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❤ Chasing Hearts ❤ - Chapter 98 - 16 SEPT


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    yes the whole if i cant have him ... then you cant was pretty scary! @AudreyFld ... she needs a shoulder. I hope someone comes soon for her?
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    CHAPTER 85 - Abby Greene

    Victoria POV

    As days passed, Sean was not improving that much. I was released from hospital but everything Sean and I tried to accomplish with the hotel was put on hold and Beth was tying up all the loose ends for us while we were away. I sat in the hospital most days, trying to avoid Sean’s mother at all costs. She didn’t know me and I didn’t know her. And i didn't feel like it was a good time for us to meet. After all Sean was a known bachelor, would she just see me as some floozy who had no place being there? Beth ordered me to travel with private security everywhere I went even though I declined her offer. But she reminded me that it’s what Sean would do. So I reluctantly accepted.


    Samara Becke’s name and photo was pasted on magazines, newspapers and I knew it was only a matter of time before they caught her. But it didn’t make it easier to sleep at night knowing she was out there. I just couldn't believe they hadn't caught her yet after nearly a full week.

    I sat in the hall way of the ICU sometimes for hours waiting for Sean's Mum to pass by me. I was actually getting tired of waiting some days, and usually got Beth to call her out for me so I could go in. Sean had only a handful of people that came in, people who came with Beth and people who came with his mother. After I watched her leave again I went in past the nurse’s station. The nurses knew exactly who I was and often greeted me by name.
    “He’s got someone in there right now. Just letting you know…” one of the nurses smiled. I swung my head around shocked for a moment wondering who could be in there with him.


    I saw a dark haired female in there that looked similar to Samara from the back. I stormed towards the door standing close to the officer. The woman turned around with tears in her eyes and shook her head. I could tell this woman cared about him deeply.
    “Are you Victoria?” she asked standing up revealing a large pregnant belly.
    “Yes…” I said.
    “I don’t believe we’ve met, but I’ve heard a lot about you…” she smiled. Did Sean have a sister I didn’t know about? But as I came closer to her, I realised who she was.
    “Oh… oh you’re Abby Greene,” I said slightly shocked. She nodded trying to smile through her tears.
    “Yeah. So Sean has spoken of me?”
    “Yeah a few times.”


    “I can’t believe Sean is in love. He’s never been in love as long as I’ve known him. You must be someone really special Victoria…” she cried wiping her tears of her cheek holding out her hand. “Sorry my pregnancy hormones are killing me…” she giggled softly. I went to grab her hand but I actually felt like hugging her. I don’t know why.
    “Did you travel from Australia?” I asked as I pulled away.
    “They told me not to fly. But Beth told me they were bringing him out this week. So let’s just hope I can cross my legs and keep the baby in for the mean time…” she said rubbing her belly. I looked down at her knowing this was going to be me in 9 months. Emotions washed over me and I felt close to her, without even knowing her. I cried just staring at her swollen belly.


    “Are you alright…?” she asked.
    “Yeah. I just…” Abby looked down at herself and came closer.
    “Are you…?” she said knowing I was looking at her stomach.
    “Yeah. I am still processing it actually. I get really emotional every time I think about it. Because I don’t have anyone to share the joy with…”
    “Awww…” she said grabbing me in for a hug again. “Congratulations honey…” she said softly against my shoulder. “This baby is going to be beautiful… and I’m happy for you.  Plus I get to be an Aunt…” she said excitedly.


    I didn’t know Abby Greene at all, but she was great. She even made me smile when I saw Sean over her shoulder. “Hey I’ll leave my husband here with Seanny and we can go have some lunch okay? Let’s catch up and talk…” Abby said.

    After lunch I came back with Abby and I noticed Sean’s mum’s car in the car park out front. I had gotten to know where she parked daily. And I was over trying to dodge her.
    “So what’s his mum like? I have been trying to avoid her for days.” I asked.
    “Deidre? Huh? She’s nice to me now... But she wasn’t always nice. I met her when I was barely 18 and she had so many opinions about me. But were good now, Sean and her haven’t gotten along over the years because Sean lives his life quite loosely. And she is strict and just old fashioned I think. But c’mon I will introduce you…”
    “Oh no... no no no. I’m not ready. I don’t think I can…” I said stopping in my tracks.
    “They are waking him up today or tomorrow. Don’t you want to be that other person in the room when they do?” she asked. She was right. I did want to be there. I wanted to be one of them familiar faces in the room when his eyes opened.
    “Okay… but just don’t tell her about the baby.” Abby nodded and we entered the room together and Sean’s mother turned around. She actually looked a lot like him.
    “Dee, this is Victoria…” her expression softened and she smiled slightly.


    “I have seen you here every day. I just didn’t know you were Sean’s Victoria…”

    Sean’s Victoria? Did she know about me all this time?

    “Nice to meet you Mrs Hyatt…” I said nodding my head down.
    “It’s a shame we had to meet like this. But Beth has told me all about you. I didn’t even know my Sean had a girlfriend. It’s been a very long time for him…” she smiled.
    “I’m Deidre. It’s lovely to put a face to a name…”
    “Likewise…” I said awkwardly.
    “Now that you’re here, I will get an update from his doctors and see what is happening today…” she said touching my shoulder on the way out. Abby and I both walked towards the bed and her hand slid inside his.
    “I can’t wait to hear his voice…” she said. I talk to him on the phone a fair bit, but it’s not the same as actually being here…”
    “I miss him being cheeky. He’s either being a fool or giggling about something. He just has a look… that drives me wild at the same time. It actually took a long time to really see who he really was. I regret that. I regret being so guarded…” I said.


    “Ha, that sounds just like Sean. But he will make you drop every guard you have just by using the word ‘darling’,” she said poshly. I smiled knowing exactly what she meant. Because it was his favourite word.

    Sean’s mum came in with one of the neurosurgeons that I had seen many times this week and a few other doctors that had been looking after him consistently.
    “So Sean’s blood work is good. His oxygen has actually been stable for at least 24 hours. His recent scans are good and his head had recovered significantly. I think it’s time we lift the medication and give it a shot. But please be aware he may not come to right away or he might panic and we will have to put him back under if his blood pressure increases.” All three of us nodded in unison. “Okay, step over the other side of the bed please…” he asked. We all went over to the other side lined up alongside his bed and I just knew that all of us were praying on the inside. We watched eagerly as the doctors administered something into his IV and removed his ventilator. It was 5 minutes but it felt like a life time as Doctors stayed nearby monitoring his vitals.
    “C’mon darling…” his mother said softly. “Come back to us…” His fingers flinched slightly and his brows twitched. His eyes didn’t open. But he swung his arm up to pull the mask from his mouth.


