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How big are the signatures allowed to be?

I don’t know where to ask this so I’ll just ask here.

I made a signature but I tried to find the maximum dimensions allowed on this site so the image wouldn’t get cut off but no one seems to know. :#



  • 5782341b77vl5782341b77vl Posts: 4,761 Member
    860x250 is the maximum size for your siggie.

    250x250 for your avatar

    Hope this helps.
  • EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,198 EA Community Manager
    @5782341b77vl I correct :smiley:

    Just to add some more info, the full requirements below:
    • 1 image only
    • Max height 250 for image
    • Signature length (character count) 150


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