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Gloomy Legacy: a Goth legacy [being tested]

ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
Long or normal life span
Rest of the world (unplayed ect houses) can be aged up or not and filled up as you choose. You could replace them all with some from the gallery for example or stick with what gets spawned.
Choose heir rules based on pinstars legacy rules, if you want to keep score you can also base it off that wonderful system.

Generation one: Mortimer and Bella
Story: You love each other very much but you dont quite see eye to eye all the time. Mortimer would much rather focus on building skills and writing books but he keeps getting dragged into parties his wife throws at the house. She however starts to throw parties in other locations without him. Can these two stay together when their interests take them in separate directions?
•Must complete their aspirations
•Purchase a knight of the octagon table before Mortimer is an elder. (This one is the “will being written” and stored in the household inventory.)
• Have one final kid before Mortimer is an elder. They can adopt after if you want but they have to have one more genetic child.
•Bella can not remarry even after Mortimer passes on.

Generation two: Cassandra, Alexander, and another.
Story: Your parents always seem to be fighting and making up. Disappearing into their own worlds and coming out of it whenever they want. They don’t spend as much time with you kids as you’d like so things are a little gloomy around the house. Cassandra could care less about the rest of the family and decides to work for her own money so that she can leave as soon as she can. (She doesn’t count as first born if that is a requirement for heir, but feel free to play her in her own lot when she moves out as a young adult with only current household age up on, everything else off)
• Cassandra must get a teenage job, and move out as a young adult. You only have her teenage years to get points from her.
• Alexander follows in his father’s footsteps with writing books, but he mainly spends his time on the computer with programming and video gaming.
• Third child focuses on posting gloomy art. Must paint at least one sad painting.

Generation Three: the tech gen
Story: Because of uncle/father Alexander’s tech skills , your heir sim is obsessed with computers.
• Computer whiz aspiration is a requirement to be completed by a generation three sim.
• May only have one genetics blood born child.
• love the color grey, clothes and room must have a grey theme.
• have an excellent relationship with Alexander

Generation four: bringing back the music
Story: This generation still has the gloomy feeling of the past generations and shows it through their music. They want the world to know the feeling of their family, and how it feels to be a lonely only child.
•pipe organ or piano must be maxed as well as violin.
•great aunt Cassandra is a bit of an idol and if shes still alive they must make best of friends with her.

Generation five: the turn around generation
Story: You can’t stand the gloomy atmosphere of your ancestors. When you become a young adult and receive the lot as your heritage you decide to rewrite history. Saving the most important objects of your families history you pay to have the house demolished and rebuilt with a sunny disposition instead.
• personality traits of the heir must have cheerful included.
• rebuild the lot with a much more cheerful look instead of the gloomy look of the original goth home.
•jokestar aspiration must be completed.
• yellow, or orange must be included in the remodel as a heavy influence to show a sunny disposition.

Generation Six: the artist
Story: With such a loving bright environment, you can’t help but be inspired! You feel the creative juices flowing and really get into your artistry. You fall in love with one sim and want to spend the rest of your life with them. You can’t help but find the romance in everything.
• painting or photography must get maxed by this heir.
• grow a lovely garden
• have a soulmate and be a gushy romantic.
• one trait must be romantic.

Generation Seven: it’s in the genes
Story: You can’t help yourself, the gloomy, the jokester, the fascination with the macabre are in your genes. You desire to be mischievous. Pulling pranks on people gives you life and you love the dark colors. Be it dark Royal purple, or a deep navy blue or even black; it doesn’t matter because you love it! And you can’t help yourself when it comes to other people’s things.
• max mischief skill
•redecorate house /heirs rooms to be dark colors.
• join the criminal career track
•kleptomaniac trait

Generation Eight: The victim of the family tree
Story: Everything is always going so well for your family despite them being so gloomy or mischievous. You can’t stand it. Other people are always so happy and don’t necessarily have as much as you have received in heritage.
• must have insane trait
•complete the collector aspiration

