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Small rant on the cloud system

CoffeeBeanPopcornCoffeeBeanPopcorn Posts: 1,587 Member
I lost about 3 years of data because of a misunderstanding with the cloud system.

I was preparing to migrate my data from my iPad to my cellphone, and so I saved it to the cloud. I cleared the data (I was going to give it away anyway)

Well, I didn’t get to download the data back to my cellphone as it was charging at the time (just plugged in in fact) and then played on the iPad for a while. The newly cleared save data apparently replaced my cloud save data as I pressed the Social Boat button.

When I got to my phone, I was surprised to see the save data. I actually didn’t realize that the cloud auto-saves when you open the social tab.

The latest save data related to the newly-gone data was saved 3 years ago. I lost a huge chunk of the game’s content. If you want to know how much I lost, let’s just say that the bridge to the island wasn’t built yet.

I was annoyed, but pretty much accepted that there’s no way I would get the old, wiped-out save data again. I lost about 3 years of progress, 8 levels, and a large amount of money just because of an autosave.

(P.S. The 7 day data limit doesn’t exist apparently. The 3 year old data loaded with no problems.)
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  • ErpeErpe Posts: 5,872 Member
    edited March 2018
    I agree that you have to be very careful in such situations and not to play the game again until you have downloaded the savegame that you really want.

    I also know that old data offen still exist because I haven used my old IPad 2 for several years after buying a new iPad 2 Air. But still I can see that there is a backup of that old iPad 2 in the cloud and it takes up a couple of GB.
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