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Just wondering.

Hello everyone, I was just wondering is there anyway to do the past challenges in game. Examples would be the Easter egg hunt for the stuffed pink bunny, or the plant sim challenge? Sorry if I put this question in the wrong category. I wasn't sure where to post a question like this.


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    SeraphicPinkSeraphicPink Posts: 202 Member
    You can't technically "respawn" the challenges or make them happen, however, you can find the items and objects in "debug" mode if I'm correct, including getting all items from the events and putting them together to get the rewards.

    I know the Easter egg hunt usually comes around Easter time. Hopefully we will get a challenge of that sort soon, its been a while actually and one would be fun.
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    3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,825 Member
    Right now there is not a way to do these challenges. They have in the past repeated challenges (they repeated the Egg one a couple of times) so it's possible they may do this again.

    A work around for this is to look for rooms saved on the gallery that have complete collections. They will have all the items plus the rewards.

    I do hope they open up past challenges again because I really want to do a Complete Collection run at some point and it definitely feels cheaty to use a room from the gallery to do so. I have completed the Easter Eggs and the Sugar Skulls in other saves so I will more then likely use one to complete those but for the ones I haven't...yeah I don't know what to do about those just yet.
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    GwaeriGwaeri Posts: 350 Member
    I'd love to do the PlantSim challenge so certainly hope they'll bring them out again!
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