Generation Nine: Party Animal
Story: The blood of your ancestor Bella has come back in you and you just want to go out and party. Every time something is going on you just have to go no matter what time it is or how tired you are.
• Accept all requests to go out. Go to every festival that comes up.
• Have a work from home job. (Like critic for example)

Generation Ten:the giver
Story: Gloomy gloomy gloomy! Your family has always been thinking about themselves! They’ve got plenty of money, a beautiful house(especially after that remodel)! But they don’t give to charity. You strive to donate every chance you get to one charity or another and help people in need.
•Adopt 5 foster kids
•donate daily to a charity on the computer (or at least once a week)
•toss money at people you see playing music in the park.
• run for political career
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  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    And Leaving this post to link to sims lits/lets plays if anyone else decides to take on the challenge. ^-^
  • CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 22,681 Member
    This looks cool!
    Cathy Tea's SimLit Anthology

    Dragon Name: Hywicoes | House: Ravenclaw | Wand: Dogwood, Unicorn hair 11 ¼" , Suprisingly Swishy
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    Thank you Cathy. :) I will probably fiddle with it some more as I play test it. So far it is going wonderfully.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    edited December 2018
    I'm looking to redecorate/repopulate Willow Creek during second and maybe even third gen. If anyone would like to be in my story. Feel free to submit sims / lots ^-^

    A few notes:

    Expansion Packs owned: Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Seasons
    Game Packs Owned: Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Jungle Adventure
    Stuff Packs owned: Backyard , Kids room , Romantic Garden, Spooky, Perfect Patio, my first pet, Holiday Celebration, Grim's Ghoulish Guitar
    I don't use CC right now
    If its in the pack it's allowed. Yes that means pets too! :D

    If you’re interested:

    I need Gallery ID and the name its downloaded as. #GloomyLegacy or #MsShadami if you want to add a tag
    Give me background information that might be useful when a character shows up in town.
    Do you have a house you would like them to live in. Build it, upload it. Share that with me too! I feel like looking at new sims and houses.

    @AdamsEve1231 Just checking, but is Gage supposed to be bald? Just making sure hair didn't fall off. xD
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  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    edited March 2018
    @Munterbacon I chose Barbosa, Rivers and the Neon Sirens, both lost a little bit of items I didn't have so I'm going to do my best to edit them up. If there's anything else you want me to know about them please let me know. Or any others you specifically would love to see used. ^-^

    @Karilan If there's any information you want to give me on Sage Reed that would be awesome. I put her in "Rindle Rose" cause it seemed fitting. The lot has yet to be updated yet.

    @TheYayToast Any specifics you want to see. I downloaded Rocky Road Rockstar so far, which i have to edit up a bit because I don't have all the stuff packs yet.
  • MunterbaconMunterbacon Posts: 5,077 Member
    @Shadami Good choices! How you use them is up to you, I purposely give them no backstory so that it gives licence to each individual story author :)

    There isn't anyone else specific I would suggest you grab, I think I'll wait and see if your world fills up with other peoples sims before making any suggestions though. Totally open to a #BoredomCuties world though! :D
    Origin ID: Munter_Bacon
    Ironbound (end of season break) | STRIKE! (currently updating) | The Colours of my Heart (on hiatus)
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    Poor barbosa lost his shirt though. I'm going to have to tweak a few things xD or leave him handsomely shirtless. XD
    I shall come up with things for them than. Thank you for letting me use them to populate Willow Creek ^^ some may even end up as more than townies.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
  • TurquoisePapayaTurquoisePapaya Posts: 318 Member
    @Shadami are you still looking for sims? I'd love to add some <3 I checked your website and there still seem to be quite a few lots that don't have families yet.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    I am absolutely looking for sims still ^-^ I've been kind of setting it up as I work towards the second generation. ^-^ @turquoisePapaya feel free to submit some!
  • TurquoisePapayaTurquoisePapaya Posts: 318 Member
    Do you have seasons? I'm going through a few households I already have and making sure they're cc free (mostly removing kijiko's 3D eyelashes :'( ) so you don't have any naked/bald sims!
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    Yes I do have seasons. ^^ I forgot to update my packs list! Thanks for reminding me, I'll have to do that tomorrow some time.

