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Neighbourhood Talk: Paris - Update 14/Apr/19

Finding your way as a female scientist in the mid 90's is not easy. Especially not, if everyone's distracting you, like your sister that wants to party with you, or your boyfriend (?) that keeps insisting on dates, or even your best friend that needs help planning her wedding.
And you always have to be careful not to lose your reputation, as the neighbours love to gossip.
Thank god, Linda is oblivious to all those things, and focusses instead on what really matters in life: her plants!

Main POV-characters
Francesco De la Cruz' life does not go quite as he expected since he moved to Paris a few years ago with his boyfriend to become a popular musician. On the contrary, it goes worse and worse the harder he tries, until one day he finds himself in situation he can't get out alone anymore. Luckily Mae West, the sweet girl from the bar he works in, is on the spot and ready to help him out. But the recent events are dangerous, and threaten more than their blossoming romance...

Main POV-characters
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