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Murkland Vampire Side Challenge

Murkland Vampire Side Challenge


This challenge was created as a side challenge to Brennachan’s Post-Apocalyptic Challenge. The link to her challenge is http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/910413/post-apocalyptic-murkland-the-starter-challenge/p1
I recommend playing this challenge at any time after completing the Murkland Starter Challenge (part 1). This challenge can be played with any other challenges that you wish. Have fun.

(WARNING: I do own all the EPs, GPs, and the SPs for the game. I know that I used the Vampire GP, Get Together, Get to Work, and Dine Out in my builds. If you don’t own Dine Out you can turn the restaurant into a bar, lounge, or nightclub if you have Get Together, or if you have City Living it can be turned into a karaoke bar, and if you have the Bowling pack it can be turned into a bowling alley. For the library, I used library shelves from Get to Work. You can just change the shelves to a bookshelf that you have in your game. The four vampire tomes or encyclopedias are the books stored at the library. Make sure to include them in your library if they were deleted during installation or if you changed the shelves. Be sure to use Move Objects On before installing a build.)

(You may play this game however you like to play: vanilla game, CC or Mods are all fine. If you use mods then I do recommend using TwistedMexi Day Walker mod if you don’t want the vampires to die of sun exposure. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=589559 Using Deaderpool MC Command Center is fine too. I use it with a few sections removed for the Murkland game.)

Available lots for Forgotten Hollow:
• All of these lots can be found under creator ID Roomouse
• Lost Tomes Library. To be placed on Widowshild Townhome (30 x 20 lot next to the open 30 x 30 lot). (I suggest using moveobjects on while placing these lots). https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/A0253C25EAB111E78FAE4CCCC2B386C8?category=lots&searchtype=item_name&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=Lost Tomes Library&max=50&maxis=true

• The Crypt. Located on Garliclauter Place (30 x 20 lot, next door to the Vatore house). This is the restaurant in Forgotten Hollow. Make certain to go into Vlad’s household and purchase the restaurant using freeRealEstate On cheat (testingcheats true has to be entered first). https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/0E69568EEF7F11E78C111ABA89D9A6D9?category=lots&searchtype=item_name&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=The Crypt&max=50&maxis=false

• The Forgotten Hollow Gym should be placed on Fledermaus Bend (empty 30 x 30 lot). https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/07D4D11BEF7D11E787D51ABA89D9A6D9?category=lots&searchtype=item_name&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=Forgotten Hollow Gym&max=50&maxis=false

The Mysterious Tales of Forgotten Hollow

While your sim has been living in Murkland, numerous rumors and tales of other towns, cities, and villages have spread like the Zombie virus infection. The most prevalent, and never altering tales, are in regards to a small neighborhood located a short distance from Murkland.
Apparently, when the radioactive blasts occurred and demolished the world, Forgotten Hollow was not touched. Rumor has it that some sort of magic entombed the neighborhood, protecting all of the structures, residents, animals, and plants.
Further tales are told of plentiful rare and luxurious items in Murkland such as books and computers. Many Sims have also spoken of the haunting sounds of a ghastly and old instrument hanging in the air.
Dreaming of finding a more normal life, your sim has listened closely to the tales and made notes from the descriptions to help them find the way to Forgotten Hollow. They decide they must travel this route they have taken note of and see if there is any truth at all to the stories.

The Ancient Lore of Forgotten Hollow

After following their pieced together map, they find themselves in a Forgotten Hollow. The buildings here are found to be old classic architecture, and in perfect structural condition, well at least as compared to the buildings in Murkland.
As your sim walks around they come across a very ancient cathedral, the Lost Tomes Library. They wander inside the structure and are stunned to find endless numbers of books and novels. Several of the books are lost ancient texts written by monks centuries ago, and some of them even contain myths and legends of vampires. In a separate room in the back, they find computers as well … and they are further stunned to discover not only do they work, but they are connected to some type of internet as well. Your sim decides they cannot let this opportunity just fly out of their grasp as if it was some wild bat, but that it must only remain in the tales told around Murkland. After they tend to their tasks at their base camp they will travel here and learn whatever they can about this neighborhood.

Ancient Lore of Forgotten Hollow Challenge
• Count Vladislaus Straud IV lot and character, and also the Vatore house and siblings must be in the game.
• Remember Forgotten Hollow is supposed to be full of some mystical and magical residents. It might be best if your sim doesn’t stay at the library after dark. The library doesn’t close (this IS a vampire neighborhood), however, you are required to become at least good friends with the librarian. They are only here from 10 am to 6 pm. After doing this you can stay overnight in an area of the cathedral, which is separate from the library section. (Also, their economy is doing well. There is no place to hire a barista, so don’t worry about it.)
• If your sim becomes hungry they can go to The Crypt, a restaurant, and bar across from the cathedral, which is owned by Count Vladislaus Straud IV. If your sim needs money for food, drink or dessert, they can gather collectibles such as fossils, crystals, stones and frogs and sell them (don’t worry about the sales table, just sell them through their inventory). As each encyclopedia is completed they may also gather whatever they have learned about, after they have collected the required items for tasks first.
• Have your sim travel to the Lost Tomes Library.
• Have them “Research Vampires” on the computer. (This can only be done on the computers in the Lost Tomes Library, not in Murkland.)
• There are numerous copies of the Vampire Tomes in the library. After unlocking a vampire tome, have your sim find the book and begin reading it at the library.
• As the sim learns information from the encyclopedias, they can begin completing tasks, or they can wait until they finish the encyclopedia. Before they begin the next encyclopedia they must finish the tasks connected to the book they just read.
• There are other tasks besides the things listed in the encyclopedias.
• During this side challenge, your sim is not allowed to become a vampire. If they were created as vampires they can still complete the challenge, but they must NOT feed on other sims. Only on Plasma fruit and plasma packs.

