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More Friends! The Sims Mobile


  • Kalyps0Kalyps0 Posts: 35 Member
    Please add me as I well! I am relatively new but play everyday. Looking to meet other sims :smile:
  • Kalyps0Kalyps0 Posts: 35 Member
    Hello! I am a relatively new but very active player looking for more neighbours/friends. Please add me :)
    My code is: Q4HTEMY

    (Sorry if this gets posted 2x, forgot to add my friend code in orig post)
  • DeferredDevotionDeferredDevotion Posts: 1 New Member
    Looking for friends in th game to help me through just learning.... QQETM9Y
  • doljindoljin Posts: 1 New Member
    i m from south korea
    add me plz

  • im not much of a active player because i have school my friend code is

  • spiciersznspicierszn Posts: 1 New Member
    I give out stickers like candy and I wanna see your house! [b]Daily active player. [/b]

    Add me: [b]UX4KPMN[/b]
  • wait4f8wait4f8 Posts: 1 New Member
    Here’s my code! Look forward to playing together!

  • SamibearSamibear Posts: 6 New Member
    Here we go again ...

  • RumellKhan1RumellKhan1 Posts: 157 Member
    How do I know what my code is?
    24 hour Sims Challenge.

    1. Day 1. Create a replica of your home and you and those who live there.
    2. Day 2. Keep note of everything that your Sim does.
    3. Day 3. Do everything that your Sim has done.

    A timer would be a useful tool.
  • YofavpiscesYofavpisces Posts: 1 New Member
    Mines is GLD3N73
  • Lucylu86Lucylu86 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi all!

    Regular player (daily almost), I give stickers and host parties! Come join me QD99YCE

  • Daddysgirl1982Daddysgirl1982 Posts: 8 New Member
    Hi everyone. I'm looking for new friends. My character's name is Calleigh Duquense (after my favourite female csi in csi:miami).
    4GHQGHD is my code.
    I am also looking for the owner of my character's husband, Wendyam as I have sent them a request for him to move into my game to live with his wife and daughters (I can't remember how many they have), but I haven't had a reply from them yet.
  • Daddysgirl1982Daddysgirl1982 Posts: 8 New Member
    Hi everyone. Please can you send me a friend request as I'm not sure how to send them. I did have a friend request from someone, but it had expired before I had the chance to accept it.
    The only problem is that I can't remember the person's name who sent me the request.
  • JaneCaulfieldJaneCaulfield Posts: 1 New Member
  • PanDulceeeePanDulceeee Posts: 1 New Member
  • gerrymcilgerrymcil Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey folks,
    I've only been playing The Sims Mobile for a few weeks! I absolutely love it! Add me!!! :)

  • MiranaMirana Posts: 1 New Member
    My account:
  • Gideon1982Gideon1982 Posts: 1 New Member
    My account

  • CrittleCrittle Posts: 1 New Member
    My code is JXDFR7D. I try to play everyday. Lord knows, I spend way too much money on this game. 🤣
  • MissRynnnMissRynnn Posts: 1 New Member
    I’ve been playing daily, and I’m looking for more friends that are actively playing as well (:

    [b]Friend Code:[/b] 4ANCRJE
  • RiverOwynRiverOwyn Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi all! Been playing since the game released and looking for some daily players to be friends with! I go to parties and give stickers! Player name is Riverwoods, code is 7ET7VRG. 😁
  • ElkasElkas Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey everyone, I've been with the sims games for a long time but just started The Sims Mobile.
    (Created this account just for it lmao)
    Looking for friends to enjoy the game with.
    Player Name is Thomas, Code is 9RJ7JNA
    Look forward to talking to new people, thanks.
  • neuroandproudneuroandproud Posts: 67 Member
    Need more friends on Sims Mobile.

    My code is JPUPCVE
  • whoskristawhoskrista Posts: 1 New Member
    Need more friends on The Sims Mobile! My code is 46QNWDT
  • AeeshaAeesha Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi everyone first timer on this forum. I created the account to make friends on sims mobile. My code is Y7FMPMW
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