    “Mr Hyatt. Can you hear us? It’s Doctor George… You’re okay,”

    C’mon Sean wake up…

    His pulse went up and his hands frantically pulled at the wires on his arms and his eyes fluttered.
    “2mg of Midazolam… please,” he asked another doctor. Injecting it straight into the IV. “This is just to help him calm down. It’s okay…” the doctor said trying to assure us. All of us had exactly the same expression plastered on our faces. Fear, worry and anxiousness. Sean was taking long laboured breaths and the doctors were consistently monitoring him until I heard,
    “Vic… Vic,” he whispered in a huffing breath squinting his eyes at me. I immediately took his hand and sobbed out loud almost in a joyous relief. His eyes scanned his mother for a moment and then Abby.


    He squeezed my hand and closed his eyes again a tear trickling out the side. The doctor nodded looking relived and Abby immediately turned to me and threw her arms around me.
    “He’s going to be okay…” she said crying. Deidre stood closer to the bed and rubbed his arm,
    “Mum’s here love… you’re alright…”
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    It was so fun to see Abby again! Can’t wait to see how this ends!
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    @AudreyFld abby will be around for a little while yet. i did a spin off, so there was a chance that we could see her again.
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    Super happy chapter! Wonderful to see Abby again makes me want to go back and reread Fine Lines again! :) As usual I am still on the edge of my seat to see what's next!
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    @haswh - abby will b around for a little while. half the reason i wanted to do chasing hearts is because i wanted my sean to find love...
    AND see abby greene again. to write her again ... to see their great friendship again.
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    Chapter 86 - Three Little Words


    On the days that followed, Sean remained in bed. He was still not quite there mentally. He was missing almost. His conscious state was always masked by strong pain medication and he seemed as if he was in a dream every time he tried to communicate. It was only ever one word at a time or two if I was lucky. But that was when his mother wasn't dominating the room. She did make it incredibly hard to even have a moment with him. But I liked to think that he knew I was there. 


    As days grew on I was getting to know Abby Greene and her husband really well. It was funny how I thought celebrities could be, and they proved to be completely the opposite. I thought she would have wanted to go into a massive hotel in London, but she settled to stay at Major hotels with me and Beth. She made me feel less lonely and I appreciated her a lot. She and I felt like long lost friends with a really common person at heart. She and I arrived early to the hospital just hoping we could get in before Deidre came to run the show.
    “I think she’s nice, but shes really overbearing. I get a mothers love ... is a mothers love … but I can’t even have a small conversation with him. I know he doesn’t really talk back much but, I want to say things to him. You know?” I said.
    “Huh, a mothers love? Pffft. I think if Sean was more with it, he would tell her to bugger off honestly…”
    “Why’s that?” I asked.


    “They had a falling out. And they have never been close. Like ever. I think she’s trying to make up for all the things she hasn’t done right in the past. I know in my heart Sean would want you at his bed side. Not her…” Abby smiled. As we arrived to the ICU Abby and I were able to go straight in knowing Deidre hadn’t arrived yet. Sean was laying up slightly in bed, which was a first in weeks. He saw us both in the door way and smiled before his eyes winced with emotion. Abby passed through first and Sean kept his eyes on me and waved. I smiled letting uncontrollable tears fall.
    “Hey beautiful man…” Abby said coming over and kissing his head.


    “Abz…” he whispered. “I miss…” he said seemingly in pain.
    “I know, I know… don’t say anything honey. I missed you too…” I approached his doctor and spoke with him,
    “How is he doing?”
    “Today were trying something new. A little less of the pain killers, to keep him alert. His vitals are great. His lung is still healing and he still needs the nasal specs for oxygen since his saturation does fall below normal. But it will get better as weeks go on. His rehabilitation is going to be long. He will need mental and physical rehabilitation and some mental health observation in case there is any signs of trauma. As we can tell he doesn’t have any long term memory loss and the recent short term loss is quite normal for his head injury. But we have a great neurologist working with him and we want to begin with baby steps. That’s why he is sitting today to see how his lungs are handling the sitting position. Tomorrow we will try sit him up a bit more… and them maybe try and get him to stand for a few seconds. I bet your looking forward to that aren’t you…?” he smiled at Sean. Sean nodded and looked relieved.
    “Is there a reason he isn’t talking much?”


    “I’m sure he wants to talk more ladies. But I imagine the pain would be quite extreme. As you know Victoria with the few cracked ribs you sustained in the accident, Mr Hyatt’s breast bone was broken from CPR and two of his ribs were completely shattered and several were crushed in several places. While some will repair on their own, breathing and talking is going to be difficult for weeks to come. He was very fortunate and a very lucky man. But I’m sure his talking will return to normal soon…” Sean gave a thumbs up and looked at me. He didn’t have to say anything. His eyes said it all. He was happy, relieved and glad I was here. Abby waved and headed towards the door.
    “I’ve missed you…” I said grabbing his hand. “I can’t even think right to do anything normal. Thank god I got Daphne and Beth holding my end up our end at the hotel…” Sean smiled and let go of my hand to touch my face.
    “So… Beautiful.”
    “I never thought I was going to see you again. I love you Sean…” I saw a tear come to the corner of his eye and he nodded.


    “I love you,” he huffed out. I kissed his lips for a brief moment and he still forced my head toward him again to kiss him once more.
    “We have so much to talk about. I just don’t know where to start. I never know when a good time is. You know?” I said thinking of the baby.
    “Dining room…?” he asked.
    “Oh no we don’t need to talk about work Sean. I want to talk about you getting better, we can talk about all that other stuff when you’re up and out of bed. Okay?”
    “No… call Beth…”
    “You really want this?” I asked. He nodded. “Okay I will try and piece things together for us. Because you want this. I signed them forms knowing you had my back … I knew I could do it, but it was more fun actually being side by side together…”
    “I know…” he said softly.
    “I’ll try my best. Until you’re at my side again…”

    I felt relieved having talked to Sean slightly. It was the most I had spoken to him in weeks. I was dying to tell him about the pregnancy but it wasn’t the right time. I hadn’t told him about Samara either. I was just always worried that with all the progress he was making that maybe he would go backwards. I wasn’t even sure how he was going to react to me being pregnant. I sought out Abby for assurance,
    “I told him I loved him today… I haven’t been in love since I was a teenager. Or whatever stupid idea I thought was love back then. I mean I got the butterflies around him before I even knew I was in love … but now I feel like I have this overbearing care… its ridiculousness. I mean I don’t even know… I mean I told him because I felt it. But I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel…?”