Challenge Tasks

Your sim is required to complete the following tasks:
 Sims must complete “Research Vampires” on the computer in the Lost Tomes Library and unlock Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. I. While they are doing this they may collect fossils, crystals, metals, and frogs.
 They must meet and become good friends with the librarian.
 If you paid your bills in Murkland, your sim must reach level 5 on the pipe organ before the end of the challenge. If you did not pay your bills in Murkland, your sim must reach level 10 on the pipe organ before the challenge ends. (Brennachan’s Murkland 2 explains why the amounts are different.) If you have already played challenge two and paid your bills, well then you’re set on this. If you did not pay your bills your sim still must reach level 10, as the pipe organ is a wonderful musical creation from long ago, and vampires seem to enjoy playing it.
 Your sim must catch 2 vampire squid and 1 bat fish.
 Sim must harvest plants, and collect fossils, crystals, metals, and frogs every day while they are in Forgotten Hollow.
 And just like the Murkland library, Forgotten Hollow needs more books. Write 6 (because well 10 doesn’t sound paranormal, 7 brings good luck, and 13 while wonderfully paranormal, it is just too many books for your sim to have to write) best-sellers based on Vampire lore, myths, histories, or normal vampire novels for enjoyment (they must all be based on vampires). You can keep these, place them on the bookshelves, or create a small room in the basement level with a bookshelf and place the novels on the floor then save to the gallery. Hashtag this #murklandvampirelibrary (Brennachan said, “Do NOT have your sim put them away on a bookshelf because books inside of bookshelves will not transfer when uploading/downloading.”

While reading Vampire Encyclopedia 1, as your sim discovers new things, they can start gathering those items listed in the books.
• Must meet Count Vladislaus Straud IV.
• Sim must play music on the pipe organ for Vlad.
• Must order plasma pack.
• Must harvest 30 garlic.
• Must create a harvest braid, a harvest wreath and a harvest garland. (These can be placed around your Burner Camp in Murkland if you like.)
• Make one plasma pack from fish and one plasma pack from frog.
• Reach level 6 Vampire Lore. Unlock Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. II.

Read Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. II in the library. It is on the shelf.
• Meet one Vatore sibling.
• Sim must play music on the pipe organ for Vlad and one Vatore sibling.
• Your sim must share Vampire knowledge with a vampire, or another sim in Forgotten Hollow.
• Have your sim order seeds for Plasma Fruit, Wolfsbane, and Sixam Mosquito Traps using the library’s computer.
• Harvest Plasma Fruit, Wolfsbane, and Sixam Mosquito Trap from Forgotten Hollow neighborhood, once a day or as soon as they grow fruit. Also collect other collectibles daily.
• After learning Plasma Fruit recipes, your sim must make a Plasma Fruit Salad and a Plasma Jane. The drink can be made at the bar in the library. Your sim may use this bar to make other drinks as well as the vampire drinks. The food recipes can be prepared at the Forgotten Hollow Gym.
• Reach level 10 Vampire Lore. Unlock Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. III.

Read Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. III in the library. Also located on the bookshelves.
• Meet the other Vatore sibling.
• Sim must play music on the pipe organ for Vlad and both Vatore’s.
• Prepare one Sunlight Reversal Cocktail, and at least one Vampire Resistance Cocktail at the bar in the library.
• Continue harvesting vampire plants and collectibles daily.
• Reach level 13 of Vampire Lore. Unlock Ultimate Vampire Tome.

Read Ultimate Vampire Tome in the library (don’t you just love this place now?). This book is also on the bookshelves.
• Keep harvesting vampire plants, and finding collectibles.
• Sim must play more music on the pipe organ for Vlad and both Vatore’s.
• Prepare the Draught of Reconfiguration at the library bar. (And to think I could’ve written “At the Bar Tower Cathedral on the library Bookshelf. Yeah, it’s corny and a lot of people don’t like EA’s update notes either. I’m weird.)
• Prepare one Ultimate Vampire Cure at that lovely bar in the library.
• Reach level 15 of Vampire Lore, maxing the skill.

End of this challenge. What comes next?

You have some choices now since your sim has learned all the available information on the Forgotten Hollow Vampire Lore you can:
• Return to Murkland with your bounty of knowledge, returning to your normal Murkland routine. Perhaps you might use some of those garlic braids to protect your camp, or you might use that Ultimate Vampire Cure. Then again, maybe you won’t chose to do either of those tasks.
• Perhaps your sim is drawn the vampire lifestyle. You could choose to be turned by Vlad, Caleb or Lilith. There will be another challenge for Vampire development.
• Or, perhaps you really learned just how much you cannot stand or tolerate those vampires. Your sim could choose to become a vampire slayer. There will be another side challenge to help vampire slayer development.
• And who knows, there might even be a twist for normal Salamanders with one other option. We’ll see what Brennachan has in store for our sims and then I’ll decide about that.


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