    I also have jungle adventure now. And.. uhhh. The hamster pack whatever it's called.
  • TurquoisePapayaTurquoisePapaya Posts: 318 Member
    The first household I have for you, @Shadami , is the von Llama-Saur household, which is 8 sims total. I made Charlotte, the mother for the 33 Day CAS Challenge. Her background details are in the spoiler
    Day 33 (Princess): (Female Adult)
    This is Princess Charlotte von Llama-Saur, a member of the old, leftover nobility of Simnation. Her family no longer has much power, instead, they run a variety of charities and foundation for a whole host of causes, including the Foundation for Less Mischief, Lobster Thermidor for Some, Llama International, and the Llama-Saur Foundation for Founding Foundations.
    She was raised with only the finest things in life, from toddlerhood, and those tastes have stayed with her into adulthood.
    Day to day, she is a rather normal, if well-off, mother of five, which she juggles with running her share of the Llama-Saur foundations, her occasional duties as a princess, and press appearances. Princess Charlotte is known for her brightly coloured pant-suits at charity events and dinners.
    At first Charlotte can come off as brusque and cold because of her confidence and no-nonsense attitude when something needs to get done. Underneath that result oriented first layer, she is a kind, good sim, who sees her privilege and position in life as a way to make real, lasting change through the Llama-Saur foundations.
    She was raised with only the finest things in life, from toddlerhood, and those tastes have stayed with her into adulthood.


    (1: Everyday, 2: Formal, 3: Formal, 4: Formal)

    Her husband, Francis, doesn't have much interest in the Llama-Saur foundations, as they are, after all, only his by marriage. He prefers spending time with his beloved Dobermans: going to dog shows, breeding, grooming, everything.
    Florence von Llama-Saur, the eldest daughter (teen), is the perfect daughter and following in her mother's footsteps as a self-assured, driven lady.
    Leopold von Llama-Saur (child) doesn't see himself following either of his parents. Instead, he only sees himself in the (very extensive) Llama-Saur libraries.
    Beatrice and Walter von Llama-Saur (children) are the rascals of the family. Beatrice is the charmer who smooth talks the pair out of whatever trouble they've gotten into and Walter is the brains behind all of their mischief.
    Theodora von Llama-Saur (toddler) is the unexpected (but certainly not unwanted) baby of the family. As the youngest of five kids, she is definitely coddled and given a lot of attention from all her siblings, leading to a bit of separation anxiety and a lot of clinginess.
    Zoey von Llama-Saur is Francis' favourite Doberman, and she subsequently is allowed free run of the house and yard and lives with the family full-time.

    Gallery ID: TurquoisePapaya
    Household Name: von Llama-Saur - Family
    Note 1: I use default skin and eye replacements, so even though they are cc free, you will still need to look under 'Include Custom Content'
    Note 2: I couldn't bring myself to remove Charlotte and Florence's eyelashes, so they do have one piece of cc, but it won't ~really~ change their look when it's removed and they certainly won't be bald/naked.
    Note 3: The household is also tagged with #GloomyLegacy and #MsShadami , as suggested.
  • TurquoisePapayaTurquoisePapaya Posts: 318 Member
    The second household is another one I made for the 33 Day CAS Challenge, with cc (except eyelashes and Sara's heterochromia) and items from packs you don't have removed.
    Pics and background in the spoiler.
    Day 29 (Simtuber): (FYA, FT)
    Sara Garciani's real job, despite what various aunts and uncles back in Argentina say, is vlogging her travels to all ends of the globe. She's been at it for a couple of years now and has amassed quite a decent following. Her confidence, charisma, and friendly, outgoing nature usually make her instant friends with the locals and have definitely helped in growing her follower base. Sara isn't opposed to staying at nice hotels in the most touristy areas (and her videos about travel advice to these tourist-y places have been some of her most popular), but what she really loves is trips off the beaten path. Her favourite trip she went on was a hybrid backpacking-motorcycle journey through Northern India. Right now, she's settled in the cultural hub of San Myshuno for a few months and her next project is to explore the city in detail with her followers.
    Her must have items when abroad are her trusty red converse which have been to more corners of the world than most sims, her purple flannel which has served as a blanket at many a train station and bus stop, and her camera, nicknamed Jojo. According to Sara, most other things can be somehow obtained at her destination in case she forgets something.