    “You’re feeling all the right things. And it only grows and gets better… and Sean is so dam loveable, how can you not right?” she chuckled.
    “I want to have a proper conversation about the pregnancy. I want to tell him. But I don’t know how he will react to the news. I want a proper response and reaction but I can’t get that when he can barely put 3 words together without holding his chest in pain.”
    “There will be a right time. And he will understand why you didn’t. I mean your only 6 or 7 week’s right? There’s plenty of time…” Abby added.
    “Did Sean ever want kids?” I asked.
    “I don’t know. Sean is a different Sean than I knew. He’s in love now… you know? I mean for the last decade he’s never come close to ever discuss commitment." she shrugged. 

    Would Sean want the whole package? Being in love was a big step for him apparently… but a baby too, was that just too much too quick after his rehabilitation?
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    Things are getting better slowly but surely. :)
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    Victoria.... stop doubting... that man’s worships you and will be thrilled about the baby! But .... glad he’s doing better and has his memories intact.
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    She said the L word first @AudreyFld
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    @xJojox wrote: »
    She said the L word first @AudreyFld

    She did! <3
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    Chapter 87 - Setting In


    I got straight to work the following day. I met up with Beth and my body guard and we went into London to speak with the people Sean had been meeting with. It was a little enlightening to understand and realise the process Sean was going through and why he had gotten so busy before the accident. On the way back from the hospital, Beth and I were driving home with my guard,
    “He seems pretty keen on starting this all up without him…” I said.
    “I know. I mean it’s his baby right…” Beth said. I glared at her for a moment.
    “His baby?”
    “Oh. And your baby…”
    “Who told you?” I said surprised.
    “Who told me what? I’m talking about the hotel. What are talking about?” she asked.
    “Nothing… I just misunderstood. But yeah this IS his baby. I wanted him to be there opening night,” I said nervously.
    “Victoria. You can’t just side step that. Are you pregnant?” she said smiling. I felt myself going red knowing I let it slip by accident.


    “Yes. But don’t tell Sean. It’s not the time right now… I will tell him when things settle down and I can get a proper reaction and a proper talk.”
    “Oh my god. Oh my god! You’re having a little Hyatt!” she said freaking out. I couldn’t help but smile at her because she seemed like a excited family member.
    “Its been such a roller coaster of emotions, and I am keeping the baby… but I don’t know nothing about babies. I’m not sure how to feel or how happy I should be with Sean not well yet. I mean I was trying to keep it under wraps. But now you AND Abby know…” I said shaking my head.
    “My lips are sealed but Sean is gonna be so happy. You should see him with Abby’s kids. He is like a natural born daddy and doesn’t even know it …”
    “Really?” I said feeling emotional. "Oh christ I’m bloody crying again. These pregnancy emotions are killing me. And through all this stuff that’s going on… I can barely keep it together. I was crying to an advert on tv last night about baby shampoo or something. The mother was holding the baby and the baby was touching her face … I and I just lost it,” I said crying unnecessarily.


    “If you’re not good with babies, you and Sean will do it together. And it won’t seem so hard. And I heard that Aisha and Everly are coming over with their grandfather… so you will get to see what he’s like them girls. It will melt your bloody heart. I mean bloody heck woman… my ovaries ache when I see a man being all lovely with kids…” Beth laughed.
    “Oh god, maybe I should tell him before then. I’ll be a blubbering mess otherwise…” I chuckled with her.

    When I returned to the hotel, I put Beth straight to work on employing a head hunter to find a top notch chef to work temporarily at Major hotels restaurant until Sean was fully rehabilitated. I thought that 3 months would be a good start for a head chef. Sean happily handed over his credit cards to me to handle and trusted me to do what I needed to do in order for things to run smoothly for us. I felt that excitement again, even though I knew I shouldn’t. But deep down I knew Sean would want this for all of us.

    The following few days I woke up bodily ill. Vomiting for what seemed hours. Trying to get anything done, seemed impossible.


    I was becoming just as useless to do anything as much as Sean was. I was making phone calls between bathroom sessions and Beth had a chef coming in to cook several dishes for us to taste test for him to create a menu. This was supposed to be exciting but I could barely keep anything down in the mornings til mid-afternoon. And then by evening I wanted to eat everything possible. Yesterday I ate so much and I over filled and was ill anyway. Whatever this morning sickness was, I hoped it would kindly go away.

    By the time the chef came in my stomach had settled and I introduced myself and took a picture of him and his food so I could show Sean.


    As he served plates up, Abby’s husband Justin grabbed the plates off the pass and he followed closely behind him,
    “Oh yum that looks awesome…” Abby announced.
    “Your pregnant... everything is awesome,” Justin said.
    “I hope you know your feeding a bunch of pregnant ladies here today,” Abby said.
    “That means only my vote and Beth’s count actually counts,” Justin said putting the plates down.
    “What dish is this…?” I asked politely
    “Poached lobster tail with cauliflower and butter sauce…” he nodded. Abby practically inhaled her food and plonked her fork down,
    “Ok you might want to hire this guy. If you don’t I will…” she laughed. I was poking about my plate delicately trying to stomach it. I ate a little bit of it and it was quite enjoyable but I could feel it swirling in my stomach.


    “Very nice, next plate please…” I smiled. I watched him walk away and rolled my eyes, “I feel like being sick,” I said feeling green.
    “I know you’re not feeling it right now … do you want us to taste? “Beth asked.
    “I’m stronger than this. I will just try to get through this. He has to be top notch, otherwise people are not going to keep coming back for slop.”
    “It was a nice little starter. I was quite happy with it. But I can call some more chefs so we have some good comparisons if you want?” she asked.
    “Yeah I think I have to explore a few options to make sure I get the best food here…” Abby rubbed her pregnant belly,
    “I will be here for all of this… for support…” she said sarcastically.
    “It’s all going to your bottom! Not your belly…” Justin laughed.



