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Life's Lessons - A Sims 4 Story -Discontinued-


  • simscognitosimscognito Posts: 16,599 Member
    @Bugsie2016 gonna start catching up with LL now. :)
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    @Bugsie2016 gonna start catching up with LL now. :)

    Yay! :smiley:
  • simscognitosimscognito Posts: 16,599 Member
    Caught up. Great read. You're good at the wordless chapters. XD
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    Caught up. Great read. You're good at the wordless chapters. XD

    Wordless chapters are my favourite!!
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    I finally updated the first page of this with the updates. xD
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    edited September 2018
    I'm gonna try this again. Open for any random questions on this. (If this goes badly then I promise NEVER to do a q and a again because I can not take it.)
    Forget it. :(
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    edited September 2018
    Okay. Sharing some bonus information that doesn't matter to the story. :)

    Claire's parents married 14 years before they had Claire. Bonus Fact: They're both (and therefore Claire is) Catholic.
    Claire's mum didn't give birth to Claire. She is their child (biologically etc) but they used a surrogate because Claire's mum couldn't get pregnant. (Claire was born in San Myshuno General Hospital.)
    Claire's dark brown hair comes from her maternal grandmother, who she's never met.
    Claire isn't an only child. I won't get into it but she isn't. (When I originally planned this story, I didn't dive into her parent's story at all.)

    Connor is the youngest of 5 children, and the only son. He has 4 sisters.
    Connor's sister is married to Ron's first cousin, Darrin.
    Connor was born and raised in Willow Creek.

    Ron's full birth name (it being different from his full name now) is Ronald Arthur Tompkins-Fisher. His middle name is his father's name.
    Ron was born in Selvadorada, during a holiday his parents took to visit his grandparents.
    Ron met Claire when he was fifteen and living on the streets. Her parents brought him to their house and looked after him (becoming his legal guardians for the next 3 years so he didn't have to go back and live with his step-dad and mum.)
    Bonus fact: Ron, despite being a christian, only ever visits church twice a year. Christmas with his in-laws and his dad's birthday.

    Dani has know Connor for 15 years at this point.
    Their birthday is the same day as Connor's (May 16th), which is how they became friends. (Connor shared his class party with Dani.)
    Their previous dog was an american pitbull by the name of Tobi. Their current dog is named Monty.
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  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    Took some more bonus pics of Claire as a baby (the originals are on my tumblr)
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    And Here's a short chapter from my original version of this story (by a different title)
    Ron sat quietly on the computer in his room playing video games. He'd just got the new Build Worlds game for his birthday but he hadn't had a chance to play it yet. He was supposed to be doing his homework for school the next day. Well, that's what he had told his mum when she asked him why he was on the computer when he went down for his dinner. She hadn't asked anymore. She barely questioned his actions anyway. Well, not since his dad had died a few months before. She let him deal with it in his own way and to him, he interpreted it as playing video games. He was only 10 and didn't really know any better. Well, he probably did but he didn't care.
    Ron had a pair of headphones in - blasting the newest song from some new band that his friend Mikey had told him about - so he didn't hear when his mum came into the room to talk to him. She sat on the bed next to him.

    'Ron? Ron? RON?!'

    'Huh, what?' He pulled a headphone out of his ear and looked around the room, his eyes finally landing on his mother sat on the bed next to him. He got up and walked over to sit on the bed next to her.

    'Mum? Did you want me?'

    'Yes, I did. I need to talk to you about something.'


    'What? I was playing my game and I've nearly completed this house.'

    'Ron. We're moving. I've just got the confirmation from your granddad that there's space at his house.'

    'But mum. I don't want to move. I like it here.'

    'Ron. This will be good for both of us, a fresh start and it's near the sea.'

    'But I don't want to move to Brindleton Bay. It's boring there and full of old people like Granddad. I'll hate it.'
    'Ronald. There's no arguing about it. We're moving and that's final. I'd start packing your stuff tomorrow. Moving days in three weeks.'

    'But mum - '

    'No buts, Ron.'

    Rebekah left her son's room so he could get back to his game. She hated to have to drag him away from his friends but with her close to losing her job and the house then it was best to move before either happened. Her dad owned a big enough house in the seaside town of Brindleton Bay along with his Boxer, Sadie. It would be good for Ron to have a companion and somewhere away from all the sadness that had followed his dad's death.

    Rebekah missed her husband. Arthur had been an amazing dad to their kids and things had been going great. Only a few months before she had received a promotion in her job as a vet and he husband had started a fresh job with a new company. Miriam had started school and Ron had been doing well in school. But then disaster struck when Arthur's car collided with a drunken driver.

    Both of them were killed and she lost her husband of 10 years and partner of 20. It hurt but her two children were what forced herself to keep it together. They needed her. It hurt her to think that Miri would never remember that much of her father - apart from what was contained in photos - as she was still too young.

    She went into her bedroom and sat on her bed. Then she got up to look at the picture of Arthur and herself. She frowned. 'I don't know what to do Arthur. Am I doing a good job? I wish I could ask you but...'
    She laid down on her bed, pushing the thought out of her head, wishing the pain would ease and eventually fell asleep.
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    Gonna be posting stuff on Cani so if you want to ask anything, let me know. :)
  • simscognitosimscognito Posts: 16,599 Member
    Does Dani have a favourite outfit?
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    Does Dani have a favourite outfit?

    You've seen it. The first one we saw them in. :)
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    Random facts about Cani:

    They met at 8, became best friends at 10. They started dating at 12 but broke up a few times. The final time they got back together was when they were 15, a few months before Dani finally 'came out' for lack of a better phrase. I will say that they didn't stay together for that reason...it was just that it was easier for Connor to tell how Dani was feeling as he didn't know before that. :) He's been there throughout every one of Dan's struggles since. (And in some cases, vice versa.)
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    Another random fact about the pair is that Dani actually had a crush on Connor when they were kids. But they never said anything about it until thinking back on it on their wedding night when they finally told him.
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
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  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    *Just realised that 23's banner has a mistake. Will fix it soon!*

    Chapter 25

  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    Chapter 26 *forgot to post it here for some reason*

    And Chapter 27 (with an appearance from an older looking Alex Cruz, thanks @simscognito )
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    The aftermath of the last chapter and we find out what happened...
    Chapter 28
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    More news about Rory in this chapter.
    Chapter 30
  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
    edited November 2018
    Two chapters today! :)

    Chapter 31

    Chapter 32
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  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,376 Member
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