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Transgender option for pride



  • HeronyxHeronyx Posts: 27 Member
    [quote="ForumExplorer;c-16394530"]No. Next question.
    Jk but seriously. They would probably have to change the game rating. As is, the teen rating is a little extreme but necessary. My nephew was playing for a bit and is confused about what the heck flirt is (hilarious). It would be worrying to me if he started asking what a transgender person is. Then again he is not a teenager. As society moves forward people will become more educated and aware of the transgender community. [/quote]

    Not to be rude to younger players but I don't think that the teenage rating is extreme because I assume that the rating is based on the average players ability to use the game as intended and enjoy it. I don't think that most young children understand the importance of certain aspects of the game and therefore their experience will be worse. They're also more likely to be impatient and spend exorbitant amounts of their parent's money to speed things up which could lead to angry feedback from said parents.
    The fact that you assume that inappropriate content is the sole basis for the rating as per your comment indicates why it isn't a game for children.
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