    “I can get away with it for maybe a month more… so why not?” she smiled. I liked the way she lightened my mood. It lead me to be able to stomach the rest of the tastings. I took photos of everything and I was actually dying to get to the hospital to show Sean. But I had to at least wait until the nausea went away. I didn’t want him to worry about me.
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    Loved this chapter! <3 Hopefully soon Sean won’t be the only that doesn’t know about Victoria’s pregnancy!
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    I sure hope Sean is as happy about this as Abby and Beth are! Also hope this morning sickness will go away soon! Loving all the chapters! <3
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    Chapter 88 - The Days Only Get Better

    “I just can’t do it…” I said to the physical therapist. I cried holding my hand up apologetically. “Sorry Trisha. I’m just frustrated…” I said gripping the rail harder
    “You have been going so well Sean. Your determination in the last three weeks has been incredible.”
    “I just want to go. You know. I wanna leave…”


    “I know. And I think you’re getting close. You only came off oxygen last week. All in good time okay? You will get there… I promise. But you just got to try okay. You have to try this posture for your ribs to be able to walk properly again. You can do it…” I took a huffing breath out and straightened my arms once more. I shakily held it wincing from the constant pinch I felt in my ribs. My legs felt like they had bricks tied to them and taking two steps was like trying to walk on water, it was impossible. I had physical therapy three times a day with the best physical therapist in London… and it was too much. The best part of my days were seeing Victoria, Abby and Justin.

    Abby and Justin had not gone back to Australia because the doctor here in London had forbidden her to fly back. She was going to have her baby here. And she was expecting the girls to arrive this week so they wouldn’t miss the baby’s arrival. Because Abby and Victoria had spent so much time together, they had built a bond so quickly, it was unbelievable. Victoria and I had gone from a talk to let’s have a date, to let’s just be together. She had become my primary carer and acted like a concerned wife when she spoke to my doctors.


    I liked the way she acted and I liked the fact that I even called her my girlfriend to my doctors and she smiled at me when she heard me say it. We were in love, and butterflies got me through my tough days. Which were more frequent than my good ones.

    But every day she came in with a smile and asked me how I was and we would have so many tender moments no matter what I was going through.


    She also had that fire in her belly to keep going with our hotel dream. It was coming together and opening night was just around the corner. I just knew I was going to check out for a night to surprise her to be there holding her hand. Her joy brought me joy… and she made me feel like I was there when I wasn’t. And she always made sure someone was here when she couldn’t be here.

    Just as I got back to my room from physical therapy a police officer came to the room. I was told he was coming, and I only just learned that Samara was the one who hit us.
    “Hello Mr Hyatt…” he said greeting me.


    “Any news on Samara?”
    “Not as yet. But we have the best officers working on it. I heard that your Mother has hired two private detectives to investigate and work with us as well. But this woman seems to have dropped off the face of the earth…”
    “Unfortunately I’m sorry I cannot be more helpful…”


    “Ms Major has given her statement about the hospital incident. And that incident led to some really good photos of her...”
    “What incident? I thought there was just the hit and run?” I said feeling confused.
    “Oh. Ok. Samara Becke actually come to the hospital. She threatened Miss Major with a gun. She actually unplugged your cords. She was able to fight her off and get some help for you,” The officer announced. I was angry.
    “So she hits me, practically kills me. Then tries again… and then threatens personally to kill Victoria? It’s been nearly six weeks since then. Why hasn’t she been caught? I mean you got the picture… what are you guys doing? This woman is a killer…” I said extremely tense.
    “Were doing everything we can Mr Hyatt… our traffic cams have lost her on highways, we suspect she has changed vehicles. But i do not think she is in London, or any where close by. We have been in contact with police in France...”
    “Look thanks for coming down. I appreciate the update…” I said nearly dismissing him. As soon as he left I immediately called my mother.


    “Why didn’t anyone mention about Samara in the hospital?” I started as soon as she answered.
    “We didn’t want to worry you with that Sean. But it is a high priority that she’s found.”
    “Okay I want you to arrange more security at the hotel. More guys trying to find that woman, and I want Victoria to have a personal driver at all times… She nearly killed Pammie, tried to kill Victoria twice now… I dunno mum I don't think she’s safe. I just have this nagging feeling in my gut,” I said feeling anxiety build.
    “Okay calm down. Calm down... I’ll organise that for you. Okay. Take a breath… would you prefer her at the Hyatt with us?”
    “No mother. She… has a lot to do and to keep up with at our hotel. It’s impossible for her to do that.” I announced.
    “Okay. Well I’ll get a few more guys on this okay…” I was literally powerless to protect her, and if Samara could walk into a hospital with a gun… how easy would it be to walk into Major hotels with one?

    Just as i got off the phone Victoria came in.
    “Look look!!!” she said giving me a newspaper.
    “We advertised yesterday for opening night…. And we booked out for the 6pm and 8pm sessions for an entire week. I’m so excited. Daphne said the calls just keep coming. That PR guy is… AH-mazing.” She said joyfully.


    “C’mere you… I’ve been waiting all day for those lips…” I said drawing her in for a kiss.
    “Mmmmm” she said enjoying it.
    “I can’t wait til I get back home. I need you…” I said breathing heavily against her neck. Victoria’s body shuddered and I knew she felt the same way I did.
    “Some things are worth waiting for…” she smiled.
    “You are worth all of it.” I said tenderly.
    “Sean… I have tell you something,” she said sounding emotional. “I have wanted to say it for the last 6 weeks. But you were out, and there’s just been so many people coming in and out… I haven’t been able to be honest about something…” she paused. Tears came shortly after and I held her hand.
    “Your worrying me darling, what’s happened?” I said.


    “I’ve been waiting til you were up like this and we were talking properly again. Where I knew I could tell you and get a real reaction from you? You have been really well for a whole week... But now I’m just scared…” she sobbed. She reached for my hand and placed it on her stomach. “Sean I’m pregnant…” The news hit me so shockingly, that I kind of held my breath for a moment.
    “Really?” I said as my voice wavered with emotion.
    “I’m about 13 or 14 weeks now…” I rubbed her stomach and as much as it hurt I lent over and placed my head on her stomach for a moment. When I got up my face was plastered with tears.


    “I’m happy.." I gasped "I’m so happy right now…” She nodded at me frantically and cried too.
    “Were going to have a baby…” she sobbed.
    “Oh my god Vicky. This is the happiest day of my life, I mean that...” I said flicking a lonely tear off my cheek. She cried harder and then it seemed like she was laughing with happiness. But I was stunned to speechlessness. I had no words. But the emotion was all over our faces. I didn’t think she would be as happy as this, and I honestly didn’t know I would be either. But having a baby to the first woman I loved, seemed like no better thing.

