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[OVER 100 FAMILY MEMBERS] Rosenberg Legacy Family Tree

Hi guys! I made this family a long time ago based on Not So Berry Challenge and i wanted to share this legacy family with you all. I'm on my 6th generation and the member of this legacy is over 100 people
I started with one sim, her name is Elisa Rosenberg. She married with Paolo Rocca but i renamed his surname to Rosenberg.


They had 4 kids, Cesar, Leah, Theo and Teddy Rosenberg.


I also add some drama to the family so i make Paolo cheated on Elisa's bestfriend, Chelsey McCullough


And I pick one of their child as the Heir to the second generation so i can focus on one part of their family. But i still expand their family tree and connect this family to other families such as Goth, Bjergsen, Behr, etc.


For example, i married the 4th child with Nylah Goth (from Mortimer and Bella Goth).


The legacy goes on...

1st born

2nd born

3rd and 4th born

1st born from Chelsey

So i'm focusing on one sim right now, her name is Cindy Rosenberg. She's still a teen and the next heiress of this legacy


A lot of sims already dead and i made a little cemetery for the dead one


If you want to ask me about this family or have an idea what should i do next with this family, feel free to comment below. :)
Or you want to see the full family tree, click the link below


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