    (1: Everyday, 2: Formal, 3: Party, 4: Hot Weather, 5: Cold Weather)

    Inspired by her older sister Sara, Lucia Garciani has started a beauty channel on SimTube as an outlet for her creativity. She doesn't have nearly as many subscribers as Sara, not enough to make more than a few simoleons per video, but she doesn't see it as career path like Sara sees her channel. Instead, Lucia hopes to use her social media presence as a stepping stone to a career as a make up artist, her dream job. She loves all art, but especially makeup art and her creativity is expressed through her make up and the fantastical, imagination-filled make up looks she creates for her channel and other social media. For her age, (and for all ages) Lucia is surprisingly good at networking and sniffing out opportunities. She hopes to make a lot of use of this talent in her career as a self-employed make up artist.

    (1: Everyday 1, 2: Everyday, 3: Formal, 4: Hot Weather, 5: Cold Weather)

    Gallery ID: TurquoisePapaya
    Household Name: Garciani
    Note: You must have the 'include cc' box checked bc of the default skin and eyes and their eyelashes I didn't remove.
    Note 2: I will also upload the original version of this household to the gallery w a list of their cc.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    Going to teach me how to use cc aren't you xD I haven't ever used it. I've only used one mod which I don't want active while I'm playing that file. Do I need to remove the mod before activating the cc?
  • TurquoisePapayaTurquoisePapaya Posts: 318 Member
    edited July 2018
    Yep, I'm going to try to pull you to the cc dark side where you end up with a 2Gb mods folder before you even know what happened! :D
    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean about the mod you have.
    It most likely won't break if you add cc to your mods folder and the cc most likely won't break because of the mod that's already in there.
    Most mods you'll need to take out of the mods folder if you don't want to use it in one save.

    Here is all the cc I used on the Graciani girls, if anyone is interested, with links. They are available with cc in the gallery as well.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    Well you did answer my question even though you didn't understand. XD so yes I do need to move the mod out of the folder in order for it to be off and cc on.
  • anniexhxanniexhx Posts: 5 New Member
    so do all heir have the gloomy trait as it doesn't really say what gen get wath traits
  • anniexhxanniexhx Posts: 5 New Member
    > @anniexhx said:
    > @Shadami so do all heir have the gloomy trait as it doesn't really say what gen get wath traits
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    @anniexhx no not at all. I just chose it as the name for the legacy. ^^ I personally like to use a random generator for the traits, and I believe there are only a couple generations that require a certain trait.

    If you would like to have it be a legacy that requires a gloomy trait feel free to! ^^ it's mainly just a half fun legacy and keep score based on pinstars legacy if you would like to.
  • MintyMangoMintyMango Posts: 28 Member
    This challenge looks awesome *.* I love the Goth family, I think I will start this in the future :)
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    Yay! I would love to have more people playing it. I'm still plating and testing it xD I think it's working great so far though.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,023 Member
    @TurquoisePapaya I can't seem to get your sims off the gallery. Even with "show cc" on, i can only see the Lundy family. and even hashtag searching isn't working. >.<
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