    I was going to be a dad …
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    A super sweet and wonderful chapter! <3
    I sure hope they find Samara soon! She is evil! >:)
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    The only thing still hanging over them is Samara.... She’s baaaad.
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    CHAPTER 89 - This Man's Going Home...

    I was determined at physical therapy to get walking. Even if I was walking around with a stick. I was going to get out of this hospital before the restaurants opening night. Either way I was checking out regardless of the pain. My vitals were perfect and my blood work was perfect. I had an MRI only a few days ago that saw everything had returned to normal. It was just my back, legs and upper abdomen that lagged behind.
    “Tell me I’m free to go. Tell me I can do this… I will see you still three times a day everyday if I can just go Trish…”
    “You’re walking now a lot stronger than last week. And you are able to walk aided with a stick. So yes… I will go and sign your forms…” she said.


    “Thank you!” I said relieved. And just in perfect time. Opening night… was tonight. Victoria had been in already today and told me she would call me later during service to tell me how everything was going. But there was no need. Her man was coming home.

    After a lot of signing out and trying to keep my release a secret, I decided to call forward to my tailor and get a suit for tonight so I could arrive dressed up to surprise her. I knew it was going to be a task to get dressed alone ... so I called Justin in to give me a hand while asking Abby to keep her mouth shut about me coming home.

    While at the tailors Justin helped me out of the clothes and passed me some of my clothing while I was seated.
    “So I heard about Victoria. Congratulations big daddy…” he said shaking my hand.
    “I know it spun my whole world. I still don’t know how to express my happiness other than think about how lucky I am. It’s a beautiful feeling...”
    “You’re not getting all gushy are you?” Justin said rolling his eyes.


    “Shut up! DO you remember when you found out about the twins? You practically burst into tears every time we talked about you being a dad."
    “Okay, okay…” he said recalling.
    “I asked Abz not to bring the girls into hospital, because I didn't want them to see me hurt. But I can’t wait to see them…” I smiled.
    “They’re getting big. It will blow your mind… you gotta hold them tight where they are babies mate because it doesn’t last long…”
    “Do you know what you guys are having?” I asked.
    “Abby and I both don’t want to know. Since Abby wants this one to be the last one. What about you? Are you going to find out?” he asked.
    “I guess I will go with whatever Vic wants to do…” Every time I spoke about the idea of a baby a smile plastered my face, and any physical pain I felt in my body just disappeared. My mental state healed my inside and I knew that I would come out good on the other side when my rehab was done. My plans and hopes for the future were exciting. And this was the night, my first night to start my future with Vic.
    “I mean Vic and I we’ve always had that fire, and we literally went from hating each other to being lovers in a week. Then she’s pregnant and she’s been like the best hand to hold in these past weeks. I’m just ready for everything…”
    “Even the ring mate? I mean that would be a stretch right? Sean Hyatt ‘the ultimate bachelor’” he said with quoting fingers.


    “Yeah even the ring. I mean Jus… remember the night you and Abby just decided to have it all? I was there remember? I want that now. I might have been chasing skirts all these years, but I’ve got her heart… that's better than anything I've ever had.”
    “You’re getting real deep. This is so not like you. You’re a different bloke now Sean.”
    “I feel different.”
    “Love will do that to ya…” he laughed.
    “Ugh look at us talking about love and stuff. Who ever thought?”
    “Let’s get you to the hotel so we can have a beer. Too much gushy stuff for me. I will congratulate you tonight the way a real man should with that drink...” Justin chuckled.
    “You got it…” Justin said passing my pants. I felt like a real crippled when he had to help them up my legs until I could grab them and buckle myself up.
    “And were never going to talk about this… like ever…” Justin laughed. I laughed along with him and he threaded my arm through my jacket.


    The hotel from the front looked fantastic and she had it all lit and red carpeted like she said she wanted it. Even though the hotel side was still in dire need of a spruce up, the restaurant was going to be a hit. People were dressed fancy and I could see Victoria in a beautiful dress through the window ushering people through.


    “Oh look at her in that dress, you can tell she’s actually showing… like just a tiny bit swollen than her usual flat stomach. Oh she’s beautiful…” I said admiring her. Justin came to my side and helped me up and passed me my stick and aided me to the steps.


    “Okay mate, I got it. I got it… I want her to see me come through on my own…” Justin stayed slightly behind me and I blended with the guests and Victoria’s face lit up as bright as the moon when she saw me. She covered her face and pulled the most happiest of smiles before she fanned her face trying not to cry.
    “Oh my god you made it… I’m so happy right now…”
    “I kinda kept it a secret. I needed to be here for this.” Victoria kissed me. She didn’t care whether she was ushering people or not and neither did I. This was a good day for us. I lined up beside her holding her hand and using my other hand to shake hands of quests as they were brought through to the front of house attendant to seat them.
    “This is wonderful…” I said when the queue died down. “And you look wonderful…”
    “I think this is the last time I’ll be wearing this dress. My butt has got big for some reason… UGH it’s probably Abby filling me up with pregnant lady junk food…” she laughed.
    “I saw you from outside. I could see our baby swelling through your dress…”


    “Do you think I’m showing?” she asked excitedly.
    “Definitely. It’s very beautiful…”
    “It’s nice to see you back in a suit…” she said sexily.
    “You know I am still a very injured man…” I said cheekily.
    “Oh I know. But doesn’t mean I can’t do very … VERY bad things to you later,” she said seductively. I knew I was going to need a minute away from everyone after that. I looked at her seemingly embarrassed turning away from the doors. Victoria giggled and I shook my head at her knowing she was just as cheeky as I was.

    It was so good to be home...
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    I'm so happy that Sean made it for opening night! Victoria is gorgeous in that dress and looks great slightly pregnant! Loved this chapter! <3 Looks like things are going so wonderful! :) I am worried though about Samara! :#:o>:)
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    That last picture.... *melts* <3
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    Chapter 90 - Could The Day Get Any Better?
    A few suggestive pictures here. No blatant nudity. But i have linked them elsewhere incase.

