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cleo00cleo00 Posts: 1,088 Member
I'm sure I could just do a quick Google of this but I'm lazy.

Can they have babies even if they aren't married? Pamela will not accept Joe's dinosaur ring or mood ring and I'm cheap so I'm not gonna do the life point rings, but I want more than one baby in the town now that i can have toddlers.



  • PeculiarPlumbobPeculiarPlumbob Posts: 505 Member
    I'm pretty sure they have to be married before having babies :/
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  • qadara77qadara77 Posts: 42 Member
    They can Try for baby without being married.
  • qadara77qadara77 Posts: 42 Member
    > @qadara77 said:
    > They can Try for baby without being married.

    Scratch my comment. I just realized you're not talking about The Sims 4. Sorry.
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