesser degree. I love this game so much- I still play it. But I've been stuck on the 'popularity' ambition FOREVER. It took 2 failed playthroughs for gold (*not platinum*) medals before I realized what I was doing wrong.
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  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,329 Member
    The Ambitions can be tricky! I'll admit, I shop online for pointers. Carl's has some great Sims Medieval tips, here.
  • JACKIEJOYJACKIEJOY Posts: 327 Member
    My current favorites are the blacksmith and the physician. But the shopkeeper might bump one of them. I just got her from start 0 to 12 levels in one quest.
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 152 Member
    I'm really fond of my wizards and blacksmiths. I enjoy them the most. The wizard for all the cool magic he can do, and the blacksmith because he can create special items. But they are all fun to play, I like switching between all heroes.
  • GabbyGirlJGabbyGirlJ Posts: 6,739 Member
    This thread makes me want to play this game again. :smile:

    I think my favorites were always the wizard and the bard. It's just awesome to play as a wizard in just about any fantasy game, and this one's no exception. As for the bard, I love going around and getting inspiration, writing poems and plays with silly names, and performing for other sims. And some of the songs that they play on the lute are just gorgeous.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 71 Member
    I've just started playing TSM and I'm a little obsessed! It's so good! Who is your favorite hero to play? I love playing the Spy and the Bard. They're so different but I really dig their living quarters and their individual traits. But I've gotta say, whenever I have to play the Merchant I get a little annoyed. I don't find that Hero nearly as enjoyable to play.


    Ok, I've got a real stupid question

    What is TSM?

    From what you're all saying, it sounds really cool!
    I'm a Simmer from way back
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    If you remember any of this, plz let me know
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,329 Member

    Ok, I've got a real stupid question

    What is TSM?

    From what you're all saying, it sounds really cool!

    TSM = The Sims Medieval

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