    The following day Victoria and I still reeled with excitement after opening night as we awoke in bed.
    “I can’t believe the amount of money we made last night. I could barely clear that in 4 weeks of casual stays. I mean if we can keep it up, it will be great…”
    “It’s the matter of consistency that keeps the business flowing. As the profit continues ... the food pays for itself and then some. Weekends are always going to be the best nights, but I was thinking about getting a food critic in to get some more exposure. At the end of the day... St Albans is only a half an hour out of London. And were going to make this place … the place to be. London is such an expensive to stay. And a lot of tourists look for a spot that’s cheaper and really nice. So I think if we can change everything a little and maybe initially offer cheaper rates, the traffic might increase. And word of mouth will always be one of the most powerful things in this business. But I think we need to discuss things beyond this dining room now, since that will run itself…” I announced.


    “Do you want to remodel?” Victoria asked.
    “Not remodel, just give everything a makeover really. Maybe some new bedding, a coat of paint. Some new carpet…”
    “Maybe we should make some more money first, before you put any more money into this Sean… you paid for that whole dining room and kitchen...” she said concerned.
    “Darling, I want to do this. I want this to be #2 in Britain. I want this for you so you get to see your fathers hotel flourish. I feel like i'm starting from the ground up here ... and I want to see if I can do this too. I don’t mind putting the funds in honey… this is ours for now, let me put some paint on the walls,” I said playfully.
    “I feel like I should contribute too. Give me half the costs to owe it back to you…” I lent up on my good arm and looked at her.
    “You know ever since you told me you were pregnant… I liked to think that what was yours, was mine too,” I said rubbing her belly. “So whats mine is yours too Vic. I see us being together… not for the time to see you out of debt. But … always. You don’t owe me anything,” I smiled.


    “Mixing business with pleasure like this… having my partner, be my partner is just foreign space for me. I’ve never shared, or had anyone provide for me. I’ve always had to dig my way out of every problem,” she said looking glum.
    “Not anymore… I mean you do know your man has money right?” I said jiggling my eyebrows.
    “Why do you think I’m with you?” Victoria laughed sarcastically.
    “Oh!” I scoffed playfully. I lent over her and kissed her gently, “Are you sure it’s not because of this?” I said kissing her neck.
    “Nope…” she said as I wriggled my body closer to her.
    “Are you sure?” I said planting a kiss on her chest.
    “You’re going to injure yourself Sean…” she whispered.
    “Please?” I asked. Victoria giggled and swept her leg over my pelvis.
    “At least I have some control, you'll break your bloody hip otherwise…”
    “Oh I love it when you talk dirty darling,” I chuckled.


    Not long after I got up and took a gentle shower using a plastic stool to sit down while Victoria stood at the sink and looked a little upset.
    “Do you think we can raise a baby here Sean?” she asked.
    “You were raised here right?”


    “Well yeah. But I never really had a house you know? It was kind of a hotel room with mum and dad. I want to be here, but I just want our baby to have something normal.”
    “I was raised in boarding school by grumpy old witches… but my younger years I spent in hotels too. I know how your feeling. The swing in the yard, the porch, the fence, setting up a nursery and having your own kitchen and living room where we can all spend it together. It’s normal to want that dynamic…” I said to her.
    “I figured I would just live here my whole life without ever wanting that…” she said approaching me with a loofah. “Here turn around…” she said soaping up the sponge.


    “Do you want to get a house? I mean we need 6 months before we have to pay your step mother. After that we can spend profits on hiring a general manager so we can have a home away from here…”
    “You think?” she asked.
    “It’s not going to be the same when the baby comes. The hotel will have to take a back seat. There is going to always be another little person more important than this...”
    “You’re totally right… I’m just getting used of all these new staff that we employed last week. The wait staff, kitchen hands and front of house dining manager. It’s just been me Daph and Carl for a long time. Obviously I’ve had cleaning staff every day but, everything is changing. And I’m coming to realise why this place was falling apart. It’s because I didn’t have people to help me keep it together…”
    “Good change right?” I asked as she washed my back.
    “Every change recently has been good. And you coming back last night just makes me feel even better about everything to come. I’m so happy babe…”


    “Is that my pet name?” I asked.
    “Do you like it?” she smirked.
    “Yeah… I don’t think I’ve been anyone’s babe… this is all new to me too…”

    After a struggle with getting dressed I looked forward to going down stairs for brunch to meet up with the Abby and Justin's girls who arrived in London yesterday afternoon. Even though I didn’t see them because of opening night, I was eager to see how much they had grown. I naturally went for the stairs even with my stick to go down before Victoria ushered me into the lift.
    “I will still never get used of this…” I said knocking the stick against the wall.
    “You’re determined so it won’t be long…”
    “What if I always have it?” I asked.
    “A sexy man with a spanking stick? What else could a girl want…?” she giggled.
    “You have gone far too long without me darling…” As I came out of the elevator and walked across the lobby… I saw the girls waiting in the doorway of the dining room.
    “Uncle Sean!!!” They both shrieked in unison.


    “Oy! Careful. Careful…” Abby yelled as they ran towards me to full intent to dive on me.
    I arched my arms around each of them at my side and squeezed their shoulders tight.


    “I told you we would see each other real soon didn’t I?” I said feeling emotional. I had missed the last year of their life, and it was wonderful to see them.
    “Were 6 now…” Aisha said.
    “I know. You guys got so big! I’ve missed your little faces…” I turned to Victoria who was barely keeping it together.
    “C’mon little ladies let's have some lunch okay?” I said holding their hands into the dining area. Both Aisha and Everly fought to sit beside me and Victoria sat across the table with Abby and Justin watching on at the excitement the girls felt. I was feeling just as much joy. Victoria was just quiet but had some kind of admiration on her face that I couldn’t explain. I loved feeling like this.
    “Oh god, I hate to break up lunch but my water just broke…I'm bloody leaking all over your new carpet Sean...” Abby announced.
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    Wonderful! :)
    I hope they do get their own place and it sounds like they are very happy. Abby's children are so cute and they love Sean as much as we all do!
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    Chapter 91 - A New Baby...

    After deciding to go to the same hospital in London that I was in, the paparazzi finally got wind of Abby Greene being in town. Because her trip was abrupt and she had been staying in the hotel in St Albans, reporters had stayed out of the loop. But it was nearly hard for her to get through the ER doors when we all arrived.


    After having an initial exam Abby insisted that I still took the girls out to lunch because she was convinced the labour was still going to be hours.

