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Hollowness' Sims 3 Showcase Thread

HollownessDevourHollownessDevour Posts: 7,973 Member
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Heya Guys!

It's been forever! But I am back! I have updates, renovations/makeovers, new builds, etc! But it will take me a bit to get screenshots and organized so please be patient :blush:

I will be using to share since I have exceeded my Quota on the Sims 3 site (and am not deleting) and images are from, so if I have links that send you off site those should be the only two.

I still am Steampunk Crazy! (Lots for Midnight Hollow)
I am still Dystopia ga-ga! (Lots for a Dystopian Oasis Landing)
I still am doing the Whimsical/Wonderland like stuff.
I am still doing some Rococo builds (Lots for Monte Vista).
Plus I have some China and France renovations/makeovers of existing travel lots.
I still do not use CC.

My Studio (For past Builds/Sims/CAS)

*Some lots may contain fog emitters, spawners, public or hidden room makers.
**Fog emtters are visual should have no effect on the building nor game play, spawners are for the collecting gather or simply for ambiance, public room makers can lower a lot price or creates an NPC door on a lot.
***To remove them you must Ctrl + Shift + C: type testingcheatsenabled true then Ctrl + Shift + C: buydebug on and possibly Ctrl + Shift + C: moveobjects on. They are the silver or teal orbs (you may have to Ctrl + Shift + Right Click to delete).
****Homeowner's association, if you want to edit outside your unit Ctrl + Shift + C: type testingcheatsenabled true then Ctrl + Shift + C: restrictbuildbuyinbuildings off

Useful Cheats:
-testingcheatsenabled true
-restrictbuildbuyinbuildings off [requires testingcheatsenabled true first]
-buydebug on [requires testingcheatsenabled true first]
-unlockoutfits on
-moveobjects on
-placefriezes on
-enablelotlocking on
-constrainfloorelevation false
-hideheadlineeffects on [well for screenshots it removed the thought bubbles and plumbobs]
-moviemakercheatsenabled true
-fadeobjects off

If there is any requests, things you would like to see or see more on - lemme know, no promises but it could help if I already am working on something or need a new project ;)
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