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Some helpful tips when playing Sims Mobile (updated for August 2018 patch!)



  • PoumbiPoumbi Posts: 33 Member
    I'm confused why you have to have finished a long shift (sometimes 2) before accepting the llamazoom.... It makes it impossible to complete from scratch
  • hellokaliiihellokaliii Posts: 2 New Member
    Can someone help me please!!! Has anyone bought the $9.99 winter fest bundle? I was wondering if the “presents oh’ plenty” that came in it was worth it and how many candy canes does it make vs the free winter fest gifts that makes candy canes
  • DaBombingCherryDaBombingCherry Posts: 5 New Member
    What's the best/easiest way to change your house? I keep expanding land but it seems in order to move rooms, I would need to store everything away, shrink room sizes and move that way. Am I missing something?
    Also, I am maxed out on rooms, but if I want to stop using say bathroom 2, can I store the room + add back later?
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