    After lunch, I asked Victoria to return to the hospital with the girls while I ran a few errands since we were in London. I promised her I wouldn’t be long and that she shouldn’t worry. I actually had time to dig up the hotel blue prints and call up a well-known London architect and interior designer. Victoria knew a change was coming to the hotel, but she was never going to anticipate this. After our chat this morning about us raising a baby in the hotel, I wanted to give Victoria what she wanted … because deep down, I wanted it too. I passed the blue prints to the architect and he observed the lower floor of the hotel, which was usually reserved for staff. It was my idea to try and change several rooms into a home for the 3 of us.
    “My girlfriend and I are expecting a child. And I want to knock out all these walls here…” I said pointing to the plans, and make a three bedroom with a living area and kitchen.


    I want this to function like an actually home. Not a hotel. There are two other floors for that. These rooms have not been used for a very long time. They are currently used for storage. If you would like to come down and take a look you’re more than welcome and I will make a couple of calls and let my staff know you’re coming…”
    “Yes of course. What kind of time frame would you like the first floor plans?”
    “As soon as possible. So I can process the building and tradesman to get the job done. And hopefully when that’s done, my girlfriend and I can choose some interior to fulfil these ideas,” I nodded. I pulled out a cheque book and wrote a cheque for 200,000 pounds to get him started.
    “This is very generous Mr Hyatt. I will make this my number one priority…” I held out my hand and shook his, “You will hear from me by the end of the week with your new blue prints."


    “If you do a good job on this, I may have another large job for you involving an entire hotel makeover,” I smiled. He seemed taken aback and looked keen for me to leave just to start immediately.
    “Will not let you down sir…” he said formally.
    “Good day…” I said leaving his office.

    When I arrived back at the hospital I had all the paparazzi in the front of the hospital trying to ask me a bunch of questions about the accident, Samara Becke and Abby. For a guy with a walking stick they were completely relentless and quite pushy. I stopped into the gift shop and bought a giant bunch of flowers and a plush teddy bear and held it under my arm walking slowly to the maternity ward.


    I honestly couldn’t wait to sit. I saw Victoria waiting in the visitor’s area with the two girls, and I could see the pair of them talking her ear off. Just as I came through Justin came back and ushered them away to go with him.

    “Hey there you are. I honestly thought you got lost!” Victoria said grateful to see me.
    “You know how were talking about interior design and giving the hotel a spruce up? Well I took the opportunity to go see that designer to ask what he thought. I gave him the lay out and told him to draw up a few ideas for décor and such…”
    “That’s exciting. When are we going to see them?” she asked.
    “Well you remember before the accident we were heading to the decorator?”
    “Yes,” she said sadly.
    “Well this is the guy, I just avoided him coming down and gave him the plans. Just let him do what he needs to do. No more crossing roads for us!” I joked.


    “Don’t say that. Do you know when I come to a curb to get in a car, I freak out. But I can understand why you did this. I know you want to keep us safe…” she said pressing her head on my shoulder.
    “Are you excited about Major hotels décor changing though? Colour change and some of the furniture replaced?” I asked.
    “Everything’s changing, and it’s been good so far. I don’t see how anything could be bad from here,” she smiled at me.
    “The change has been good. I’ve been incredibly lucky…”
    “I know. You completely dodged a bullet Sean. You literally came back from the dead…”
    “Well I must have died and gone to heaven darling because you’re an angel. That’s why I’m lucky.”
    “Oh god, I hope you don’t expect me to be THAT charming Sean Hyatt. Because I just don’t have a way with words. But are you trying to make my heart melt?”
    “No. I just mean it…” I said being sincere.
    “I feel lucky too. I feel lucky in love…”
    “See there you go, you can make my heart skip a beat.” She smiled up at me and rested it there.


    It had been hours and Victoria and I had come in and out of the Labour ward while Abby was in Labour. She was right, it was long.
    “You’re doing fantastic honey…” I said touching her clammy forehead. She wasn’t currently at the pushing stage, but her contractions were awful. And everyone nearby felt helpless when her contraction went from 1 to 10. Victoria looked at me and she looked a little scared.
    “This will be you in about 5 months….” She said finally winding down. “But it’s so worth it…” she huffed.
    “Well I’m officially traumatised though…” Victoria laughed.
    “Do you want to watch the birth?” Abby asked her.
    “Errr… hummm,” she said wincing.
    “Look after my first birth, you lose all dignity to not give a dam who is here. So I want you to be here. I want you to see this. C’mon Sean make her do it…” she said looking at me.
    “Up to you darling? I’m going to stay up here though," I said walking up to the top of the bed, "I’m so not watching all the blood and guts going on down there …” I said shuddering as I took Abby's hand.


    “Oh you big girl…” Abby laughed before she cringed and went into another full contraction.
    “Who’s watching the kids?” Victoria asked.
    “They're with Dad. They are having dinner with him…” Justin announced. Abby was beginning to get uncomfortable and it seemed as if the contractions were beginning to topple on each other aggressively. Justin pushed the buzzer on the wall and a nurse came in casually. I stood over to the side of the room with Victoria out of the way and behind the curtain while they examined her.
    “You’re ready to go Mrs Greene…”
    “SEAN! SEAN, get your butt out here and take my other leg!”
    “Seems like she’s not joking. You better go do it…” Victoria said nudging me behind the curtain. I stood up behind the curtain and watched a nurse come in and drape a white sheet across the bed. Justin already grabbed a leg and I hooked my arm underneath her and held the other one.



    It actually felt a little surreal. This was going to be me soon with Victoria. Just as I stopped thinking, Abby was screaming furiously and pushing hard when Victoria popped her head behind the curtain and stood there looking mortified. After a good 20 minutes of pushing, crying and probably every single swear word in the book the nurse announced,
    “Here’s the head, c’mon Abby just a few more big ones…”
    “I can’t, I can’t…” she cried to Justin. “I just can’t…” Just as she finished saying that, an instinct came out of nowhere and saw her turning completely beet red before flopping back onto my shoulder,
    “Sean… thank you being here…” she gasped to say.
    “Who ever thought you’d be having your baby here in London?”
    “You know I’m always here okay… No matter where I am...”
    “So am I… C’mon give it another push darling…” I whispered. Abby prepped herself for another while Justin kissed her hand and encouraged her. She was defeated. She was wrecked. I looked over at Victoria who was a face full of emotions. She was crying. After a push Abby signed relief and the doctor announced,
    “It’s a boy!” Abby hugged Justin immediately and I let her leg down and went over to Victoria and hugged her hard.


