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Multiplayer SIMS 5 : yes or no?


  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 4,090 Member
    edited March 2018
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    No thanks, not at all interested in sharing my game with others. This would be a non-starter for me.
  • lopithecuslopithecus Posts: 1,735 Member
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    If it was optional, then okay I probably would buy it, but if it was forced onto me, then no, I wouldn't buy it.

    I don't like playing multiplayer games. The reason why I play videogames in the first place, is to detach from the real world for a few hours and be by myself. Maybe I'm too introverted to really enjoy playing games with others, but I just like to play games the way I want without people interrupting it or playing with me.
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  • CororonCororon Posts: 3,659 Member
    No! It would spell doom for the franchise.
    No thanks. I like to sit and relax and use my imagination when I play Sims.

    BUT an OPTION to let your sim go and visit an online world and meet other simmers sims would be cool. That world could have a venue for concerts by real artists selfsims. :open_mouth:
    i think multiplayer features would be nice. not a full on muliplayer world, but being able to send your sims on "vacation" to visit a friend's game and join their household (or live as a townie) for a set amount of time would be neat. or sending gifts like in the sims 3.

    That could be fun too! But for it to be multiplayer you'd need to be able to control your sim while on vacation. Then you must download the other simmer's world so you can play in it too. Hm...
  • ApparentlyAwesomeApparentlyAwesome Posts: 1,515 Member
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    If it weren't the main series and like another side game, then yeah, go for it, but not with the main series. It's one of those games where it's basically the player in their own little world to mold and play the exact way they want to. That's how I play anyway.

    I don't like being connected to the internet when I play any game. I'm one of those players where once I buy the game, that's it. The Sims was the only game I made an exception for with DLC, EPs, and SPs and that's mostly because I play by myself. If I had to pay a monthly fee or whatever then no. I don't like socializing or dealing with other people that much so it's not worth it. That lack of total control parts in your cons list is all I could think about OP, lol. I can't edit whatever I want because it's not just my game. It's everyone's. No adding lots like I want, no building up the town, having to fend off simmers who play differently. How would having more than one sim even work?

    The only time I've ever played the sims like a multiplayer game was when my sister really wanted to play TS3 with me and we both had our own sims and just switched back and forth controlling our sims on my computer. That was the only time when I thought having a kind of multiplayer PC option would be convenient. I think we did play TS2 on PS2 multiplayer and I didn't mind that either but it wasn't like a vast number of people having a say in our game nor any online connection.

    Don't get me wrong, I can see some perks to a The Sims multiplayer online, like wanting to play with someone you know but who isn't conveniently nearby physically or wanting to team up with a fellow player(s) to build a world or something, but like a MMO just doesn't appeal to me.
  • honeywitchhoneywitch Posts: 226 Member
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    Hard pass. Absolutely not.
  • AngelEb95AngelEb95 Posts: 1,491 Member
    No! It would spell doom for the franchise.
    Imvu and Second Life exists
  • BlueOvaleBlueOvale Posts: 678 Member
    Yes! I've always been curious anyway.
    AngelEb95 wrote: »
    Imvu and Second Life exists

    There's also this one coming out soonish : The Real Life.
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 7,050 Member
    edited March 2018
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    Did anyone actually like playing that Sims Online game? It felt like I blinked and it was over.
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  • ZeroGravity939ZeroGravity939 Posts: 20 Member
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    Absolutely Not xD
  • KottonKrownKottonKrown Posts: 259 Member
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    No thanks. I didn't like The Sims Online and I wouldn't like a similar thing in a couple of years time either.