    “Oh my god that was amazing...” she said muffled into my shoulder. Victoria and I watched over watching Abby and Justin cradle their newborn son. Showering him with a kiss each and adoring gaze. Justin had tears, and I knew this was going to be me too. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it together knowing the feelings I felt right now.
    “What are you going to call him?” Victoria asked.
    “I actually never thought. The only name that went through my head in the last few weeks was yours Sean. When I thought I was going to lose you…”
    “You can’t name your baby after me, name it after him…” I said pointing to Justin. “I might want to call MY son Sean.” I finished.
    “Ugh we are sooooo not calling our baby Sean Hyatt, one Sean Hyatt is enough…” Victoria announced laughing.


    “Sean Silverman sounds really nice… regardless of how you pulled through, and being in London right now. It seems fitting for me. I really want to call the baby Sean. You’re my best friend, and you’re his uncle,” Abby said looking at the baby. I looked at Justin who was nodding his head in agreeance.
    “It’s true we were talking baby names when you were out man. And it’s the only name we had. Just coz you’re here… doesn’t make it different for us. It just means we get to take this Sean home with us to Australia…”
    “Oh god…” I said a lonely tear coming.
    “Abby and Justin … I’m absolutely honoured.” Victoria squeezed my arm tightly and I stared back at her.

    After the baby was weighed and cleaned up baby Sean did the rounds and finally came to me. It had been 6 years since I held a baby this little, I remembered holding Aisha and Everly for the first time when i looked down at baby Sean. Victoria was standing next to me a blubbering mess and Abby poked fun at her before I passed the baby to her.


    “Look at him…” she said her lip quivering. “I am so happy I’m pregnant right now. I want one of these…” she said turning her tears into laughter.
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    That was an awesome chapter! <3 So happy for all of them! :)
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    Chapter 92 - Moving On


    A month later, Abby, Justin, Baby Sean and the girls returned home to Australia. It was quite an emotional exit for all of us. We had got that used of them being around, it was hard to imagine them not being here with us,
    “I swear if our hotel gets big, and stays big all on its own. I would happily move anywhere with you Sean…” Victoria said.
    “I do love Australia darling. But for now home is here for us. And don't worry about Abby, she is an international superstar. We will see her every year. I guarantee. And if we don’t we will take a couple holidays every year to catch up…”
    “It’s funny, I just felt how close she was to you, and I felt that closeness with her right away. I don’t know why I felt like that…”
    “You’ve changed. You’re not the same. You think different and connect different… maybe as a woman. As a mother…” I shrugged.
    “Well I’ve had a good insight to babies. I could have held that little boy forever…”
    “You will get to hold our baby soon…” I said looking at her beautiful pregnant belly.
    “Not soon enough…” she said entwining her fingers with mine.
    “I want you to stay all swelling like this, it’s gorgeous…”
    “What? Big and bloody fat? I mean have you seen the size of my butt lately?”



    “Have you seen the size of your breasts lately?” I smirked.
    “Oh your cheeky!” she said slapping me. Just as she slapped me Victoria was taking out a book and checking lunch reservations.
    “Lunch is booked again…” she announced, “Ever since that critic came and gave us a fantastic review, the lunch and dinner reservations are booked for nearly a month…”
    “I saw that critic quote. How did you like it? I noticed he added a 'family run' hotel…”
    “Yeah I did notice. I liked it. I smiled. I mean we introduced ourselves and he noticed we were holding hands and I was pregnant. I guess… he assumed…” she trailed off.
    “Assumed what exactly?”
    “Maybe he assumed we were like married? Or something?” she shrugged.


    Victoria and I had officially been together for three months, lovers for five months … and in my head I was still thinking it was too soon. I always saw myself as a traditional man and wanting marriage before children. But only 5 months ago Victoria was ready to run just by asking me on a date. Maybe she had changed, but it would be a mistake to not just enjoy this without the pressure of marriage. I loved Victoria more than anything, but maybe I really wasn't the marrying kind.

    Was I ever actually going to be ready to marry anyone?

    After the lunch diners had finished, I got the head chef to whip up something off the menu for Victoria and I to enjoy.
    “I have a surprise for you…” I said pulling out a folder from under the chair.


    “Oh?” she said mid bite in what seemed like the best fish dish ever. Victoria grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth and pushed her plate to the side looking at the folder.
    “Hmmm what’s this?” she asked mid chew looking at a blue print. It was unfamiliar to her and she shook her head shrugging at me, “It’s a house saying first floor?”
    “Turn the page…” I said. She flipped the page and stared it almost knowing what it was but still slightly confused. “Does the second floor look familiar?” I asked.
    “OH yeah, this is the hotel. Did the interior guy get back to us?” she said resuming her lunch.
    “Turn back to page one again…” Victoria rolled her eyes at me first… and did what I said wondering what she was looking at.


    “Hey… is this? Our floor one? Like the rooms behind the office?” she asked. I nodded and she looked closely at the plans once more. “Sean this is a house…”
    “Our house. Here… Not a hotel room. A house….” I announced.
    “Oh my god. Oh my god it has … a baby room. And a kitchen and bathroom…” she said plonking the fork down and ran over the other side of the table hugging me.


    “Are you okay with this?”
    “Sean we have been living with each other in a hotel for the last 3 months. Of course I’m okay with this! But a house? I’m actually so excited…” she said joyfully before she covered her mouth and started sobbing. “It’s a house within a hotel…”
    “I may not be able to give you the white picket fence honey but…”
    “Oh bugger the fence. This is beautiful…” she said excitedly. She pulled away from me and sat at the table again staring at the house plan.
    “It’s got everything Sean. It’s got everything a house in the suburbs would have. How did you do this?” she asked.
    “Well that interior guy, designed this and he wants up to pick out some colours, cabinetry and tiles. And basically wants to decorate it for us. But I want you to pick everything darling. I want this to be what you dreamt of. I already got my dream… I want this to be yours…"
    “I haven’t done one ounce of baby shopping. I’ve been looking forward to it…” I put my hand in my pocket and slid over a credit card,
    “Go absolutely nuts darling,” I said placing my hand on hers. Victoria lent on her other fist and just smiled at me shaking her head.
    “If I rewound my life a year ago and watched what was happening right now in these last few months … I would have never believed it. I’m so glad you never gave up on me…”
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