    I couldn't care less about open worlds (not a feature I ever wanted in a Sims game), I don't like how disposable online games are treated and I don't want to play The Sims with anybody else. I like playing at my own pace, making up little stories, playing with custom content, modding my game to the max... all things that I wouldn't be able to do on a strictly online basis. Have you noticed what happens with most browser-based games? They're simply used to funnel money and can potentially be abandoned at anytime: people's investments go in a flash, their friendships with other players, the hours they've poured into it, all gone. A game that doesn't have strictly online as its main element has a better chance of actually being preserved.
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  • qadara77qadara77 Posts: 42 Member
    Multiplayer Sims already exists. The Sims Online was pretty awful. It was just a glorified chat room.
  • americniteamericnite Posts: 107 Member
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    No, I wouldn't play it if that was the case.
  • CarolinaCanCarolinaCan Posts: 116 Member
    Yes! I think the game would benefit from it.
  • NyteRoseNyteRose Posts: 1,662 Member
    Yes! I've always been curious anyway.
    But there must be still be a single-player offline option. I love MMO's so this would be appealing to me.
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  • AvaSims4080AvaSims4080 Posts: 810 Member
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    There's not a chance that I would carry on playing if that happened. Not only am I an utter control freak, I feel like this game would lose the uniqueness about it if it became like every other game. I think being able to create your world and play by yourself is what lots of people are after anyway.
  • wen15wen15 Posts: 149 Member
    Maybe. I'm a fan of the franchise, so why not try?
    I'd like it as a separate game or an option because I am interested in multiplayer world but, also one of the reasons I stuck with the sims was that "I am God" sandbox aspect where I control my own town, my own people and everything. I feel like multiplayer would change the whole playing dynamic, so for me it would have to be a side to the main game.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist Posts: 1,411 Member
    No! It would spell doom for the franchise.
    i'd like it as a spinoff. i don't want it to be the main ts5 game.
    i don't know if it would actually be any fun. i do like multiplayer games, but i like shooters where there is an actual objective and you can compete against others. an online sims would just be like.. a chat room with avatars.
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  • JurassicKingJurassicKing Posts: 63 Member
    Maybe. I'm a fan of the franchise, so why not try?
    I'm still rather new to playing Sims...dunno how I'd feel about real people who could potentially run around and freezeray me.

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  • Lady_LeneaLady_Lenea Posts: 6 New Member
    Yes! I think the game would benefit from it.

    So many players forget that you used to be able to online and couch co-op with sims and sims 2 on the console. It is a feature that they had. New Flash it did not ruin the game. Sims 2 sold 7 million copies. Sims 4 only 5 million.

    Do I want an MMO no but to play with my hubby, bestie, or brother and waste several hours of my life with them SIGN ME UP.

    Imagine the fun of repeatedly waking your Bestie's Sim up with catastrophes the day before they should get that raise. Making a mutual enemies together and plotting together how ruin that Sim's life. Take bets on who pees their pants first because everyone refuses to fix the toilet. Doing random challenges together.

    With that being said.... Have you guys seen that SimmytheSim has just recently open sourced a mod for multiplayer development. You can find it on reddit his tag is thepancake1.

    My life seems to be filled with so much more hope than before thank you SimmytheSim.

  • RevenwynRevenwyn Posts: 313 Member
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    Nope. If I want a multiplayer game I'll go play World of Warcraft. I can only imagine an online Sims 5 becoming a knock-off Second Life.
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  • StormsviewStormsview Posts: 2,602 Member
    Maybe. I'm a fan of the franchise, so why not try?

    I would keep Sims 4, look forward to Sims 5 and also go to the online World. :)

    Do you mean Sims online? So they had that before, I never got there but my sister loved it, talk about it everyday none stop. I remember she had a house, own land, had a club and gave parties and created things to make money? to give gifts to her friends, and to have contests. Also, she paid someone to build her a home because she was new. I remember her talking about a lot of boyfriend drama. lol
    It closed way before I had a chance to get there. 2002 - 2008 I think. or 2007?

    Then I think they had a multiplayer game on Facebook where you could add your friends to live in your home. I never played either one. I wanted to go to the Facebook one but I did not have an account at that time and was busy.

    Companies can and do branch out to do other things without stopping what they already do such as this series of games and many others. so No Doom to worry about if they did.
    I do not see any Doom in EA's future. What does not bring enough money, will be closed I am sure.
    Regretting not buying all the Sims 3 packs when they were on sale. :s
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    (A) Sims 4 base game.
  • missmerizemissmerize Posts: 42 Member
    Maybe. I'm a fan of the franchise, so why not try?
    this really threw me off hah. I mean... it's a cool concept but I think if it ever went multiplayer, it would just sink into the masses of other online multiplayer games and would cease to retain its remaining originality. however, I'm a strong "maybe". it would be interesting to try, and to see. I'm so on the fence dude...
  • MsLolaMRMsLolaMR Posts: 1 New Member
    Yes! I think the game would benefit from it.
    I think all games should have the option for online multiplayer. Me & my friends all play sims & we defo want to be able to play online together for some more epic gameplay!

    Please make it a reality to be able to do it. But as an option to play single player or in multiplayer. That would be great :)
  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,338 Member
    edited June 2018
    No! I couldn't even play if it was the case.
    I'd be extremely upset if they let out a new sims which was only multilayer, I wouldn't enjoy playing with others. I like playing the sims on my own. :|
    Post edited by kittymeow on
  • rosey1579rosey1579 Posts: 6,238 Member
    Yes! I think the game would benefit from it.
    Yeah! Online multiplayer and lootboxes please.
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